Grissom and Sara; #35 Forever Together, Never Apart

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and I'm not repeating myself
that's the funniest thing i've heard all day.

this constant of the negative derogatory comment
like this one?

For me I feel it's a bit pathetic to talk about someone who left in S/9, and keep talking about him like he's still here

anyway, i've spent too much energy to "feed the t." so i'll just get back to lurking for spoilers. i'll only add that if it turns out Grissom is not coming to visit, i don't really want Sara to be in the lab like nothing happened. so either both or none.
1.) CSI has certainly changed since the exit of Grissom, Warrick and (partially) Sara. Ratings dropped...dramatically. Some people thought that Grissom was the life and soul of the soul, like me...I'll be honest and say I haven't watched CSI since episode 9x10 really...only the ones with Sara in them, hoping....praying to get a GSR reference. Of which they were barely any, enough to keep us GSR fans hanging on, but...ehh, not enough to make me happy with the GSR living arrangement at the moment. just don't get how they can bring Sara back to Vegas to leave her hubby in Paris :confused:.

2.) WP wanted to leave. You cannot be angry with him for that. He gave us 9 fabulous years of his life to play Grissom. He made Grissom an iconic character. For that I will always thank him. He was fabulous. I agree with Adzix, WP felt that he had to break away from Grissom. He was becoming known as Grissom and not Billy...he needed to find himself again. Theatre was his beginning, so he returned to it.

3.) LF is....okay. I feel that TPTB are trying to make us like him by force feeding his character to us, making him the lead and such. But I believe....Catherine is the supervisor, Nick, co supervisor...LF's characters is below rank to Greg and yet Greg is the one with the less airtime? Nah...Langston should play a CSI 1, which he's supposed to be, instead of what TPTB are making him....the supervisor or one that solves every case.

Back to GSR, as this thread is supposed to be about GSR.

They are married, that's fantastic news. They spent their honeymoon looking for bugs in a canoe :lol: Such a Grissom thing to do.

I hope Jorja returns next season. That way there may be more GSR mentions...which I'm hoping for, in order to explain their situation a bit better. Hopefully, WP can make a guest appearance, that would cause me to have abit more enthusiam for the show as I once did.

I don't think it's the same without Grissom and Sara being together.
Well said, MissMurder. I agree with everything!

Jorja coming back is the only thing that will keep me interested, and keep the GSR storyline alive. I don't expect to have it as a major storyline again, but now that they are married, Grissom should be part of any episode featuring Sara. I am interested to see what CM has in mind for Sara Sidle since she did say that she has an idea of the creative direction she wants to take the character. As long as she keeps Sara and Grissom together, I will look forward to next season if Jorja is a part of it.

ETA: I'm terribly sad to lose DR, but I haven't heard anything about Allen MacDonald. I hope he is staying. He wrote some great Sara episodes, including the Hannah storyline, which we were once told would be revisited. So, maybe next season.
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;) Thanks for agreeing with me jtd94

And I agree, at this moment, the only reason why I'll be tuning into CSI in Season 11 is if Jorja returns, and because Marg is returning (I'm pretty sure that's not a spoiler...but if it is I'm sorry :-S)

I know GSR will never be a major storyline again, however it would be nice for them just to give us a mention. Like Sara commenting on Gil's whereabouts, what he is doing, how he is etc etc. Another comment about their wedding or honeymoon would be nice too.

I hope that if Jorja returns next season, Sara character is explored well, and a little better than it was this past season. As long as they keep the character happy, full of life and married to Gil Grissom, I'll be happy :)

I'm sad to hear about the departure of DR, he wrote some fantastic Sara and GSR episodes :(

Question: Just read that Jorja Fox is returning as Sara Sidle on CSI, though it is not known yet whether she'd come back as a recurring star, as she has been since her initial "return," or as a regular cast member. Though I was happy to read the news — I think the show is better when Fox is on it — I'd be happy if she does a recurring role because then she'd still be Sara Sidle Grissom, but if it's as a regular, I would think her tie with Gil would have to be eliminated, and I've rather liked the mentions because I still think the show lost a lot when Grissom (William Petersen) left. I know that sounds rather "female," and silly of me to want to hold on to some of the Grissom-ness, but I'd bet a lot of people feel the same way. How about you? Do you think Jorja adds to the cast, and that the "association" helps? Or does it really not matter in the scheme of things? — Dorothy

Matt Roush: Whether Jorja Fox is full-time or part-time on the show, the continuity she brings to long-time fans as a link to the much-missed Grissom is probably invaluable. I'm glad she's sticking around.

I completely agree with Matt. Which leads me to believe they won't break Grissom and Sara up even if she returns full-time. But I do wish they would move Grissom back to LV. I'm just thrilled Jorja is returning and am looking forward to more information about Grissom.
The following may be involved, but it does arrive somewhere. I managed to catch the TV Guide article in which Marg discusses her plans for Cath's exit at the end of this season. In it, she mentioned that WP would be dropping by the set in his capacity as exec. producer. Add in the fact that the season opener starts at the funeral of the officer killed by Jekyll in season 10's finale, I think we might get a glimpse of our favorite couple at the funeral, just before all H*** breaks loose. :)
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Hey everyone!

Ah! Spam! Sorry... Haha.

I do so hope that Jorja stays around permanently, I truly miss her and what she contributes to the show... I almost went off watching the show when both Sara and Grissom had left. And here's to hoping that they'll both be around for sometime next season....

I really, really want to see them as the happily married couple that they are. :) :) :)

Well, we still don't know if Jorja signed on full-time as a regular, or as a semi-regular recurring guest star. I would love to see her in the opening credits again. Carol Mendelsohn did say in a recent interview that she is going to talk to Jorja about how to address GSR, since it appears that WP will not be returning to the show anytime soon.
I can live with that, as long as they keep them together and Sara talks about Grissom. One sided phone calls and references to him would do. I just don't want it ignored anymore. It really is not that hard to think of a good scenario where they are together off screen but not on. I feel a little bit better knowing that Jorja will be involved in the process. Hopefully, Grissom will move back to LV and work at the university, or something.
Thats so exciting I would love to see Grissom and Sara in Paris. This must be the reason they had Grissom in France.
Thats so exciting I would love to see Grissom and Sara in Paris. This must be the reason they had Grissom in France.

First welcome BlkJak21, glad your with us, but "they", would be who? do you mean TPTB? WP and his wife went on a vacation in Pairs when he left CSI, on his own there was no "they" and that was in 2009. So, maybe he just liked it there, and supposdly he's there while Sara is back in Vegas, so thought that would be a cool place to shoot a movie. He still does have the title of ex. producer and clout on what happens and what doesn't. The thing is WP/Grissom still isn't planning to return back on CSI. So, this would be a one time shot~


I think by 'they', BlkJak21 meant the writers. WP was in Europe promoting the show when he left CSI and at the time he mentioned an episode set in Paris that he and Jorja could do, since they weren't on the show full time anymore; so I assume that's why they put Grissom in Paris at the start of season 10. I think this tv movie, or 2hr CSI episode, is not the same as a movie he talked about doing. He later stated CBS wouldn't back a big screen movie while the show was still being produced.
His plans seemed to imply a crime that takes place in France, maybe one that Grissom and Sara witness, and then is somehow linked to a crime in LV, which would bring the regular cast into it. I'm speculating somewhat, but that's how I understood it. And, the premise could change.
I know WP has no intention of returning to CSI as a regular, at least I don't think he does, so I'm willing to accept mentions of him and a one shot deal in this Paris episode. It would give us a glimpse of their married life outside of work; and, it gives me something to look forward to. :)
If it doesn't happen? Well, it wouldn't be the first time I've been let down by the show; but, for now, I'm really excited about the possibility of having Billy and Jorja together on screen again.
It seems that a Paris episode is only a fantasy at this point. Recent news has seemed to dismiss any chance of this happening. Too bad. Another missed opportunity by tptb to showcase their most famous ship.
I do think we will learn something about them in the coming season. As long as Jorja is signed on, I hope to get some tidbits of their life together.
yes jtd94 by 'they' I ment the writers. Desertwind (they) the writers had Sara say several time's Grissom was in France. seems pointless unless they were going to do something wih it. I know WP is not returning to CSI but I would have liked to see him in an episode set in France I think it's a missed opportunity.
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