Have U Read Any Of The CSI Books??

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I have read 1 CSI book. I always read a chapter on Amazon.com from books u could buy. They have a chapter preview. I really want to read more. They r good. I'm gonna get them for X-Mas and I'll buy sum of my own.
janisha_csi, since there are already some threads about the books in the Merchandise Forum, somebody might come along soon and lock this one. You can always add your thoughts about the books here.
I finally bought Double Dealer, the first one by Max Collins (Great detective writer who wrote the Ms. Tree comic series in Eclipse Comics in the 1980s) and he's got a good feel for the characters. It looks like he's writing all the Vegas series, while some fellow named Kominsky is writing the CSI NY novels. I really like Double Dealer thus far (7 chapters in) and also bought Sin City to read afterwards...
I've read three of the CSI LVs, and have two more waiting to be read. I've got one of the graphic novels, it was pretty good. Has anyone read any of them?
cool ive also got csi:LV cold burn and binding ties and csi:miami heat wave which i havent read yet and csi:ny dead of winter which i have read!
Just finished 'Cold Burn'. I stayed up last night finishing it, I was hooked and almost done anyways. It was awesome! Now I have to go find some others.
I've read the CSI: NY novel. I dunno if CSI: LV's "Serial" comic is counted as a book but I enjoyed it. I liked both.
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