Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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I am pissed too how can she do this to loyal fans. Plus the show has never been stronger. It beat GA big time last night i think largely due to Jorja 'sfantastic acting. Sara Sidle is the heart of the show. I really hope all this is horrible rumors. I just cant watch without Sara.

pause a moment and think

why would jorja put so much effort in

and be excited about the season

and gush about Billy if she

was leaving

just breath and think for a second

I think goofy hat 2 is a flash back to when they met.

Although remember guys CSI is expensive.
All the actors contracts are up at the end of this year.
I thought this would be that last year. Peterson said he does not want to extend his contract past what it is Season 8.
So i think this is the end for Sara, Grissom, and Catherine.
Marg has also said she does not want to go beyond season 8 eihter.
Although i wish they would go unti season 9 there is so much left to tell.

I still cannot believe Jorja is doing this to loyal fans expecially after she and billy fought so hard for GSR.
although in the interview she sounded so excited about what they had filmed for this season.

Many she is taking a break like billy did last season

i got to be a little hopeful or why keep watching!

Jorja please stay! :(
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WHOA JorjaFoxFan calm down, and don't believe all you read, he's the same jerk-face that said "she hadn't renewed her contract, and that most likely she was "dead" and didn't you notice Jorja was mum and couldn't or wouldn't say anything :eek:, like before we knew she was alive :confused:I take this crap with a hugh block of salt :( stay positive, and if say, it is true, maybe that leaves her open for guest shots! according to other reports Billy and Marg contract finishes the end of this season.. handwriting on the proverbial wall! & BTW, your off the mark on their salaries, Billy makes $500,000, Marg $250,000, and George, Gary, Jorja and Eric make $225,000, per ep. the only one it didn't list was Paul's and Robert's!

Source. WPAP
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What the hell are you guys talking about? What did Jorja do that makes you so mad???

I think I should become spoiler free for the rest of the season. It's too stressful to be worrying about this stuff all the time. I'm like crying right now because of all the stuff I heard that may or may not be true.
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Brooke it's on our CSI news.. go read it.. when you first sign on, it's the latest news! that Jorja is leaving in Nov.
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I hope she doesnot, but i think this is a sign that Billy will be leaving at the end of Season 8. He contract is up then, and so is the rest of the cast. So I think CSI will be in the news a lot this year.

It sucks for us Sara fans. I hope they give us a realistic and happy ending or what was the point of all this drama.
What was the point of making the preimere one of the greatest CSI's ever?
If this is the end.
I at least want the rest of the season!!!!!!!!
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Ok, I've read that before, what I don't get is why everyone's mad at her. Who's says it would be her decision to leave the show?

And I don't believe it. Not for one second. I don't care who says it's going to happen, it's not. They wouldn't make her live just so she could leave another way. That would be stupid. I'm sorry to say this, but I'd rather she die than make her leave alive. At least if she died they wouldn't be getting our hopes up for her staying.
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The reason people think it is Jorja's decision is because rumors are surfacing as i am typing this that she wants more money and TPTB wont give it too her and the new girl is a replacement for her. All the papers are bringing up ehr and George Eads past salary dispute.
OF course, no one has said anything official and I agree it is VERY bad writing to have her live and create one of the best CSi's ever from a writing and acting standpoint, much due to Jorja. Totally unrelated to GSR.
Why put the effort in? Just kill her like any other show where another actor wants more money and the network says no!
Hope that answers your question.
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Ok, that's the best answer I'm going to get.

I love how when Grissom and Sara hold hands, it's almost as intimate as if they were hugging or kissing. As much as I want a kiss or "i love you" I think that having GSR out in the open might ruin it. Half of what's interesting about them is that they do all these little things that make us go "SQUEEE", but with any other couple we'd just be like "Okay, he called her 'dear', what's so special about that?"
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan's my opinion. I honestly don't know what the deal is with JF's salary- it would suck if she earned less than everyone else, but again, I don't know what she earns vs. the others. I saw the post a couple ago that listed some numbers but I don't know if that's true or not. Anyway, point of story, if she is earning less than the others, then I fully support her decision to stand up for herself, even if it means leaving the show. If her decision to leave is related to her desire to "pursue other interests" then for the love of God, WAIT TILL SEASON 8 IS OVER!!! I just don't understand why, if this is really the last season, she can't just ride it out. Again, none of us really know the circumstances so these are my opinions, not what I believe to be true. And I was talking to someone over dinner and I decided that if Sara left, it wouldn't be the end of the world- it would be another person taking her place that would do me in. I mean, if Kepler hadn't shown up for Grissom's sabbatical and it had just been the team with Catherine in charge, I would've handled that a lot better than I did Kepler.

*steps off soapbox*

I guess we're just going to have to wait and see, but it's really bringing me down :(
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Um, so. Did you all love the premiere? How about the end scene where Sara sees Grissom's vest and then they just stare into each others eyes...That was adorable.

Are there any spoiler free people out there? I realize Jorja doesn't completely count as spoiler, but I'm here for the GSR.

And the Gilbert and Flashback and End Scene were excellent.
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Personally, I think it's a shame that JF may be leaving in the middle of the season, and like most of you, I wish she would ride it out like everyone else. But, unfortunately, that's not the case. I fully support JF no matter what she does, and if the fans are to be mad at anyone, it should be CBS and their greediness. It's unfair that they are paying everyone else more than JF, when she is just as great of an actor as the rest of the cast. This has been going on since her and GE had the contract dispute with them in 2005 (?). It sucks, but ultimately I think JF should stand up for herself, even if it means leaving. :(

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I think everyone needs to remember that Jorja's possible leaving may not be about money. Could you imagine working on the same project for eight years? That's a long time and Jorja is one of the most bashed people on the show, being called ugly, fat, greedy, etc. which none are even romotely true, I could see her wanting an escape to do some acting and producing with her theater company.

I think we all just need to calm down (including me) and wait to see what happens. :)
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A couple of new caps from last nights ep.



And lets not get into a rut, like "will she live or die" for 4 months, lets stay positive, and see what happens and not think the worst!
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I know they are always saying its the money, but I think when you've been paid boatloads of $$$ over the last several years the money is only a sign of how much they do or don't respect you. I think if its Jorja's decision to leave it's because TPTB have shown a lack of respect. But this might all just be the precursor for Billy leaving. We all know that this is probably his last year under contract & they are going to need a really good way to write Gilbert off the show. If Sara leaves for a new job or something then Gilbert can follow. And if both characters are alive & living in San Fransisco they are available to appear as guest stars if the show can survive without them.
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Nowhere in these articles did Jorja say anything about leaving. They are re-hashing the old stories about pay and 2004. They have been wrong all summer, they have lied and made terrible accusations at Jorja which have been out and out character assiniations. Read her actual words not the reporters. If she does leave I believe it is part of the process of ending CSI because it will give Billy an exit to follow. It will be duller is she goes to soon.
Whatever the rumours are there always red herrings and the reporting on CSI is rarely accurate.
This is my response to the articles on another thread.....

lucyj0720 said:
These are the same "reporters" that have been insisting all summer that Jorja was fired and going to be killed off. The only thing that have got right is Jorja's name and that she plays Sara Sidle on CSI.
She was interviewed by Mark Ausiello who then claims that she is leaving, even though she has said nothing to support that, it is once again based on rumours.
This is one of her answers:

It was a nice moment when Sara and Grissom connected at the end of the episode. What's next for them?
Fox: The cat is out of the bag now. They've been having this secret affair — for an undetermined amount of time, which we will get into a little more in Episode 2. Like, just how long have these two been seeing each other? There's going to be a wealth of information that we're going to find out about Sara and Grissom in Season 8. We shot five episodes so far, and I think it's going to be a really exciting, interesting season. The writers have done a phenomenal job. There have been so many twists and turns already, and little bombs that we've dropped, I'm already blown away. I'm like, "Where's this going? We're only in Episode 5."

The second article calls her
unwilling poster child for greedy TV actors

Until it happens or Jorja or Billy say the words I will not take the words of these hacks. She has a lot to say about the crap they have been writing.

And I just saw the third article which is rehashing the pay thing again which we know was never true, they have been lying about her all summer. If Sara goes Billy will follow and I can't see CBS wanting to kill the only show they have that gets a big audience. That includes their news channel.

Was it always the plan for Sara to survive? Reports surfaced last spring that Sara was actually supposed to die in the finale, but you had refused to show up to shoot your death scene.
Fox: Well, you know, Mike, you can't believe anything you read in those gossip magazines. And for all of us who were invested in the integrity of the story, we didn't want to say yes or no to any of those reports, because we didn't want to [ruin the outcome for viewers]. But none of that stuff is ever true. I was really flattered that people were that interested in me, though. [Laughs] The biggest challenge was keeping my mouth shut. Whenever you start reading stuff like that — especially if it's not super-flattering — the first thing you want to do is defend yourself. So it was challenging to sit quiet and wait. I'm so thrilled that the wait is over. I had to lie to my relatives, I had to lie to my friends…. It's hard.
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