Grissom & Sara #26: It's So Obvious, Isn't It?

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whoa, dont read the following unless you want to be completely spoiled...
ok so the crime scene is sara's car crashed somewhere..omg! ::my thought:: imagine gris getting the model then freaking out, jumps in a car with cath and when he finds her..shes still clinging to life as he starts telling her he loves her etc etc and thats how its revealed??? whoa. according to the partial spoiler im lookin at, sara is alive and standing in front of her car at one point. maybe she's calling gris to try and tell him where shes at? AHHH! i need moooorree!!!

ETA: cause i can't read.. hehe
Maybe the janitor has been lusting after Griss all these years too, and she snapped when Griss hooked up with Sara? Crazy Lady with the broom, there's enough Greggo to go around! Stop obsessing over the Bug Man, and notice the rock star! LOL Sorry, I have a one track mind when it comes to Greggo! :) Oh yeah, Griss is going to freak out... and I hope he apologizes a million times to her for being such a poop head all those years. I want GSR smoochies, Griss crying his eyes out, hugs, more GSR smoochies, and a very heavy make out session in front of Ecklie. Oh, and a GSR baby would be nice too! I want it all!
Well, I wasn't too impressed with the episode when it started, and figured it'd be a chore to sit through... but wouldn't you know it? I was actually kind of into it at the end. It probably helps that I was really hoping there'd be a sweet ending between Greg and the James family, and that I get a kick out of Method Man interacting with Paul Guifoyle. ***** I'm actually really happy that neither DJ's brother nor Drops was charged with the murder. In the first case, I thought it'd be too cartoonish if the brother was a murderer as well. In the second... heh. Drops is such an ass - if he went to jail, he couldn't show up next season to bug the shit out of Brass. And that's the payoff - existence of Drops = lots of Brass. That's worth keeping him out of jail. Loved, though, that the reason they couldn't charge him was that he'd lawyered up, and not that he wasn't culpable. Heh. ***** No complaints about not enough Greg in this episode. I almost yelled out, "Greg, what the hell are you doing?!!" when he went after the mother - good thing she'd gotten her angry grief out, eh? But it was nice to see Greg in a bit of passion and wanting to stand up for himself. Everything about this case has required him to shut up and put up, so I thought it fitting that he not be able to hold it in anymore. ***** Sofia and the Undersheriff, sittin' in a tree! HAH! Interesting scene to insert in there... can't wait to see where that's going. Her crack about falling for the lame paper rose was seriously, I think, the warmest, most vulnerable I've ever seen her on this series. I'd like to see more of Sofia besides the cop. I think there's a really interesting character in there somewhere. ***** Question of the week: How much would you pay, ladies & gents so inclined, to hug Mr. Warrick Brown like that on the show?
i agree Dee. Warrick was sooooooo adorable when he hugged that lady that i rewatched it a kabillion times. just ... awwwwwwwww. i love Warrick. i completely adore when he interacts with people on an emotional level - the kids, the moms, the grandmoms, even girlfriends (just to name Primum Non Nocere and his ladyfriend there). he's so adorhhhable. i never considered myself a crushable person, but i think i have a crush on every single male CSI actor. excluding Ecklie and Undersheriff. the latter one was so gross today that i almost puked all my chineese. ewwww ///// but strangely this episode, and especially our geeks in the garage scene reminded me of PNN. ya know, clean-shaven Grissom in his CSI jacket, and Sara in her black winter-cap. but in the very beginning i wanted to scream "another Crush&Burn? oh heeeeck no, yo". eventually ... it was another Poppin Tags mixed with Post Mortem. so basically, they blended everything together. ///// so when i first watched it, i have to admit i was kinda bored during the first half. but i rewatched it again today and i gotta say it was a pretty good episode that i would rate for about 7/10. i liked Hogdes, cuz i would marry his sense of humour, i LOVED my Grissom cuz he smiled like twice today and looked so hot that i squeed and had palpitations ... well i STILL have them. oh and i really liked the way Sara looked today, i loved the hair and make-up. btw, yay for the continuity and a scratch on her cheek. i noticed she still had a minor trace of it. i'm done rambling, i guess. i'm gonna go watch Living Legend now. peace
I thought this was an oustanding ep. they were all great, Grissom has so mellowed , and is more secure in his skin.. love wll do that.. and after what Sara went through last week, amazing that she rebounded to sitck up for her little friend Greg.. the show, it kept my interest from the beginning till the end, I love S/7, all the ones were magnificent, minus the ones with that Keppler person. so boring, after the orginal cast were back, it picked back up and all the stories have been excellent
Call me crazy, but I kind of just liked seeing them work together for once without a "moment". Partly because last week was such a Sara bonanza with some sweet GSR added in.

But also because... ultimately, they aren't humping like rabbits around work or constantly making eye babies across the layout table. What I like about this is that it isn't a soap, and we don't need it reinforced in every episode.

I think the little bits they gave us at the beginning, while nice, kind of felt like "not enough". When you get none, like tonight, you're more eager for the next scene than if we had gotten some kind of cute eye-sexish thing over the seat cushions or something.

I agree with Dee. Maybe it was the lack of Sara and the overload of Sofia, but the first half did not have me excited. Suddenly it kicked into gear in the second hour, and I ended up liking it quite a bit.

Also, wtf was up with that tiny Tara Conners reference in teh opening?
I'm glad I wasn't the only one not totally upset by the lack of GSR in this episode..

I was hoping to have something in the limo scene, but that's alright.

I was totally intrigued with this episode, for some reason it just amazed me... That the writers created a story, like the good ol' days :lol:

I didn't think Sara was going to end up this episode, but when I saw her, my jaw dropped. I was surprised by it. Glad she stuck up for Greg though, like a good friend.

But was it just me, or did Grissom look somewhat worried in this episode?
I think that it's good to know some limits, guys. I mean, we don't want to show that our geeks can't be near eachother without having "a moment". They are professionals and can control their emotions, right? Besides, I like to think that they are saving the love for the finale :)
I need to see some kissing before I hear about any Geekbabies
Definitely. The other way round wouldn't be fair. :( I. Want. A. Kiss. A. Big. Smacker. Right. On. The. Lips. :devil:
I mean, my fiance plotted out the MOST romantic proposal ever involving a 4 hour scavenger hunt with 5 of my closest friends in two countries, three states and three cities within our state
Where do we find men like that?
Sara gets tasered? *thud*
If it happens, I think it should be casual, with him making sure she knows what he's asking, and her smiling as she gazes at that ring of his Grandmother's he was once so fond of. I would love something like that.
Yeah, that would be awesome. Something like "Since I met you." With Sara totally flabbergasted and Grissom all calm as usual. *sigh*
So she's going to SF? Maybe it's something that LH says to her? Shame about it being the Janitor really, don't you think? I would have been awesome if it had been one of the team, like the never there Warrick. Was it Turtle with the obsession about the Janitor? I have a memory like a goldfish. :lol: A two parter would be good, but it doesn't look like that will happen. When did you guys find out about Grave Danger being a two parter?

Looking at the clip up on, that hat she wore was sooo season 2! But real cute too. Plus loving how hot G is right now.

Oh, Happy Good Friday everybody!
Big Shots,

sarahvma said:
But also because... ultimately, they aren't humping like rabbits around work or constantly making eye babies across the layout table. What I like about this is that it isn't a soap, and we don't need it reinforced in every episode.

I agree. We had quite a bit in Empty Eyes, and that was more Sara's episode, and we haven't really had that big of a Sara-Episode since Committed, as far as I can remember anyway. So, if it's a Sara-Episode, even people who hadn't read spoilers about GSR could assume there'd be some nice interaction between them, or at least comforting. And, we did get a lot more GSR than we usually do in Empty Eyes, so I didn't expect much from Big Shots. But then I thought, well, if I'm not expecting anything, maybe there'll be something big! And then I started expecting something.

The main reason I expected a big moment, was because Sara wasn't in the episode for the first half an hour, and that bugged me. My Mom said she was going to go watch it in her room if I didn't stop complaining. Then when Sara was put into the episode, it was seemless and it was like she had been on the case all along. At that point, I'm like 'Okay.. no big scene...

When Sara and Grissom were walking side-by-side, right before they processed the limo, I was like 'Awww, that's cute.'

It was sort of a relief to not really see any GSR, but rather just normal interaction. It showed that they can work together, and remaining professional. It's also good to see that they both are remaining professional, because things don't go well when one is acting love-sick and the other wants to stay professional at work. Even when they were alone, it was about the case, and their relationship could be put on hold.

But of course, until later when they went home and had some hot and crazy sex.

Like wow! She's not talking about the finale![/i]]I just watched the promo for Lab Rats, and I think the episode is going to be really funny because the lab rats are trying to figure out who the miniature killer is. HAHA, watch the janitor walk by and give them all evil looks! At the end of the promo, Hodges is at Grissom's desk and has Grissom's funky microscope-glasses on, and he's looking at a miniature. I can just see Grissom going 'YOU TOUCHED MY GLASSES! MYYYYY GLASSES!' *cough* anyways, I find it funny that Hodges is taking charge all of a sudden, really, one day out in the field and now he thinks he can solve a case that has Grissom stumped. *sigh* Watch him do it too... Anyway, I don't see much GSR, because like this week was mostly about Greg, and I see Lab Rats as more of the lab rats episode. haha. Didn't notice how weird that sounded until I said it. :)


So, last night, I watched the new episode of CSI with my Mom. Then we watched a re-run, and in the re-run, Grissom had hid beard. So, I asked my Mom if she likes Grissom better with or without the beard. And she likes him beardless. I didn't argue, for fear of revealing my SLIGHT obsession with WP.

So chocolate_bunnys, keeper of lists, put my mom on beardless :p
mmm humping like geek rabbits, NOW WE'RE TALKING! :lol:

Last night I was hoping for some GSR in the limo. How can they control themselve's? oh, and I'm starting to like Hodges. He's an extreme geek. Gotta love that! I could see him shaping up.
I, too, am okay with the lack of GSR last night. I can't eat chocolate at every meal. No wait. I do eat chocolate at every meal. There goes that metaphor.

I just read the interview with Jorja Fox posted on the home page. In it, she said: "I kind of decided at the beginning of the year that, even though I was under the umbrella of CSI -- I, personally, was in a romantic comedy." This just tickled me. So true, so true! Although . . .

. . . apparently that romantic comedy is going to turn a bit dramatic soon. Let's hope it doesn't become a full-blown tragedy with Sara expiring at the hands of the MCSK, and Grissom being all Fortinbras to her Hamlet. I tend to think that scenario won't come to pass, but I have, unfortunately, been know to be wrong before. Man, I can't wait for the finale. Two hours, one hour, who cares! As long as get my tasty GSR. Must stop thinking about Grissom's manly anguish at Sara's plight, must stop thinking about Grissom's manly anguish . . .
Hey guys - I just started a thread in the CSI:Vegas discussion board where people can post any sites or URLs where people might run across spoilers unawares. It's my attempt to help the non-spoiled know what places to avoid until after the finale.

So if you run across any websites or forums where it's easy to stumble into spoilers, or any articles that give away spoilers and don't warn you that they're going to do so, can you add them to that thread? Or let me know via PM, and I'll do it.

I'm really trying to be militant about this. I don't want to have to avoid the Internet until May 17.
God it will be really sexy won't it! Him going all distraught at having no Sara. Really hot. I wonder whether we will know where Sara is when she is taken, or whether we will be following the Team trying to find her.
Last night's eppy was good. The non-GSR I was okay with. I was a little miffed though that Sara didn't come on until the second half of the episode. :mad: was good to see her stand up for Greg. :D I thought it was cute when they were processing the limo. A geek!moment without any eye!sex. Just pros...their sexy even when their not geek!lovin'. *sigh*

And Hodges in the field? :lol:

I especially liked the end. When Greg and Grissom were talking and Greg said "What do you think?" And Grissom responded with "It doesn't matter what I think..." Then walked away. I was like "WTF?! Did he just say that?! SARA DID CHANGE HIM!" The Grissom of old would of gave him some speech or sonnet or something and then it would of ended like that. *sigh* I love our geek!love. :D

Anyway..."Lab Rats" looks good next week. Can't wait. :D
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