Grissom & Sara #26: It's So Obvious, Isn't It?

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1) Grissom & Sara #27: We've come a long way, baby. (have we used this one before?)
2) So In Love
3) Sara likes it when he does that
4) Grissom wants her in the (next) bedroom
5) Grissom cares about what she thinks
6) This Is Something Else
7) Dry your eyes, I'm Gonna Be There For You (Babyface lyrics)
8. GSR: Now with Theme Music!
9) GSR: Laboratory Tango
10) GSR: "Watch as the entomologist stalks his prey...."
11) He Had A Good Reason
12) My Girl's In The Next Room - [From 'Lips of an Angel' by Hinder, I thought it went well with EE]
13) Going Home - [dude, don't even ask]
14) She's His Personal Barber
15) Shaving = Geek Foreplay
16) Beard Shaving, Tear Wiping Love
17) Intimately
18) GSR #27 "Trust me?" "Intimately"
19) GSR #27 Intimately
20) GSR #27 making shaving Sexy
21) Shaving All My Love for You
22) I Held His Hand. Now Hold Mine.
23) I'm Sure He Had a Good Excuse
24) Do You Trust This Thread? Okay, But Do You Trust It Intimately?
25) Waiting for the Cocoon to Hatch
26) GSR #27: Intimately in love
27) GSR #27: Gaining perspective
28) GSR #27: The LoveBugs
29) We're together, get used to it
30) Grissom and Sara, two bugs in a rug
31) Grissom and Sara..forever
32) Maybe he's got himself a girlfriend named *Insert Sara here*
33) Sara's taste has definitely improved
34) They stay in bed Saturdays
35) GSR: to heart's and eye's delight
36) Intimately together
37) GSR:pure Love
38) Don't cry my dear...I'm with you
39) "He held her hand just like she held theirs"
40) "A few tears won't rip them apart"
41) "The closest shave a man can get"
42) GSR #27: We're not ready to say Goodbye
43) GSR #27: He's her favorite tissue
44) Two little lovebugs, sittin' in a tree...

Any last ones? Cuz I'll be making the poll soon!
You're right - it is a lot. As far as I can recall, none of them have been used yet.

I'm going to go ahead and make the poll. I apologize if anyone nominates one after I started this post.
hey sarah i think you can blend together my Intimately with choc's GSR: Intimately cuz it's the same.

ETA: yup, you already did. thanks End of ETA

ohhhhhh, TS, welcome back sis! hope to see you around more <3 <3

i'm going now, i have a whole SWOT analysis of McDonald's to write, lol. i haven't been around lately and this is due to Easter and my lazyness. i will be back though *hugs everybody*
How about "Intimacy: you'll be pleasantly surprised when it hatches."

<Ack! I missed the poll. Although, I do love the intimately trusting the thread one. That's what I voted for.>
Sarah, I tried to PM you about this but your box is full. So I apologise for having not much GSRy to say, other than commenting on the thread titles. But it's kinda important.

1) "Do You Trust This Thread? Okay, But Do You Trust It Intimately?" Doesn't fit as a title. It's much too long, even without any names attached at the beginning.
2) "Maybe he's got himself a girlfriend named *Insert Sara here*" only just fits. But that's without any names or thread numbers attached.
3) "Shaving = Geek Foreplay" may be flagged as inappropriate by the mods. We're not meant to use anything sexual as a thread title:
~Thread titles cannot contain anything rated above PG-13 (anything explicit or suggestive)
I dunno if directly mentioning foreplay crosses the line, but it might do.
4) "We've come a long way, baby" hasn't been used, but it was only about 3 or 4 threads ago that we had "They've come a long way, BABY", as someone has already mentioned. So we probably shouldn't use something so similar so soon.

I think that's all I had to mention. I'll PM you another day if you empty your box/I can think of anything else.

And hey Adz :) Thanks for the <3
^^ I agree about the "We've come along way, Baby".. I didn't realize it was used simliarly before :)

Love the title names though; it was hard to choose just 15!
2) "Shaving = Geek Foreplay" may be flagged as inappropriate by the mods. We're not meant to use anything sexual as a thread title:
*bows head in shame* yeah, it's me again. me - The Pervert.
Wow guys. Definately just woke up an hour ago from the WORST hangover in HISTORY. Yes, Adz, I thought of you
The Drunk Pervert.

i just realized i have a horrible reputation in here. i need to do something about this. ummm ... i go to church every sunday?

great, now i look like a drunk perverted hypocryte.

and i'm not, of course.

"Maybe he's got himself a girlfriend named *Insert Sara here*" only just fits. But that's without any names or thread numbers attached.
what if we changed it to He's got a girlfriend named Sara or something?
Mind boggling, but stimulating as well :eek: all great ones.. when does this new 'title" start?

Okay, so here are my two cents, again. The MCSK is Hodges.He snatches Sara when he finds out she is with Grissom (since he is obviously obsessed with Grissom). Sara must be going to SF to either a.) see some sort of family member; b.) take some space from Grissom (since the LH ep airs right before) or c.) some combo of a.) and b.) I cannot believe that Sara is the MCSK. Where would she find the time between all the Grissom sex and double shifts to create murder models? ;) It's gotta be Hodges - has everyone noticed his obscene amount of screen time this year?
Hey thanks desertwind.
Does anyone know if there will be anything more on the cacoon? cuz it's been like 5 episodes with no mention..except i thought sara and cath had a scene in the last episode about "wierd gifts" but it was changed to stinkin sofia...just a quick q!
I really hope Sara's motivation for going to SF has nothing to do with needing space from Grissom post-Lady Heather. I'm rather hoping that Lady Heather solidifies their relationship. I mean, Grissom is a smart fellow, and wouldn't a side-by-side comparison of Lady H and Sara only advantage Sara? Sara likes bugs, for goodness' sake! She put the cocoon in his office, and had a lovely rationale for doing it. But then again, I've always harbored a dislike for Lady H, much as I harbored a dislike for Sophia when she was introduced as a potential love interest for Grissom. I always want to go up and tell them, "Step off! That's Sara's man!" Now, ever since they dropped the Sophia/Grissom thing, I've liked Sophia much better. I still dislike Lady H (she seems like such a caricature), but I might like her better if she concedes defeat, or realizes that Grissom and Sara are well-suited.
yeah i think there is going to be continuity for both the letter and the cocoon, maybe held at the same time. my money is on either the finale or TGTBATD.

i watched a couple of old episodes lately. first i watched Butterflied and i noticed something i haven't before during the scene with Sara and Catherine. this is the transcript:

(CATHERINE is sitting on the bench and changing her shoes when SARA appears in the doorway.)
SARA: Hey, you seen Grissom?
CATHERINE: He's still at the crime scene.
SARA: (quietly) I eliminated both victims from the print you pulled off the bed.
CATHERINE: Well, we know she was fishing off the company pier.
(SARA nods. CATHERINE turns around and looks at her.)
CATHERINE: You, uh, seen Debbie?
SARA: Yeah.
CATHERINE: (prompting) And?
SARA: (avoiding) Yeah, I compared her toe prints.
CATHERINE: If I didn't know better, I'd think that was you on that table.
SARA: (tightly, smile forced) I didn't really look at her face.
(CATHERINE doesn't say anything, yet we get the feeling that she knows that SARA'S not telling the truth.)
SARA: (quietly) When you see Grissom, will you tell him?
(CATHERINE nods as SARA moves away from the door. CATHERINE watches her go, concerned.)

to me Catherine's expression in the end of their conversation suggested that she connected the dots (also b/c of the way Sara delivered her last line). Cath has seen how this case affected Grissom, and how uncomfortable Sara felt talking to her about him and Debbie. taking into consideration scenes like this one, also that Catherine is a great CSI, i'm not going to ever doubt that Cath felt that there is something more between the Geeks, at some point. maybe not resolved (cuz it wasn't) but that something was there.

that's why i'd still say that it's going to be Catherine who will figure this out, if she hasn't yet. we know that she suspects that Grissom has a girlfriend, so i'm pretty sure she wondered who that might be. i'm also certain that she thinks Sara is a possibility. we'll see. i wouldn't be surprised actually if they left us with this who-knows/who-will-learn-about-GSR cliffhanger in the end of the season.

btw, i loved how Grissom stuttered when he talked to Sara on the phone. i can watch it over and over, lol.

i also watched Grave Danger yesterday, mostly to get into the Finale-mood. this was one hell of an episode, and i hope this year's finale is going to be very much like GD - awesomeness-wise.

btw, i've never EVER thought that TPTB would reveal the indentity of the killer before the final MCSK ep. from what i read in the spoiler-titles y'all already know who that is, and i think it was kinda stupid to let it leak out. or maybe there is more to it. like Paul Milander once said "Identity is so fluid". but whatever, i don't have to worry about that, cuz i have no clue *yay*
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