Grissom & Sara #25: Running up the Phone Bill

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I picked: ToyD: simply cuz it looks like he could jump across the table and pin her down... yah that wouldnt be very subtle.
Yup, me too. I didn't see the episode when it first aired, but that didn't spoil my enjoyment of it. I love all the looks Gris gives Sara during their trip to see Caprice. My favorite part is when Caprice is talking and looking at Sara and Gris gives Sara the littlest sideways glance. It was really cute, and I liked that more than the less subtle looks at the end of the episode.

If we're talking about SUBTLE GSR, I do not think TOYD applies, personally. It's too overt. It's not subtle at all. The camera keeps cutting to the two of them, between the two of them as they exchange glances and smiles.
I agree, but there are parts of TOYD that are more subtle (such as IMO the Caprice scene).

I went with Mile High and Grey Hair for the poll. I think they both had enough of a spirit of comfortable sexual banter.
Yeah, I did too. Mile High club is just so cute and flirty and from the first season, and Grey Hair I loved because Sara is really talking about Gris, but Hodges thinks she's talking about him! :D

Oh, and I'm totally on Team Beard, but that pic is...scary. The beard needs to be shorter and darker, but it at least looks better than that pic of WP from when he was doing the play. He looked much more like Santa in that picture. ;)
:After reading through Sarah and Adzixs posts, I have just one thing to say. *ahem*

*breaks out into song* Do you really want to huuuurt me? Do you really want to make me cryyyyy?

Adzix said:

no, she doesn't. she hates it, and when he'll be back she'll shave it off during his sleep and buy him 100 razors, so he'll never forget to shave. never, ever again.

*snorts* Now, THAT, would be great. If not a tad OOC. ;)

Hugging? So almost better then kissing. Almost. Sure, friends do it - but Grissom already proved he doesn't LIKE hugging (I'll be back in 4 weeks... stop HUGGING me.) so for him to hug Sara? Ohhh Squeeeee! TPTB, as hot as a bathroom shaving scene would be - if you're gonna cut one, cut that. But omg - poor Sara. Poor-in-need-of-a-hug Sara. Can I hug her? Shit, can I hug them both? Oh happy squee. And now, just for Adzix, though she doesn't know it's for her - :) :lol: :D

You know what's sad? My memory is shot to hell today, and I can't remember what I voted for. At all.

Bearded. I like bearded. Crazy wild jungle Grissom or not, I like the beard.

And I really like the idea of beard burn. I could just see Catherine's brain flipping through mental pictures of all the men she knows... and landing on a recently rebearded Grissom. Eyes go wide, mouth goes slack.

THAT would be a great moment too.

That is all.
Pink_Faerie_Girl said:
well Sara dis say she likes animals in Built to Kill part 1. Maybe she prefers Grissom hairy. wonder what he looks like under the clothes.

This is a few years back.. but you catch the drift.. he's just plain "gorgeous" clothes or MMMM no clothes :p

Thank's Pink & welcome ;) not to go off on a WP tangent.. but this is the one, that I have dreams of.. those arms.. that thick, beautiful, curly hair..and Sara gets to run her hands through it :p

In true fashion, Billy went with his beard over the script. So there's no flashback since, obviously, he would have to be beardless. It's been replaced with another (I guess "recent") scene. Hmmm...
I'm thinking of going on the team Bifacial. That man can't make me not stare at him for less than 30 seconds, beardless or not...

Oh, and I'm sure Sara likes the beard. I don't know why, but I think she does.
Okay, I liked the beard we had in season 5, not this scruffy thing we have now. It makes him look like Santa Claus and, Santa Claus scares me, yeeeesh, kissing my mom under the mistletoe, he's a homewrecker! And he should be arrested for breaking and entering.

Uhm. Back to CSI.

So, I like him not bearded now. If his beard wasn't so white and scraggily. (It is so a word... that I made up), I'd like it. But - this beard is just... eww.

I'm switching to Team Cleanshaven.

*runs off and cries*
Your right, I love the beard in season five, what is with the mess he has now!! He looks like he was hanging out in the dumpster for the past month, instead of teaching at a college. Please make it neat. I love the beard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

Ya know the promotional pic from season 6 where everyone is wearing black? Jorja is standing behind Billy? I like the beard like that.:) He looks hot in black!
forensicsgirl said:
Commercial break - Oooooh, so good so far :)

grssom89 said:
fofi 10 minutes and counting wooo!

Is this a potential new nickname for me? :lol: Funnily enough, my cousin IRL is nicknamed "fofi"

:lol: sorry that was a typo can i say season 7 is off to brilliant start over here in the uk. How cuuuute was veggieberger i loved it :D
Adzix said:
guuuuuuys, desertwind is RIGHT.

Even a caveman could do it. And this is not a Geico ad, yo. This is CSI.

*commits suicide*
*breaks out into song* Do you really want to huuuurt me? Do you really want to make me cryyyyy?
i guess that was directed to me, not sarah, huh? lol

OMG, he look's horrible :mad:... YUCK.. please, and all you other fans are correct on you anaylsis of this awful pic..he look's like he just came down from the mountain :( what's the hell is up? come on Billy/Grissom baby,, this is not the man we love... please Sara, shave it off!!!!or dye it black

back to when he was still 'HOTT' S/6

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