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I think that they introduced Jo in a pretty good way. There really wasn't much to do with Stella - and under the circumstances I felt like her sending Lindsay something was much better than if she had sent something to another character. I'm not sure how everyone expected them to write her out.

I sort of do like the Lindsay story-line. It was made apparent that after the incident they moved to a new apartment and Lindsay just pushed the incident out of her mind and didn't really think about it or take any time off work.

Adam is great - I can see him being paranoid in the future about secret government files and whatnot.

I was happy with the way the shooting scene turned out. I actually didn't miss Stella not being there.

The other thing I noticed in Danny now has a new wedding ring. I'm assuming it's probably just Carmine's ring.
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Went with a B+.

It really shows how change can sometimes revitalize a series. In contrast with the way they handled the introduction of Petersen's replacement on CSI, Pam Veasey did a remarkable job at incorporating a new character in the wake of a beloved departing character. Jo's moments with Mac showed a side of him that we didn't often see in the past. Loosening him up is something I think many of us have been wanting, and it looks like Jo might be the one to fulfill that task.

A few other notes:

- I was severely bummed that the line "I didn't do it." ended up not making it to the final cut.

- Mac and Flack killing Westwick. From what I saw Westwick just drew his gun, and it was still pointing to the ground. Why did NYPD shoot to kill? Is Mac going to start therapy, too? Maybe Lindsay, Mac, and Flack can share therapy sessions. Anyone up for a threesome? ;)

- I liked how it wasn't the "Mac Show" like it's been a lot in the past few seasons. Nice breath of fresh air. :)

- FLACK'S HAIR! :lol: Wow, I was indifferent about it before, but holy cow! What is he wearing? :confused: :lol:

- Some of the scenes had a season one feel to them (lighting wise). I know quite a few people weren't a fan of the season one look, but I love the blue lighting!

ETA: Stella's letter to Lindsay didn't seem OOC to me. The thing that bothered me from the scene was Lindsay's voice over instead of Stella narrating. Yeah, I understand it wasn't possible for Melina to do it, but why not cut out the entire voice over part and have Lindsay briefly mention it to one of the others? Even when Peyton sent a letter to Mac, Claire Forlani provided the material.
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Based on what I've read, I'm SOOOO glad I opted to go bowling instead of staying home to watch "The 34th Floor". I'm still incredibly upset at Melina's departure and Stella's absence and that combined with little more than a letter, and no mention of Stella moving to New Orleans from Mac, just infuriates me all over again and opened up old wounds. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

I'm so angry at how such a beloved character like Stella who we loved for so many years simply ended up a punching bag and finally dismantled and 'written out' altogether, ARRGGHH! :brickwall::brickwall::brickwall::brickwall::brickwall::brickwall::brickwall::brickwall:I'm with Kassandra too. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

With no mention from Mac himself, any emotional turmoil from her absence, I've pretty much closed the books on CSI:NY as well. Adios CSI:NY and TAKE YOUR SMACKED WITH YOU TOO!!!!:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: Previously, I was so excited to see new episodes. Now my love for the show has turned into hatred. Once I looked forward to new episodes, now I'm waiting for the show's corpse to float down the river when it dies on Friday Night's Death Slot! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
I gave this episode a solid B.

The Lindsay stuff was ridiculous, but it was quick and relatively painless so it didn't detract too much from the episode like I feared it would. I'm guessing that was the end of the story since they did the whole "you've started to heal" part already. That's fine by me. The less focus on Lindsay the better.

I absolutely LOVE Jo. She's confident like you'd expect a former FBI agent to be and I love the way she brings the psychological/profiling aspect into the team.

As much as the whole "Adam as nervous nerd" thing is wearing thin, I thought it was appropriate around Jo because she's a new person and has authority over him. He'll get used to her just like he got used to the rest of the team. Plus AJ Buckley is just so good at playing the "nervous nerd" that it's forgivable if they wear it a bit thin sometimes.

The case wasn't anything spectacular, but it wasn't bad either. It was a decent case to allow the introduction of a new character.

Best line of the show: "Your turn!" - Flack. :lol:

If Melina wasn't going to come back to give Stella a proper send off then I'm glad they didn't spend much time on an explanation of why she left. It wasn't necessary and would've just detracted from the episode. People change jobs all the time and the co-workers left behind carry on with business as usual. It was very realistic.

And count me in the camp that digs Flack's hair. It's floofy, but it's not too floofy. I also liked the way they dressed Lindsay for once. Maybe someone finally got the memo that Lindsay isn't supposed to be a 40 year old soccer mom.
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I just watch this episode again on ON DEMAND. I wasn't paying as close attention as I thought I was earlier tonight. That scene where Danny and Flack were chasing that guy in that bar/nightclub/lounge...whatever...I didn't notice it was Flack that caught the guy. The guy used his elbow to hit Flack in the face then Danny comes running in and gives the guy a right cross right across the face. I loved it. I love action scenes. Probably why I love Nikita on CW on Thursday nights...but that's another thread.
One thing about this episode that stood out from season a good didn't feel like they were bashing us over the head every other scene with the Danny/Lindsay ship. This is the first episode since "The Thing About Heroes" in season 4 that I have felt the magic between Danny and Lindsay. I don't know about anyone else but I like Sela Ward's character Jo Danville. To me, she adds a little spark, a little energy to the team that I think has been missing since season 5's second episode "Page Turner". As for Flack's hair...I didn't like the longer, looser looking version in season one and I didn't like the slightly shorter, sprayed down version tonight. I am glad to see Flack starting to act more like his pre-Angell-getting-killed self.
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Good episode! I really like Sela Ward in this role. Her character is happy and optimistic and this energy seemed to rub off on the rest of the cast. And she has such a beautiful smile! The Lindsay story was also handled well.
And count me in the camp that digs Flack's hair. It's floofy, but it's not too floofy.

it's certainly better than it was in season 1! but i preferred it short in the other seasons. but it's ok.

Tegs is in CSI:NY - what is going on?

(Sorry, only British people will get this)

haha i KNOW!!! i tweeted/fb'd "omg tegs is on csiny!" i found it so weird. i felt like i should be watching with a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk, while still in my school uniform!!:guffaw::guffaw:

ok, so i've only seen a rather grainy stream but here are thoughts:

1: i really liked jo - i can understand some of the resentment towards her but i think judging her purely based on the fact that she's not stella is a bit over-reactionary, tbh, and some of the reactions i've read both here and elsewhere just annoyed me. stella's gone, her decision, time to move on.

2: jo part 2: i'm pleased they're injecting some humour into it again - much as s1 is my favourite as it was dark, i've enjoyed a lot of the humorous elements of the seasons since and i think last year it was lost somewhere, it seems they've rediscovered it. i can understand why people might dislike the joking over the body but i thought it worked, it highlighted the difference between danny and hawkes (funny vs serious) and was a good way to introduce jo to both characters. the scene was adam was funny apart from when she grabbed him which may've been a tad ott. it was nice to see someone bringing out mac's sense of humour too.

3: lindsay: it's looking up i think. the last time i liked lindsay was in s2 when she and mac had that great little dynamic going on, nothing romantic about it at all but a good supportive thing, it seemed like they were trying to recapture that and that can only be a good thing, imho, because lindsay has been kinda crap the last few seasons and maybe reinstating that dynamic will make her more interesting again. as for those who said they were just trying to replace the mac/stella dynamic with lindsay, i didn't see that at all, just a return to mac being lindsay's supportive boss, which has been kind of absent for a while. i liked that stella sent her a parcel but i thought the quoted phrase was a little odd....

4: mac: he seemed a lot more relaxed - maybe this is because jo seems quite laid back. stella, whatever else you thought of her, was always quite high octane and maybe having someone a bit more chilled out will help mac be a bit more chilled out too. i liked his slightly more relaxed attitude a lot actually. it was evident right at the start - a few seasons ago i couldn't see mac closing the entire lab, regardless of the event in question, so clearly he's been at the chill pills :D

5: my only slight gripe (and it kind of was slight) was danny jumping over the balcony. flack's "your turn" line was great, but i couldn't help thinking it had continuity issues. ok, danny's back in the field and expected to do all the things any csi would be expected to, i get that, but if your colleague and friend had only just got back on their feet (and yes, i realise there was a time jump but still relatively recent) would you really be encouraging them to jump off a balcony?

6: the stella thing - i guess is the elephant in the room. it was a shame there were no exit scenes but i'm inclined to agree with... er it was either faylinn or perfectanomaly, who said if she couldn't see her way to returning to do them, then the show shouldn't waste too much time on it. a proper exit would've been good but if it wasn't gonna happen then it's much better to just move on swiftly.

7: my line of the ep, i think, was flack saying to jo "we don't usually murder people in the crime lab (?), they're new to this" :D - i can't remember the exact words of the first half but the 2nd half was great.

8: my scene of the ep i think was the one where jo got the personal phone call and mac asked if it was her son after looking interested in how many times she said "because i said so" and she said "no, my mom" hehe.

9: omg - tegs!!!! TEGS!!! this is hilarious! i wanted justine to come and defend him!! he did a good job tho, so good for him. i guess all that speaking american on krod mandoon helped :)

so overall - i thought it looked promising. to my mind it was far better than 85% of last season. my s6 box set arrived last week and reading down the ep titles i honestly couldn't remember anything about most of them, which is not a good thing, so this blew those out of the water. i've given it a tentative B+ - i think had this ep been in last season i'd have given it A or even A+ but with it being the first one of the season i don't want to go overboard, the season might get better or might not, so i'm going in the middle ground. plus a bit extra for jo :)
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What can I say first? Overall I think it was a good episode, but I really do not like Sela Ward or her character. Everything about her rubs me the wrong way and I just hate that she's on the show. Her character poking fun at the crime scene irked me, pestering Adam, and her overall rambling on about everything about the crime. Sure I know Jo is former F.B.I., but don't come in acting like you are God. Ugh, it irked me.

Flack's new hair really made me laugh. I told my mom, "What is he being the Fonz?" But I am glad they dyed the gray out. I'm somewhat indifferent to Flack anyway, so I didn't think about his goofy hair too much.

The Lindsey storyline was kinda of weak, but I think it'll get better.

The balcony scene with Flack and Danny, pretty good action. But why did Flack make Danny fly off the ledge? Flack hadn't been injured recently.

Despite the annoying bits, I will keep watching for Sinise. He is why I began watching the show in the first place. I am really ready for him to get some action on the show. It is boring when he's the loner guy.
I loved when Mac was on the phone yelling he wanted to know how the dead girl ended up in the lab and what other floors were compromised. I also loved when he barked at everyone to get to where they belong. I just love pissed off, bossy Mac.
Indeed, indeed. I love when he gets angry :sighs:
I really like Jo. Her messing with Adam was funny. I adore Adam. He's my favorite part of the show. If Adam weren't there, I would probably not be watching this show. I love his rambling and nervous babbling. I've always thought nervous babbling was adorable (well not always, but most of the time).

Why the heck did they cut Jo's "I didn't do it" line? I liked that line! : pout :

The killer was predictable (as usual with these shows lol). I knew it was him from the moment it first showed him. :lol:

Teary-eyed, terrified Lindsay, but trying to keep Shane from seeing that she's afraid... and then he mentions "you should put the gun down cause you're scared and your hands are shaking" lol. Did anyone else find it humorous that he called her on her fear? I don't know, for some reason that made me chuckle. And Danny pushes her gun down, Shane turns not looking at the couple anymore and babbles about how Danny has everything and Lindsay is pissed. She gets this "I'm so mad I could spit nails" look on her face :lol: and raises the gun and pulls the trigger. But it was still very risky to do while he was holding a gun to her child's head. If it'd been me, after shooting him once, I would have gotten the kid, handed her to Danny and shot Shane in the head for holding a gun to my baby's head. Would have served him right.

I still don't get the whole medal thing and apparently Lindsay didn't really get it either. She stated that she did what anyone would do, she protected her family and killed a bad guy who was threatening them. She wondered why she should get a medal for that. I agree with her. I don't really get it either. The whole "my hero" line was a tiny bit corny. :lol: They could have omitted that line and left in Jo's "I didn't do it" line. :lol: I adored the Lindsay/Mac hug though. Very sweet.

And what the heck is up with Stella sending Lindsay the framed quote? That was stupid lol (not the quote, but the idea that Stella would send it to Lindsay). I'm not happy with the way Stella's absence was explained in a letter to Lindsay... and that was it. No one else mentioned Stella at all. :wtf: I found that a little disrespectful to be honest. I know they had to rewrite and scramble, but surely they could have done a little more than that.

Jo seems to fit in quite well with everyone.

Spider hairs in the eye ick!

my only slight gripe (and it kind of was slight) was danny jumping over the balcony. flack's "your turn" line was great, but i couldn't help thinking it had continuity issues. ok, danny's back in the field and expected to do all the things any csi would be expected to, i get that, but if your colleague and friend had only just got back on their feet (and yes, i realise there was a time jump but still relatively recent) would you really be encouraging them to jump off a balcony?

That bugged the crap out of me! It was just ridiculous. There's no way that someone who'd been in a wheelchair so recently would even attempt a jump like that. Come on! I too liked Flack's line, but the jump was just beyond ridiculous. Is Danny someone with superpowers now? Get real, writers! That was just irritating. I had forgotten about that. I would have given the episode a C if I had remembered that. As it was, I gave it a B+.
I loved the episode!! I am glad that the whole Shane Casey storyline is finally over, not because I don't like Shane Casey or anything, but because the writers handled poorly. It had a lot of promise but it just fell flat. But I love Lindsay and I loved the first scene with her shooting Shane Casey. It was believable and that's good.

I didn't think that I would like Jo but surprisingly, I really do like her. I just have to get used to the fact that Stella isn't there anymore. Jo brings a breath of fresh air to the show that I think they really needed. I love how she made Adam all paranoid. I love Adam :)

As for the Danny and Lindsay scene on the roof, I loved it!!! And I just love them :)

"Your turn." Oh, Flack. I love you so much!!

And I love Danny as well!! The whole scene with him, Hawkes, and Jo was really fun to watch.

It was great to see the lighter side of Mac. He's always so serious all the time. He needs to loosen up!!

All in all, I loved the episode and I gave it an A.
By the way, I loved Lindsay's pjs. Sorry, I just had to say that. :lol:

The scene with Jo and Danny joking and Hawkes saying "can we just stop joking and get to work" was amusing. I can't remember what it was Danny said about Hawkes at the point, but whatever it was made me laugh.

Anyone know the names of the actress who played the victim and the actor who played the killer? Both of them looked familiar, but I can't place them.
The premiere was pretty good IMO! Leave it to Lindsay to shoot him, and I agree I liked her pjs. :lol: I don't mind Jo too much, they have a lot of potential with her. I won't judge her until I see how her character develops. My favorite line in the whole episode was "Your turn" :guffaw::guffaw: I love Flack, so much. He really makes me lol! That whole scene was funny. I love Danny and Flack. :guffaw: :guffaw:

I didn't like Stella's departure. She may not have been a favorite character of mine, but still I would have liked to see some more closure on that. She was the leading lady. One letter isn't going to explain her absence, especially a letter like that... :rolleyes:

With regards to the case, I figured out who the murderer was about 30 minutes before the CSIs did, so the case was predictable in that way. Otherwise, it wasn't bad. All in all I gave this episode an A-.
I'm late to the game, and don't watch New York very often, but I did like Melina. Why did she leave the series?