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Ok, let me try to marshal my thoughts and speak coherently and carefully here....

For those who didn't like the ep, yes, from a technical standpoint, the case was simplistic and certainly not the main focus and very forgettable. (I did however love the action Flack and Danny bit at the apartment :D) And I also have to say that Adam's mocking monologue was THE funniest thing I have seen in a long time, and I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe! :guffaw:

And now to the part where I have to be careful....

I understand that going into this ep, people expect certain things and emotions and perspective based probably on their own intense feelings and emotions about 9/11. We all bring a different perspective and way we dealt (and still deal) with it, and that inevitably colors how we anticipate or think something should be handled. Not necessarily in a right vs wrong sort of say, just in our relatability. For an episode like this to be EPIC (from our personal perspective), we have to be able to relate to it on a personal level; and when we expect to do that ahead of time and then might not end up doing so like we thought, it kind of falls flat.

But let me tell you all this, it was told from the perspective and emotional toll of the first responders, and as one myself, it was accurate beyond anything I've seen. Ultimately how could it not be told through the eyes of the first responders, given that it's the NYPD we're talking about :p But beyond that, Gary has spent countless hours amongst the real life FDNY and NYPD victims families, and one of his closest friends he has is John Viggiano who lost two sons, a police officer and a firefighter on 9/11. In fact, John himself was amongst those standing behind Mac at the end in his uniform (he's retired FDNY), and one of his son's plaques was featured. And being a first responder myself, I can assure you that the emotions and details and body language and way everything was portrayed, was so accurate. All I was able to do throughout his interactions with Joe Vincent, the scene where he brought in the dead firefighter (god that was tough to watch.....hit just too close to home :(), and the whole end tribute, was be beyond grateful that there's somebody who knows, someone who cares enough to pay close enough attention, and someone who gets it, in Gary. It's one thing for someone, even genuinely, to support us first responders and military, it's a whole other level when someone cares enough to want to understand our struggles and pain and triumphs and life.

Mac's dealing with Joe wasn't even sort of sanctimonious... he knew exactly why his friend was avoiding, in the unspoken way that only fellow first responders and military can with each. There's a commonality in our experiences that simply can't be explained, and Mac knew the struggle and reasons and motives behind what his friend was going through, and handled it perfectly. Made me wish I had a friend like that.

And the fact that Gary incorporated so much real life and actual people and the wall and the real plaques.... it was the best tribute I have watched. In large part because it was told from our perspective, not just about it.

There, I've said my piece. Agree or disagree about the technicalities of the episode, I will simply say, that for the purpose of paying tribute to the first responders of that day, it was perfectly done.
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The episode just felt off. It started when they didn't do the theme song until after the commercial, that was weird.

It wasn't really clear how Claire died. I felt if they actually showed shots of the towers it would have been more realistic.
The problem with airing episodes that are meant to serve a specific purpose is that unless you have personal insight and/or a personal connection into that purpose the episode runs the risk of falling flat for many.
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I thought the 911 related stuff was fine except it not being clear how Claire died since she got out of the building. My only guess is that she was hit with burning debris or something, but they should have made that more clear.

I didn't like the case they were working in the present. It was just boring... but I guess they had to make it that way so the focus would be more on 911.
Wow.. that was just... wow, really powerful episode, which i think will be one of the best CSI:NY episode's ever

I really liked the bit in the beginning with the opera tickets, show's that Mac in romantic.Adam's impression of Jo was absolutely hilarious, gotta be the funnest CSI:NY moment ever :lol:. Mac listening to the headphones with Claire, aww, they looked like the perfect couple and i loved the fact that they have shown us how much love Mac had in his life and also, how much his team like him. Really liked the flashback of Hawks and Sid because they tend to be overshadowed sometimes, especially Sid. It was nice to see Adam confined in Lindsay too :)

Overall, the episode was my best yet, made me just wanna hug Mac and tell him everything will be ok
"... but it just had to tilt into heavy-handed, self-righteousness and overwrought melodrama."

This statement actually annoyed me more then the average episode did, although I thought the post's own melodrama was actually very poetic ;)

But I digress, yeah was okay... loved the flash backs. Nice to see that they didn't actually insult us by actually showing the towers burning etc... I thought it was pretty good in places, was a sincerely nice gesture in parts to those who did die in service on that day. Also must have been a proud moment for Gary to have done the scenes at the memorial he help fund. I didn't see any self indulgent or self righteousness in it but I guess we can't see things through another's eyes.

Weak start, but not the worst episode I've seen.

Did they cut something about Claire going back inside one of the towers? Someone talked about it being in the preview videos for tonight, but it wasn't clear, as we know, in what actually aired.
Did they cut something about Claire going back inside one of the towers? Someone talked about it being in the preview videos for tonight, but it wasn't clear, as we know, in what actually aired.

From the clip people speculated she may have gone back into the towers, but it was never confirmed in the episode.
Oh, ok. I'm just curious what scenario would destroy the'd be easy for someone to still die even outside the towers...unless it was one of the areas where there were fires burning for a while afterward. Going back in also makes sense, though, also because of the fires within the debris piles. Could be either one.
I loved it. I was afraid that after having such high expectations and being so excited I was going to be disappointed (happened with Criminal Minds) but I absolutely loved it. All the 911 scenes were very well done and the end with the wall and the families was the perfect tribute. I saw absolutely no self-righteousness especially when Mac was trying to convince Vincent to go to the ceremony. I would've insisted with a friend who had put so much effort for something so important and personal just because I would think they would later on regret not going. When he saw that he wasn't about to change his mind he didn't keep pushing and just let him be.

The flashbacks were really well done. I thought it was so intense that Mac was able to talk to Claire after the first plane hit and then lost her mid conversation. Maybe some would've liked to know exactly what happened to Claire and for her remains to be identified but I liked that we don't know and that they weren't. A lot of families don't know exactly how their loved one died and have never gotten the chance to ID them so I think it's a more realistic point of view than having everything tied up in a neat bow.

The case was pretty standard but I didn't expect much because the episode's focus was more on 911 and I was fine with that. We get cases every week.

Funny moments:

-Adam imitating Jo and the dude was so funny!!!! I had never laughed so much with a NY scene. :guffaw: :lol:
-Flack's "why aren't they just called rings" or something to that effect. Then saying it'd be better if they used easier words. AGH can't find the scene to quote it :shifty:!
-The interim boss thing
-Jo's expression throughout Flack's white/black explanation.
-Mac commenting on how cluttered Jo's desk must be.
-Flack saying that they jury was still out on Jo :lol:

Other moments I liked:

-Mac and Jo meeting and hugging :adore:
-Jo fixing Flack's tie :adore:
-Adam and Lindsay sharing their 911 stories.

Solid episode, great start, A+.
Oh yeah, I forgot about Flack and the rings. That was funny.

Like I said, just a difference of opinion...I'd like to see just the opposite and have them ID'd sometime. But I can see this debate from both sides, so I probably won't complain a great deal either way.
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For once we agree on something! :lol:

I thought it was just a mixed bag, man. The A-case was boring and unnecessary, the transitions between present time and 9/11 didn't work well at all, and a lot of really awkward dialogue and exposition filled the rest. It just didn't work for me.
I'm gonna disagree on the A-case. I didn't mind it, because there had to be a murder, but they... they just did a really bad job on it. I mean, did she really have to be an addict? Really? and I'm almost positive that was the same bar Shane Casey robbed. But they had to have something. The dialogue wasn't really all that awkward, I just wish they had spent more time on the 9-11 than the rest of it. It was mostly filler. They had a really nice scene at Piper Laboratories with Mac and the girl with the short hair, but then that was it. I kept waiting for them to go back to that, maybe have them have another scene where they identify another victim or *something*, but they kept adding another storyline. all of the storylines were good, of course (especially the firefighter one, that was really good) but some of them (the drawn-out case, I'm looking at you) needed to be either shoter, or just... not there at all? maybe the case could have been a slam dunk like they thought it would be, and spent more time on the mac storyline.
I thought that all the Mac/Claire scenes were cute, and Danny and Flack's scene was poignant and perfect. Lindsay and Adam's scene made me cry, and the scene with Sid and Hawkes and Mac did make me cry (especially when Mac prayed over the dead fireman... God, so beautiful) but Jo's flashback was too short. I was really unsatisfied with it. They should have made it longer, more detailed. It just ended like "We're being attacked" and end. No more detail, no nothing.
The one thing about the case that I did like was how it ended with Jo and Devon talking, with Jo saying how an innocent man dying would be etched into her mind forever on "a day like today" and then Devon not knowing what day it was. It was just powerful. The episode definitely had its moments, I just wish it had more moments.
Sid's scene was really unexpected. I liked it a lot though, and his transition was, while predictable, completely fitting.
I'm actually really glad they didn't have anything from Stella or Aiden in it. As much as I love both of them, I think it would have been just too much. It would have been just beating people over the head with continuity like one would beat with a two-by-four.
I liked the end, as well, but I was really sort of upset that he didn't have a scene with the team at the end. They needed that scene!! Because... well, now what? They could have ended it like that if they were doing a several episode arc, but we saw from the previews that he's just going to be magically back. what the hell, man....
grade> eh, I'm feeling generous, I'll give it a B
...There, I've said my piece. Agree or disagree about the technicalities of the episode, I will simply say, that for the purpose of paying tribute to the first responders of that day, it was perfectly done.
Yeah, it is all about perspective. I see why they did the episode and for the people it related to most, the tribute was nicely done. And for the rest of us who are waiting for the regular CSI NY experience, we will just wait until next week. It's all good :thumbsup: