Have U Read Any Of The CSI Books??

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i've got all csi books, but haven't read them all yet, just...two i think. at the moment i'm reading "body of evidence", think i'll have it done some day this week =)
Yes I have all the dutch CSI books!!
I love to read CSI and now Iam going to buy all the another CSI books!!!
i havent read one but im reading one now its called "grave matters"

That was the first CSI I had read, it was good. Right now I am reading "Killing Game".
I'm reading NY:Dead of Winter. It's nice, but I don't get why Mac gets the calls from the man and the woman. Is he arranging a funeral or something?
These are the ones I have:


Sin City
Cold Burn
Killing Game

CSI: Miami
Heat Wave
Florida GetAway

Dead of Winter

I have read all but the CSI: NY one and the CSI Killing Game
My current favorite is CSI Miami Cult Following... good stuff. Kind of surprising for me, because I am a definite MAC fan, but I totally related to this book (LONG story!).

Cold Burn is also cool, but that's because it has a great Sara plot.

Actually, I really like all of these books. I wish a new one was out!
There will be another Stu Kaminsky book out in late March/early April. And in August a new MAC book will be out.
Stu Kaminsky is the author of "Dead of Winter" (CSI:NY novel no.1)Another of his novels entitled "Blood on the Sun"
will be out late March/ early April.
I should read those... reading the Miami books is what got me into Miami (I couldn't stand Horatio... now I see him as a mini-hero of sorts). Maybe reading the NY books would get me into that show, as well.
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