Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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GSRLUVER. i would really like that...if the absoulutly HAD to go..but we still wont get to see them that much..if that did happen she should come back to guest star and they should start like making out in Ecklies him that he cant stop them. OMG! i missed the promo for next week!!! i dont know how i managed to do that!! do you think they'll show it on CTV again before next week? if not can somebody E-mail it to me? or post it here?? (OMG My Computer Doesnt Have A Sound Device Right Now.)
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They don't have to throw in smut, that's what Cath is for , sorry, but you get my point. :devil:
Let's not resort to character 'bashing' please. Thanks. :)
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Yeah. Her leaving sucks really bad. But rszski67 is right. She could have just been like "PEACE!" and left, but she didn't and that is totally cool of her. The article says her last ep is on Nov 9. That's a Friday... But I think this time, for once, Ausiello is reporting something truthful. On the upside we get a lot of Grissom and Sara. But it's pretty bittersweet.
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I'll put this in a spoiler just in case, even though I don't think it is one.
Hey we got allot of Sophia & Hodges when they were special guest stars, maybe we'll get a few eps with Jorja as a special guest star a. And we did have those filming in Frisco rumors this summer.
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wow I can't believe since the last time i logged on now we're not only onto part 30 but page 15 of part 30! wow you guys have been busy!

I'm anxiously waiitng for DH to download DD - there is NO WAY i could wait till jan to see it now! I did manage to go spoiler free (by avoiding this board and many others!) but i figured now it's aired in the US it's going to be virutally impossible to avoid finding out, so i decided to just find out!

i am SO pleased Sara lives, I'm just happy she's still alive, I can live with anything they throw at us now!

can't wait to see DD, will post up my thoughts when i have seen it!
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WHAT THE ASHKFJHSKGJSLKJD. So, yay Sara lives... now she's leaving. What is the point of that? So I WAS all satisfied because she was alive and everything... but now she's leaving? I'm not refering to the Ausiello article.. I'm refering to the one on the Home page of CSIfiles. Is it the same article? I don't think so... cause it said that they were interviewing Jorja... But that makes me really mad. It's not just that she's leaving... it's that I was all worried for the past few months, I finally breathe a sigh of relief... to see that she's leaving? WHAT THE SLKAJSLKAJLFKJ.

Alright. SO. Dead Doll... I liked it. I watched it twice though, cause it was on my TV twice. And I found that after I watched it once, I didn't need to watch it again simply because I knew she was alive. Then everything seemed very repetitive. I liked the episode and everything, but it's like one of those movies where it's so suspenceful that you can only watch it once... otherwise the whole effect is gone.

I thought it was really cute how Grissom was so forceful to get into the helicoper. He was just like 'MOVE, I'M COMING WITH HER.' Basically, 'YOU CAN'T STOP ME SO DON'T BOTHER TRYING'.

haha. :D

I also liked that we got the SLIGHT little hand-holding scene while Grissom was in the helicopter. Then I died happily when she opened her eyes. :)

SO, the whole promo with Ecklie asking Grissom and Sara questions about their relationship? HAHAHHA. I'm so totally going to be in love with the next episode. Just cause it'll make me laugh a lot
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BabyBunting said:I'm anxiously waiitng for DH to download DD - there is NO WAY i could wait till jan to see it now!
BabyBunting, just letting you know that referring to illegal downloading is against the Board Rules:
As a fan site for a television show, intellectual property is an important topic for us. We cannot legally or morally condone tape-trading in episodes or downloading episodes online, and do not allow discussions on this matter. Any other copyright violations will also not be allowed.
Thanks for bearing this in mind. :)
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Look, I kno it gets annoying but my day has been horrible and I had to say it. Sorry. Anyway. Last nights epi was amazing and I can't wait to see what happens next week with Ecklie.
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It sounded like a great episode. Sigh..."Hello, Gilbert" made me swoon when I read it. And the name Gilbert has never sounded more sexy.

I feel the same way. I usually don't believe a crap of what comes out of that Ausiello mans mouth. But in this particular case I find this rather beliveable:(. I hate it, but I can see it happening. No Team SO for me. At the moment I feel very pessemistic about the whole thing. BUT (see, I have the tiniest hope left) since Nov 9 is in fact a Friday it might still be a possibility that it is just a hoax. Or not.:( Maybe it was an typing error.

Unfortnantely I think it is the same one.:( Sucks, doesn't it? All the tension building up over the summer...then relief and finally...Poff!

I am all angry and sad now, thinking stuff like: "If she was going to leave anyways, why not kill her off?" Yep. Those are bad and stupid thoughts, but I am actually depressed about how this will affect Grissom's character and the outcome of the whole thing. In my option, you do not suddenly and abruptly conclude a love story that has span over 9 (or is it 2? We'll see next week) years. I think it is lousy. And didn't William Petersen say once that he wanted the characters to leave together? What about his contract, isn't it up at the end of S8? If Sara leaves the show, Grissom is going to be majorly depressed for the entire season. While WP is such an amazing actor and the episodes where he is playing depressed, sad or angry are usually the best ones, I do not think that he wants to remain that way the entire season. Having said that, I might (still in denial) believe that Jorja/Sara is leaving the show, but she can't leave it completely. At least not without Grissom. I mean, Sara was written as a love intrest for Grissom (check the article), but the writers and producers bugged out or I think they would have gotten together in S8.To just have her leave like that would just be...wrong.:(

And plus all the spoilers and the whole Burma-thing, I've recieved the news that a friend of mine (close one) is leaving the damn country! She is actually leaving Sweden! :( So, yeah, my days been kind of sad and depressing (so happy at school though, I couldn't even concentrate :D).
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HI GUYS.. WOW, I thought I'd explode watiting :(, but was well worth it.. I was estatic
Jorja was brilliant.. from beginning till the end, I was sitting on the edge of my chair, and my heart was beating a mile a minute.. mind-blowing episode, they were all superb..Nick outstanding.. and when she called him "GILBERT' ahhh, so endearing and lovy-dovy talk :p and the love in his eyes in the last scene.. and don't believe anything that Auseillo says, he always said "she most likly she dies, and didn't renew her contract" go away dude :mad:

I'm still trying to process the whole thing.. :eek:
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Great episode and next week it looks like we may get our timeline. I for one hope they go with they got together right before Grave Danger. they were just so intimate in the "trigger scene" in that episode.
I cannot beleive they are tortureing us like this. I think this season will be the end of CSi, I thought that ever since they annoced that Billy was only signed through Season 8 last year. Plus from CBS other programing it looks like they want it to end as well.
All the actors contracts are up this year, but fans have known that for two years.
I feel they are writing Sara to SF and at the end of the season when Billy's contract is up his character will go with her.
Maybe she will guest star.
I also think there will be many other cast problems.
Has anyone else heard about Gary Dourdan beating up a guy?
Billy and Marg are two of the highest paid actors on TV.
I just think CSI is getting too expensive for CBS.
So they will close the characters off change the cast maybe have Greg run the lab.
I really feel this season is the swan song for CSI or at least with this cast.

I really have thought this since Billy left for a few episodes and they said he was only signed through Season 8.
At least they did not kill Sara and we will get the ending we want, hopefully.
There are rumors that Marg does not want to go beyond Season 8 either.
I feel Sara will go back to San Fransico in November and Grissom will follow her at seasons end.
At least they didn't kill her and she cared enough to stay. Here is hoping we get the ending we want.
But if Sara leaves so do I.
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it's like the freaking spoiler boxes exploded in this thread, hilarious...
loved the premiere
emmy material for sure
lovelovelovelovelove GSR
we better get some good stuff this season!

caps from the show? ...
the toch, they used the touch, chalk from plaster ...holy god, he wasn't oblivious! "Hello Gilbert was ringing in my head all day because i watched it so many times...SQUEENESS. the end scene...perfection. however we better get a kiss and an ilove you. looks like an ilove you type moment from the promo when they're in teh car and he's wearing...a beret?? are you kidding me. loved their differeing definitions of intimacy. he's a hopeless romantic, she's still logic. both of them can't wipe the smiles off their faces. suck it ecklie....just get over it ya......stopping
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So, in the preview, and Evil Ecklie, is interogating both of them, he says 9 years, which takes us back to San Francisco, when he was her teacher, but Sara says 2 years, so what ep. would that be, and who's telling the truth?.. that's way off in the yearly thing :rolleyes:

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Spoiler box time
Hey, it looks to me like the scene in the car with the goofy hat #2 might be a flashback. It looks like Sara isn't wearing a sling. I don't know if I can take 2 goofy hats in one episode.
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