H/Cal #5 - DuCaine...Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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*drinks all around*

Maybe for this lovely occasion we will get some DuCaine from TPTB on Monday

Heres to hoping
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Hey Everyone, :D

Here here- clinks glass with DuCaineluvr and everyone... ;)

Happy anniversary to our couple, H and C. :D :D :D

Hey BG, hey Em, and thanks for the comps on the walls and Video. You know me... I'll always keep the DuCaine love alive!!! :rolleyes:

We have to hang in there... I mean think, just think of all the H & Y fans and how they still stay strong too- Yelina was gone for like 2 seasons and they still hold out hope! ;)

So DuCainers, now is the time to rally and be strong. ;) Let's hope we get a nice scene with maybe H being there for Calleigh in the end the way he has for everyone else!

I have hope... Always will! :D

BTW, I saw this video today of DC. He was talking to a reporter from Japan and they also love Horatio and Calleigh.

Emily Procter said that her and Horatio's relationship is very close and he is quiet and shy and she is aggressive and more open. She said he tells Calleigh what to do and she takes action and implements it.

I was thrilled to the core to see this vid today and just to hear Emily acknowledge Horatio and Calleigh's relationship. How cool is that!!! This interview was done recently too, so now we can say they know! And So does the world... this video was from Japan... they ship H and C too! I love it!!! :D :D :D

They know, they know!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

HCrazy out!

Hang in there DuCainer's... we are end game!
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OMFG HCrazy sis!!! Do ya have a link to that vid? I'd love to see it... :D

Bullet_Girl... hell yes we remember you!!! So awesome to see you in here again... you've been missed girl!!! :) ***big hugs*** Don't be a stranger 'round here OK??? We DuCainers gotta stick together here!!! ;)

And Em sis!!! ***tackles in huge Angel hugs*** I've missed you sis!!! And thanks for the reminder of our couple's anniversary... :devil: ***grabs glass of bubbly and plops down next to HCrazy***

Monday's gonna be awesome gals, I can just feel it... can't wait!!! :D

Oh, and I will PM the mod to see if we can get our name changed... "Untitled" is not quite what we're going for is it?... :lol:

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D:devil:

P.S. I'm working on Chapter 6 of the DuCaine Re-Writes right now and should have it up later tonight or tomorrow at the latest... it's pure DuCaine fluff (I'm in a really "fluffy" mood right now... :rolleyes: ) but I love it!!! :) I'll keep y'all posted... :)
Thanks 1CSIMfan!!! :D

Chapter 6 of the DuCaine Re-Writes is now up on youtube... for those of you that care... :lol:;) ... the link is in the fanvid thread. Can't wait for tomorrow night!!! :devil:

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D:devil:
The title looks great!!

Thats so cool about Japan & them loving cal/H :D

Do you ever wonder if Emily & David joke around on the set saying "I miss you" simce its apparent they've shared only one scene together in... FOREVER!

Yay, tonight!! Im excited for Ducaine. I just know we'll get a "sweetheart" out of Horatio!! We better.
k anyone who is still on here and befor tonights epi here we go.... SPOILER t
nooo ducaine y'all but h defens cal infront of stetler but they don't share a scene
WHAT?!?!? Are you serious? No DuCaine scenes? That's just... horrible. Must've made our potential DuCaine scenes into E/C scenes. Ergh! At least he gets defensive of her... that's better than nothing at all, I suppose. But it still bugs me.

Love the new thread title... absence surely does make the heart grow fonder. If H stays away from Cal much longer, he'll pine for her inside. How can he resist his Bullet Girl? :lol: :devil:

That's awesome about Japan loving H/Cal. Hopefully that'll get them together on screen. Come on TPTB... can't you see how much we want to see them together? :(
OK, I'm gonna preface this post with an apology for my language, but all the profanities in the world can't express my disgust right now... :mad:

Holy crap - what the hell? I mean seriously WTF??? How the hell can Horatio NOT have a scene with Calleigh - are you freakin' kidding me? The whole damn episode was about Calleigh, and yet she goes it alone w/Stetler???

He freakin' held Eric's hand like Delko was a two-year old during that pot charge, and he confronted Ryan about the gambling, but he doesn't talk this over w/his MAIN CSI, who he KNOWS has a family history of drinking problems? HELLOOOOO!

Sure he "defended" her to Rick - that's great. But you know what, talk's cheap at this point. This DOES NOT FIT with Horatio's character or Cal and H's history together - it's COMPLETELY CONTRADICTORY for him NOT to talk to her. Instead, we get this three-minute slow-mow scene of Eric sifting through evidence - what the hell was that??

Oh, and seriously? The ending? Instead of H confronting Calleigh and finding out how his CSI of 12 YEARS is doing, he goes to the hospital to visit the 13-year-old girl. While I understand that part of the story, that WAS NOT the main focus of the episode and should've been resolved sooner, so that the ending was Calleigh's.

Oh, and did everyone notice how all of a sudden H is investigating a crime scene - something he hasn't done if forever? And why, pray tell? So that they could have ERIC talk to Calleigh. ARRRGGGG!!!!!!

At this point, I doubt they're ever going to have a scene together again, but I want someone to CALL TBTB OUT ON THIS. PLEASE - It's so painfully apparent! :mad:
You're absolutely right, Miamirocks. It's totally unrealistic and out of character that H and Cal don't even say a word to each other any more. Don't even look at each other! They've been together for so long and obviously love each other dearly so it's just ridiculous that the PTB don't have them interact. It's insulting to us fans that they don't even care to acknowledge the relationship. I don't ever expect them to get married and have lots of little red-headed southern accented babies (but I can hope) but they have a bond that's as close as two people can get. The writers are making H appear cold and uncaring. Cal is crying and distressed in the back of an ambulance and he can't even say "Hang in there?" He's always there to help every stranger and victim he runs into but when it comes to Cal he can't even offer an encouraging smile? It's very frustrating. H interacts with everyone else on the team except Cal. Nuts.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: WTF??????

Ditto MIAMIROCKS. There were so many things wrong w/ this epi to begin with but H not even having one fu%@ing scene w/ her is just DUMB DUMB DUMB!! He defended her whatthef%$#ever. That was a bunch of crap. When she was first in the amulance before brain-dead Eric came over, there was plenty of time that Horatio could of come to her to see how she was. Instead hes inside the store w/ Ryan. I always thought the big focus of this show (character wise) was them being there for each other when they need each other, especially Horatio, who is supposed to be one who is so "needy" of love from his team. When it comes to the victims, Horatio is always there beside them first, never anyone else, & then they go & pick the one epi where hes needed & have him do work! HE HASN"T WORKED SINCE S2!! Im not happy with this..at all.

Sorry...I did warn.
well I hoped over to the tv guide website and a huge storm is starting about lack of horatio/calleigh scenes I mean a HUGE STORM!!!! keep writing people things are just beginning*laughs wickedly*
Dude - that's AWESOME! Where can I find this on tvguide.com? (Just having trouble finding the rant so I can join it). This espisode could be a blessing in disguise - maybe we'll finally get some answers or (dare I hope) scenes! Darn TPTB for keeping these two great characters apart for so long, this is rediculous. Let's go DuCaine - rally!!!
:mad: :mad: :mad:
I think this ship has run aground. After the absurdities of last night's episode, I'm convinced there's no hope. :mad:
:mad: :mad: :mad:
I can't imagine another scenario that could tell us so loud and clearly that it's over. :mad:
If I sound a tad irate, don't believe it! I'm royally p***ed!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Well, there has got to be something goin' on behind the scenes that's causing this, in my opinion... I don't know what, but that's what I think... :confused: ... TPTB said that it was because their schedules conflicted, but as I've been doing these DuCaine Re-writes, it's amazing to me how many times these actors are on the same set, only separately... I mean really, pardon me, but is this not their job as actors to be available to shoot for the show which they are being paid to shoot? I think the whole "conflicting schedule" thing is crap... :mad: I'm just venting here... none of this is fact... just my personal feelings on things. I just can't understand where they are heading with these "plotlines" (if you can call them that :rolleyes: ) these days. I mean CSIM has never been what I would call a "reality-based" show, but c'mon people... Ryan farts around for how many episodes and then he is just suddenly "reinstated" with no explanation as to why... Eric goes from desk duty to back working in the field faster than you can say "head injury" and Boa Vista becomes a police officer in less than 3 months (a record, I think)... All of these miracles are possible in the land of CSIM but we can't get one stinkin' scene with H and Cal actually looking at each other and maybe even (be still my heart :eek: ) talking to each other?!?! All I can say is "WHATEVER"... (in that snotty Clueless sorta way... :rolleyes: :cool:

***stomps off to make new DuCaine Re-writes Chapter 7 and show what really should have happened in last night epi***

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D