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At long last... the CSI: NY 7th season premiere is finally here! Did the cliffhanger live up to expectations? What do you think of the newest member of the team? Give the premiere a watch and let us know what you think! :cool:
Typing as I watch, for old time's sake. :)

~ She's gonna shoot him in her tie-dye jammies.

~ It's kind of funny that they managed to find a kid that looks a bit like Carmine and Anna.

~ Lucy is like 'I'm gonna need therapyyyyyy!'

~ Did y'all make sure he's dead? Cuz he's kiiiinda resilient. :p

~ Sup, Jo? :D

~ Flack's hair kills me. :lol:

~ LOL, poor Adam. Jo, you're so evil. ;)

~ Haha "faceplant"

~ Of course she was murdered while Mac was still in the lab. He's gotta feel personally responsible. :rolleyes:

~ Sid! :D

~ LOL, oh Adam 'She gives me the creeps.'

~ Ugh. "You're a warrior"? I hope this is the end of that storyline.

~ Flack, you seem really ~impressed~ with Jo. *waggles eyebrows* :devil:

~ Another man? Dun dun duuuuun!

~ That guy is a Grade A douchebag. :shifty:

~ Adam looks so handsome. :adore:

~ LOL "Your turn"

~ NOT THE FACE! :eek:

~ Aww, puppy dog Flack face. *smish*

~ Poor Adam, he's so nervous around Jo. Hawkes, reassure him. :p

~ Of course there were tarantula hairs. :rolleyes:

~ Pulling a gun on Mac Effing Taylor? Not smart. But LOL I always laugh at slo-mo falling. (The end of the Miami season 8 finale killed me.)

Preview: LOL, I love Jo already. This episode looks good. :D
~Previously on CSINY: Shane Casey became a villain only worthy of the likes of Horatio Caine.
~I think becoming a mother for a second time helped Anna Belknap become a better actress. I actually believe that she is not feeling a good feeling about getting an award for shooting Casey.
~Hi, House's ex! Welcome to your first day! Have a dead body!
~"Hi, I'm Jo. Danville. Your new CSI. *points* This woman is dead." :lol:
~"Do you happen to know her mother's maiden name?" Oo, Mac!Snark!
~New hair, Don?
~"I sense you don't feel deserving of that medal." Gee, what gave you that impression? The distant expression, the way she's somewhat curled up defensively on the couch, the way she's flicking that medal through her hand as if it's a piece of trash that's being carried while waiting to find a trash can, or the miserable look on her face?
~No, Lindsay, I'm pretty sure that you do need some more therapy. Because you aren't usually this bitchy to strangers.
~We aren't going to have double angst in this episode now, are we? Please, Mac?
~Subtle way of how Stella is gone.
~Is it just me, or was the fact that it wasn't Melina's voice reading the letter kind of obvious? Like, it just didn't sound right to me.
~Hey, I just realized that they aged Lucy in three seconds. Convenient.
~Snarky Flack is back. I missed him.
~They always run.
~"Your turn." Hee.
~I got a mysterious package in the mail, so I missed some of the post-credit stuff. (It was the shirts that I got for my birthday from the Harry Potter section of the Warner Bros store.)
~Hold on, exactly how dangerous is this guy that they need all of these guns?
~Oh, don't do it, guy.
~I'm impressed that he didn't fall off. That would've been quite a mess.
~If you needed someone, you could've called JJ. I've heard she's available.

Not a bad episode. B or B+, probably.

Poor Adam. Although hee on a Chat Roulette storyline.

Btw, immediately after the episode ended, I changed the channel, and my TV went to A&E. And Criminal Minds was on. It's as if my television was telling me that there are much better shows that I could have been watching.
Fun episode! The scenes before the opening credits are great but I think the transitions - cliffhanger then award ceremony then Jo entering the lab - are a little too abrupt. I was actually expecting Jo to appear about mid-way. Like PV said, they don't have a choice. I laughed at Hill Harper's second shot in the opening credits - looks like candid shot!

I love the fun scenes - Jo with Danny and Hawkes, Jo and Adam, Danny and Flack and Adan and Lindsay (I love these two geeks together)! Everyone seems to like Jo. I love her! :D I'm not sure but it looks like Lindsay moved on too quickly - like Flack in Cuckoo's Nest.

All in all a solid episode. Great intro to Jo and how well she fits with the team. The case is good. I think the raid scene in the end is an overkill - about ten fully armored men to catch a guy -it's not a drug raid operation. I just hope the episode is enough for the new viewers to stick around. As an old fan, I'm very much satisfied with what I saw. :thumbsup: A+
I thought the episode was great. It felt like the CSI:NY that I have been looking for for a couple of seasons. A few things I especially liked:

Danny in dogtags again. So cool that they are back in place.

Danny and Flack back in action together. Great scene in the club. I was yelling...jump on the couch Danny, don't hurt your back again!!!

Danny and Lindsay get stronger and stronger as a couple and I absolutely love it. Naturally, she hid and he had to go seek her out but that is just who she is and he's the perfect match for her because his radar is pretty much always on.

Lindsay rocked the skinny jeans and the shoes, even though i don't know how she walked and stood all day in the lab. Wardrobe needs a reality check but she looked fabulous! The scene with Mac on the roof reminded me of their relationship early on when she first came to NYC.

Hated the therapist. Truly hated the cardboard performace.

Didn't miss Stella one little bit. Nor did I miss the cheesy lines they always gave her at the beginning of each episode.

Adam was just so....Adam. Love everything about him and how he scares so easily. He and Jo are going to have great fun.

As for Jo, she's going to be great. I love her already and wish she would just cut loose with the southern accent. Just let it roll.
This episode bored me to tears. I have disliked this Sela Ward broad in everything she has ever appeared in. This episode had far too many scenes with that rambling,babbling idiot Adam. I think CSI:NY is dead in the water.
First time I watched NY's premiere live. It was great! I've always liked Sela Ward and this was no exception. She connected well with the team and everyone seemed to accept her. Horrible what happened to Lindsay and Danny, and I'm glad nobody pushed her to hard to get her to talk. Hopefully things keep looking up for everyone.
This episode bored me to tears. I have disliked this Sela Ward broad in everything she has ever appeared in.

Let's try not to use words such as "broad," alright?

This episode had far too many scenes with that rambling,babbling idiot Adam. I think CSI:NY is dead in the water.

Guess we'll see if your prediction becomes fact once the ratings come out. ;)
I give this episode an A. Something about it didn't have that A+ quality.
Flack's hair looked like a slightly shorter version of his season one hairstyle.
I loved when Mac was on the phone yelling he wanted to know how the dead girl ended up in the lab and what other floors were compromised. I also loved when he barked at everyone to get to where they belong. I just love pissed off, bossy Mac.
Mm-daaa…. :scream:
BYOB? …Laughing and joking over the body of a young girl was really bad taste. :shifty: Did you notice that in the 6 past years even when somebody inserted a snarky phrase in a dialog while examining a crime scene, he was never laughing? So it was okay – you could feel the compassion and respect for the victim, and a light humour was like a defensive mechanism of dealing with the death. Not so here. Jo did not care – she laughed and smiled all the time. Makes you wonder where is her promised compassion for the victims? :scream:

The best phrase of the preview – “I didn’t do it” - disappeared from the final cut. Too bad. :( It was good. What came instead is either flat or so over the top, that it made me cringe throughout the scene.

Teasing Adam is always fun, though once again it was way too much for a newcomer, but going from that to squizing his cheeks?! WTF?! Have you any idea of what's appropriate and what's not or about personal space? :scream: Hands off! :devil:

I had an impression that between her inappropriate jokes and trying to hit on everybody in pants CSI:NY turned into Desperate Housewives. :scream::wtf::lol:

Hated this new character and how she’s been introduced. :scream: Though the second half of episode was a bit better then the first – not so much overdone.

On the positive side I believe the closing of Shane Casey story was done well – was concise and did not take too much screentime. And Lindsay was quite believable. :thumbsup: Can’t say the same about all the drama Lindsay was playing later on. Running out on the roof with Mac and then Danny going after her…. Again too much over the top.

Stella sending Lindsay a framed phrase? Come on! Could not they come up with something more reasonable and Stella-like? :shifty: That’s besides the fact that Stella’s departure is mentioned through the character with whom she had the least contact and closeness. And Stella does not even mention anybody else in her letter? :shifty: Well, I’m disgusted by how it’s been dealt with. :scream: Not that I’m surprised though. :( Jo in that scene was an intruder - she should NOT have been there! That TPTB inserted her there, did not allow even a few seconds for the viewers realizing that Stella is gone - that's just one more sign of lack of respect for Melina and Stella's character on their part. :mad:

The case itself was booooring. :shifty: It was such an interesting idea – a body appearing in the lab, but it was wasted – all the rest was just “bof”. Mac saying that the girl was killed while he was still in the lab – could lead to some unexpected development, but it was just dropped and not used. :shifty:

The end – again overdone. Was that guy so dangerous that they needed a whole assault team to arrest him? :guffaw: Oh, and the fact that he’s been standing on the ledge when he’s been shot dead, but did not fall down was just hilarious.

The guy has just been shot dead, and again Jo is coming all smiling. Owww, that's so funny that Mac had to shoot him, right? :shifty: Her reactions, her play are so wrong in so many places that it makes me wonder whether she'll be able to fit into this show. :(

Over the last month Ward and her character has been just pushed down my throat, still had this feeling with this episode. With all the praise and high expectations I would hope to see something better than that. No such luck.... Way over the top, forced, off-sync - it just made me really sick of her.

Well, so much for the new season. That’s not even an F, but rather Z. :angryrazz::censored:
what a great way to come back from last season. it felt like old episodes from seasons 2 and 3 it was perfect. i had a great time watching it.

Mac and Jo talking over the body was such a good scene. Mac was actually being funny!! you know that when Mac is being funny the season is off to a new and very good start.

Jo teasing Adam was so funny!! the poor is always such a nervous wreck around people now he's never going to be comfortable around her haha.

i really liked the way the Lindsay shooting Casey situation was handled. it could have either been too much or too little but it was perfect. we saw what happened that night we saw Lindsay shoot Casey, we saw her get her medal and be upset. it's not resolved and i really like how it wasn't all better by the end of the episode Lindsay's still got a lot to sort out it's going to take time. Mac's talk with her i just loved, he knows how to talk to her and move her forward. when he huged Lindsay after she shot Casey that was such a great scene between the two of them.

Jo is such a great addition to the cast, i can honestly say i like her a lot more than Stella already. the moment i knew Jo is going to be great was when she was talking to the suspect, she wasn't playing all tough ass like Stella she was calm and encouraging. Stella took a while to grow on me there was something that i didn't like about her but with Jo she's just good already she's just different. she's such a bright spot in the gloom that goes on on this show. i am so looking forward to the rest of this season because of her.

the case was alright. i liked how Jo was the one to find the body, it was funny how she thought it was a prank. it was nice to see an episode that wasn't anything shocking or creepy or weird it was just a straight forward case with all the team.

Jo. 'Nuff said. They cut out her "I didn't do it" line for some reason, but she still managed to be as dryly sarcastic and cool as she was in that one clip -- very impressive. She reminds me of Catherine, which is different from Stella, and I'm liking her.

Jo and Mac. They overdid the whole "is this what the job's like every day?" gimmick, but they had the best male-female-buddy-cop rapport I've seen in a while. And I love how she didn't let him treat her like the "new girl" the whole time, even as they were playing that angle up a lot. Jo and Adam too, so LOL-ific.

Lindsay. Omg, awe-some, and that is all. (Well no, that and I think I loved that therapist scene and the Mac/Lindsay scene more than I enjoyed the entirety of Lindsay's S6-scenes put together, it was that awesome. Hoping it's not going to be entirely brushed under the rug after this [a couple of talks, and all's well that ends well :rolleyes:], but even if it is, I'm happy with the way it played out here)

Flack's hair. Don't care what anyone says, it was hot.

Getting back to the science, and showing the job through science again. WIN. I know this was probably because Jo was new so they had to show her getting the hang of all the forensic!Clue stuff, but it was great, and they had better not lose it.


Stella's single letter send-off. FAIL. (Seriously? Seriously? I wasn't expecting the episode to revolve around her departure or anything, but I was at least hoping to find out what triggered her decision to leave. Something had to, she'd stayed in New York for the five years since Katrina hit)

...The case itself, to be honest. FAIL. For a crime taking place in the building the CSIs spend half their lives in, it was remarkably boring. Or I was just disappointed not to see any of them have a personal investment in the case. Watching them put it all together was way more fun than the actual story though, which, all things considered, is good.

* No Sid. FAIL. (I get budget problems, but it's disappointing that we didn't see him in the premiere, of all things.) Reserving the mark on Sid, though, because in all fairness I came in late -- he probably was there and I just missed the autopsy scene.

This is disjointed, so will probably change a bit when I watch again -- right now, the grade is hovering around a B+.
^^Don't worry, Sid was there! He and Mac had a scene talking about the murder weapon, and they used the virtual autopsy room. :)
Hated it.:scream: Can't stand JO. :devil: On the upside it is nice that they have a physic csi on the team, all she has to do is look at a victems nail polish and she can tell you what brand tampon she uses. The dispespect shown Melina was discusting. A note to Lindsey and that was it. I had csi set to record on my dvr but after this have cancelled it. I will not be back. Will miss all of you on the boards, and sadley I bid you ado.
Ok so I was nice and gave the episode a C. But I hated it, everything, from Jo to the way they handled Stella's departure. I have decided that I am offically done with CSI:NY. I am going to miss it but, I can not stand Jo. I will give them credit for a few funny scenes with Adam and the rest of the cast, but that is it. I'm Done. :(