Grissom and Sara;#34 GSR...Back With A Passion

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Hi GSR fans:bolian: how are you all? and thank's JorjaFoxFan for the compliment, and on new names, wow so many come to mind I will go along with whatever everyone else chooses. One comes to mind, FINALLY TOGETHER..FOREVER~or~ WE'RE HAPPY..TOGETHER so you girls pick a title:evil: two more episodes~

11 ANGRY JURORS "Grissom :: [on the bee] That's it, it was an outside job" and Sara with her sweet grin at him!

SWAP MEET Sara :: "You think their happy" Grissom:: "And the children must never know"

I'll offer my two cents worth of possible new thread names:

GSR-Together ...At Last
GSR-Loving You Forever...
GSR-Love and Life After CSI
GSR-Forever with You...Heart and Soul

Can't think of anymore right now--maybe later.

11 ANGRY JURORS "Grissom :: [on the bee] That's it, it was an outside job" and Sara with her sweet grin at him!
SWAP MEET Sara :: "You think their happy" Grissom:: "And the children must never know"
Ohmygoodness Desertwind, I was thinking exactly these same episodes, same scenes to post & now you beat me to it. What are you? Some kind of something something you psyche me up. :lol:
Now I only got this one to share.
[ <<== i just watched it (again) last night.
On the thread names, are okay to discuss this now? Don't we need to ask permission to authorities? :)

OOOOO, x3nity maybe great minds think alike:lol: & on Grissom's speech in "BUTTERFLIED" I really thought he'd be nominated for this, his perfect/precise timing riveting... so we need for all the fans to choose somemore titles, MEANT TO BE Our ship still sails cause' no matter what Gil & Sara are together, and with each other, he's not with anyone else, and neither is she, and they never will be... as it was written in the stars, [or by the writers]:lol:
and apparently our GSR ship didn't come in first on this poll, but on the show, they did come in first! I don't know if the majority of fans on this board know this, but since the onset Jorja Fox came on CSI as Sara Sidle to be Gil Grissom's love interest, and they [TPTB] never faltered nor wavered away from that concept, it was always going to be them that ended up together, and Billy & Jorja said this mega times, I just don't get why some fans don't understand this. And it seems they didn't watch "OTG", and soulmates are two people who are together, not someone they left behind!!!! Oh well, the end proved this was the case and now their frolicking through the jungle in Costa Rica!

Two more episodes


LAW OF GRAVITY Sara, "Welcome back you look good" Grissom:: "I'll see ya' later"? Sara:: "Yeah you will":p

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Hello everyone. New thread name discussion :) I don't have many ideas and they are probably all lame but here are mine so far:

GSR - Geeklove in Paradise

GSR - Geeklove in the Rainforest

Not very good I know :lol:

Desert for your choices I would have to say Swap Meet and Harvest are my favourites. I just love the flirting and teasing in thise episodes.

I don't have any pictures but what about these for the next scenes?

Blood Lust or Bad Words ?
Two more great episodes with them and on the names, how about this, just another idea, WE'RE MARRIED NOW and one the two you mentioned, here's the caps. from those, both good choices, 9 years we've still only touched the surface of the espisodes they've been in. Come on fans get involved:lol:

BAD WORDS "You missed a word"

BLOODLUST sweet smile:p

MORE "Come on under"
HI fans Here'a early list of new titles for the up-coming thread, so it's a ways off, but please put you choices in when your ready so far they are~


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Yes, the 1000th post is still a while away. So we still have a good amount of posts to keep the thread name discussion underway. Everyone can join in to give their choices for thread names.

I have another: GSR - Passion in the Jungle

or a simpler version

GSR - Jungle Passion

I know they are not so great, but it was all I could come up with for now :lol:

We have quite a choice already, but we will always welcome more. Maybe once we get a few more we can narrow it down a bit??? What do you think?

I rewatched Committed the other day. I love the way Grissom takes care of her, and listens to her when she tells him about her past in more depth :adore:
Thank's MissMurder and all of you, any title is good, but think about this, they won't be in the jungle permanently, they will be relocating eventually to someplace else, so keep that in mind, and wherever they go, and it will be some place where they've both chosen, it'll be a happy place:lol:and I posted a Sara video with "Committed", [great ep.] featured, so go look, and I just really hope that they will both return for the 200th ep. won't that be incredible?

Hi fans, where is everybody? hope your all well and happy:) How did you all like last nights ep. It was good, but boy I sure do miss GSR, strange that you turn in and it's a totally different show, LF is great, as Dr. Langston, I wished he could have met Sara:( The team was good but I was a bit dismayed that no mention of Gil or Sara or Warrick, when they've been gone for such a short time and after working with them for 9 years, I thought the writers would mention them a little bit:( maybe down the line they will. What happend to the counselor, that was there to help them with their grief? The only one I saw was Greg talking and crying. So is that over too? sometimes the writers don't consistently keep up with the story lines that they present?:confused:but anyway I hope Gil and Sara are enjoy their time in the jungle:p here's an article about them~


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Thanks Desert for posting that article :bolian:

I love how the writer describes their relationship, most of what they have to say is true.

A lot of the GSR scenes ended in such a way where the fans got to have some fun in speculating the true nature of their relationship. Others gave strong hints and answers. It was very balanced :)

Yes Desert you're right that they won't remain in the Costa Rican Jungle forever, but those names where the only ones I could think of at the time.


GSR - The Not So Secret Reunion

GSR - Eternally Yours

These are just my suggestions after all. Again all I could come up with for the moment.

Maybe other fans can join and give their own suggestions? :thumbsup:
Just checking in to offer more options:

Grissom and Sara: Happy ending, new beginning!

Grissom and Sara....and they lived happily ever after.
Uh-huh, the ship still sailing smoothly on the thread names. And MM, i like your "Jungle Passion" because i believe it would be where the geekbaby made? :lol:

Grissom and Sara: Happy ending, new beginning!
^But I gotta say I give this a :thumbsup:. I'm loving it.
It's like i wanna suggest the "One Way To Go" thread name. :lol: *sure, why not?*
Naturally it's where GSR became 'official' and we ended happily.

Seriously, here's my selection for you.
Promo pic you like better......

<<== OR ==>>

It's now GSR thread #34, can anyone give a list of the past GSR thread names list? Any gsr historian still out there? I'm just curious to know.

Thanks and best regards. Happy Weekend!
On those two choices x3nity I'll take the one on the left more recent , and with her new short-do-- and I really like the ETERNALLY YOURS so down the line when it's time for the the new title, I'll post them all and then we can narrow it down and make our choice
and on the which one here's two more, I hope these haven't been posted before~and on finding the older titles I think you can just go back to square one and find them, but one of our moderators probably could be more accurate~

THE CASE OF THE CROSS DRESSING CARP "Grissom::" Ya' know, maybe we should get married" Sara:: "Yes, lets do it"

ALA CART Sara:: "How long did you tell Ecklie we'd been together"? Grissom:: "9 years":lol: Sara::"I told him two" The first time they'd been out to the whole team!
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X3nity out of your choices I think I like the more recent one better, the one with Grissom pointing the flashlight in Sara's direction. I think it gave major clues to the GSR outcome.

However I do like the S7 promo pic too, it was a tough choice :lol:

Desert I have to say I enjoy the proposal scene the most. Grissom finally told her that he couldn't live without her. And Sara's shocked yet deilghted expression, I love that scene. Plus it was in true Grissom style, out of nowhere and surrounded by bugs :guffaw:

On the subject of finding older thread titles, I think it would just be the case of having to hunt through all the past threads in order to find them. Maybe a mod could help us? I know thread # 33 was called Time to Re-combine as to the others I'm not so sure.

Also X3nity, Desert both of you were asking me about fanfiction, I have one freshly posted on the Fanfic thread. It's called Lapse, I would love to know what you think ;) :thumbsup:

Here is the link:
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