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Tinkerbell said:
Fool4love said:
I bet there going to have to do the same with the fifth film.
Yes, I'm thinking that as well. OOTP was one of my favourite books, so much happened and it was a very long book. Although I'm looking forward to the new movie I'm a bit apprehensive, I just know so much is going to be cut out. Don't get me wrong, I know that they can't fit the whole book into the movie and it must be so hard to decide what parts of the book will make it into the film, but I would gladly sit in the cinema for 6 hours if they followed the book to a T! :lol:

That's the one reason I'm really not sure if I want to see OotP or not. Out of all six books, OotP is my overall favorite, and there's so many little parts in it that I don't want to see cut out. There was so much I didn't like about the GoF movie, just because of the little things that were cut out.

But you know, regardless of what they cut out, I know I'll be going to see it anyway just because it's Harry Potter! :D
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I read an article the newspaper yesterday regarding the OOTP movie. I would have posted yesterday, but I didn't have much time. Obviously we know that part of the book will be cut out of the movie, I suppose it's really a case of how much will be cut out. Anyway, I'll use spoiler code for those who don't wish to know the details. :)

According to reports Quiddich is being ditched! The movie will not have any Quiddich scenes, which means we won't see Harry make captain and Ron join the team.
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Ooooohhh... that was so worth de-lurking! I was really pissed in the last couple of movies when
There was no Oliver Wood (so cute that young actor) and minimal quidditch scenes.

Oh well, I guess the books and my imagination will fill in the gaps.
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Hi,i got a theory about the next book.Did you notice that the people who died in the last book were those who dare's to say voldemort's name?Sirius,Dumbledore...
I'm really concerned about lupin and hermione now...They are the only ones who say his name(well,Harry does too but i don't think JK R owling will kill his hero).
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Hey that's a good point cindy. I hadn't thought of that. But she can't kill Hermione, she is my favourite character. I love the way she started off as such an uptight geek, but then chills out over the other books. I think she is so great.
As for the spoiler about what is being cut i have to say i'm not that surprised, but it will take some of the laughs out of the film. I guess they have to go with the mimimal plot from the book otherwise the film would be far to long.
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Cindy I like your theory, it makes sense. I hope its not true though. I really like Lupin and I really hope JK Rowling gives him a bigger role in the next book to help Harry out.
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I also think that is a good theory Cindy. I would be really upset if Lupin is killed off though. There are so many way this can end.

I heard another theory that Harry would Kill Voldemort and bring back everyone that Voldemort killed. :lol: I'm laughing because that theory would seem too good to be true. :lol:
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and what do you think about the end of the last book?I found it so confusing,i mean Snape betrayed everyone,...plus,Dumdledore knew yhat the post of DADA teacher was cursed why did it gave it to Snape if he was supposed to trust him? :confused:
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I don't think Dumbledore believed in the curse surrounding the DADA job. Perhaps he just gave the post to Snape because he was running out of options. As for the ending i still think that Dumbledore and Snape hatched a plan together. I mean there was always such an emphasis on the fact that not one trusted Snape but Dumbledore. And that Dumbledore always defended him. I still hope Snape dies, but that's just because i don't like him.
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Yeah, I agree. I think there is more than meets the eye with Snape and Dumbledore. Snape is not as smart as Dumbledore and wouldn't be able to fool Dumbledore into a false sense of trust (IMO), which is why I also think Dumbledore and Snape had some sort of plan.

I don’t mind Snape, I think he is a very interesting character in the book. I admit, I would be gutted if Snape had fooled Dumbledore.
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Totally agree with you guys on that. There definetly was something wrong with that few minutes before Snape killed Dumbledore. I mean right after Harry and him got back from the cave and Dumbldore was really weak, he told Harry to get Snape when he could have asked Madam Pomfrey or someone else. But he chose Snape.
Dumbledore was a great wizard (the greatest according to Harry) so I highly doubt that Snape would be able to outsmart him. :)
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you're right,i think snape and dumdledore must have a plan together and snape didn't betrayed the order of phoenix.
Snape is foling voldemort and i think i know how.Remember the pensieve?
well,i'm sure that snape put all his thought about him still helping dumdledore in there.So,even if voldemort perform legimancy on him,he could never find out!
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I was just about to post the new title, but it looks like Hormiga beat me too it.
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I just read on MSN that JKR has some difficulties to end up writing her book, that's not good.
Maybe it's because she had to change her mind about her story; she didn't know her books will be bestsellers so now she doesn't want to disappoint HP fans.

I do'nt know i'm just rambling lol