Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

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i am absolutely LOVING the positive vibes coming from this thread, guys!! the last one got seriously depressing for a while but we now all seem to have a renewed sense of hope for our ships future :D

totally LOVE that piccie of Griss daydreaming... that is just SO incredibly sweet, he just looks so darn happy!! - don't you just wanna squeee and run up and hug the life outta him?!!
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butterflied08 said:
bumble_bee89 said:
awwwww, how cute are grissom and sara?

i found this on the aftermath of the question lol

i think somebody's daydreaming!

I love it!! It was captured at just the right moment. So, I love CSI and the excellence that is GSR. This ship is the bomb dot com

And bumble_bee, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your signature! I stole the icons *is guilty*. Just take it as a compliment from one chem nerd to another!

hahahahha, it's fine...i found them on photobucket anyways...i might make a new one when i get my new labcoat through the post!
i ordered a labcoat with 'NY:crimelab' Embroidered(sp?) on it for my chemistry course in university ahaha, i'm going to get some weird looks from fellow students :lol:

But back to GSR!
wow, do you think they'll have 'His & Hers' labcoats?
or even His and Hers jumpsuits ^_^

aahahahah, the thought of it makes me laugh! :devil: his and hers towels...his and hers....okays i'm stopping now!
Re: Grissom & Sara #31 :TBA

I have a question about this post by Alyssa. You say it was copied from the 8/04 thread. What does that mean and where can I find it to read. Is it something that someone else wrote or did Alyssa write it.
GSRfanatic25 said:

but we damned well better get a real kiss before miss fox takes her leave!
GO GSR :) :)

ya know... I'm starting to wonder if/when this kiss will happen - now she isn't exactly leaving for good - and Billy said was he wants to kiss her "before the show ends" - So I'm not going to hold my breath for a kiss within the next 2 or 3 episodes, just incase they decided to leave us hanging even longer... i sincerely hope I am wrong though!
*dies* I actually just squeed at a picture. Do we have that any bigger? BLOW THAT SUCKER UP. I need a new wallpaper. Yay!

and that's all I have time to say.
Turtlebaby said:
*dies* I actually just squeed at a picture. Do we have that any bigger? BLOW THAT SUCKER UP. I need a new wallpaper. Yay!

and that's all I have time to say.

holy hotness!!! Where did that come from. It looks old, but is it really a spoiler?
OK where is this from? I can't tell if he has a beard or not. Is this an upcoming picture? Do tell!
wtf. First my post is gone so I repost. Now it's here so I delete. huh.

oh well. Just feel free to ignore this. :rolleyes:
Hi everyone- Reeble agreed that I should post in here real quick, as so many of my old friends are still hanging around..
Grissom and Sara aren't the only two who got engaged this week. My boyfriend asked me to marry him on Saturday afternoon. Our wedding will be August 23rd. I'd love to chat with all of you guys some more.. if any of you (Turtle, BT, desert, etc) have ljs, please add me! there's a pic of my ring on there too.
Hope you're all doing well.
OHHHHH!!! MYYYYYY!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!! that is real! it's real isn't it! there not even in the locker rooms woah!!!!!! that is all...

:devil: :eek:
Ok here are my thoughts on the pictures:
Ok, now I'm getting a little worried. I just read that the letter is from Sara and Grissom doesn't look happy while reading it. I'm afraid that our kiss will be a flashback and that she leaves without saying goodbye in person, only through a letter. I'm hoping that his expression in the letter picture is just to fool us. I really want GSR to end on a good note, not on a, will she come back, will he take her back, will they live happily ever after thing. That's just too much drama to put onto our little GSR bubbles. :(

Ok, venting over :lol:. Please, can someone else post their thoughts to ease my mind?
wow congratulatins ziggystarduzt

do you guys think is a flash back? is she use leather?(i don't know this word in english bleh,sorry,so if is wrong sorry again...i want mean animal skin) i'm veggie and i don't use never and ever. OMG our Kiss ..and i'm sad because is the 8.7 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i will cry like a baby
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