"Goodbye & Good Luck" Discussion *SPOILERS*

I also felt sorry for Grissom at the end. He's standing there reading this letter from Sara and the look on his face was hurt but a bit puzzled, imo. But I did feel sorry for him. How can Sara just write him a letter and leave? Doesn't even face him? Will he ever forgive her? I just wanted to hug him. :)

The little girl Hannah was getting on my nerves, I'm sorry. The way she spoke to Sara. Ugh. And it did seem like she liked Marlon a little bit more than a brother and sister relationship but obviously he didn't see it that way. She just didn't want him to be happy with somone else. And, imo, maybe it was Sara's job to tell Hannah about her brother's death/suicide and show her the photo but maybe Sara did it because she knew that Hannah would be hurt and lost and that is the way Sara is feeling. It probably doesn't make sense but that's what I kind of thought.
Anyway, it's sad to see Sara, or Jorja Fox, leave the show. Hope she is seen in other future projects.

And was it just me or in the promos, did it look like Sara was driving off in a convertible? LOL To me it didn't look like she was in a cab.
byline said:
S_Bright said:

I think the drug in her system was supposed to explain that.

that doesn't add up with the drug in question. GHB provokes relaation and calm in small dosages, but it alleged not to take away concentration and coherence. To be ass passed out as she must have been the dosage must have been substantial, and as I recall it it was said she had a small dosage in her blood. Also getting that concentration to absorb would have made the **** thinner, liquid in fact.

Just doesn't add up.

Now with Rohyånol it would have been another thing, but it was clearly stated it was GHB.
Liked the fact that they bought Hannah back, cos great credit to the young lady who acts her - she is superb, I totally hate the character, sign she did a great job!

But other than that, a thumbs down for me episode wise.

Firstly, I know Bill Petersen has been phasing himself out of epsisodes since season 5, and that he had good reason to take a lighter work load. But it's got to the stage now when I wonder why he's staying with the show. If any more episodes have him in for about 4 minutes tops, then it's the end of CSI for me. What with this one, and the Chop Flick Doh Dah episode (to give it it's official title), whats the point. Even the crossover episode which was meant to centre around him and Malone, was basically Malone, with a bit of Grissom thrown in.

Secondly, Sara leaving like that was so OOC that it didn't make much sense to me. I really wish now they'd have killed the character off. And that is coming from someone who really liked the character and Jorja Fox's portrayal of her. But really, why string it out like this, just for her to walk away from the man she's spent years chasing. It's odd.

My wish for the next few episodes is more Grissom, and more interaction between the CSI's that are left (sans Ronnie, take her or leave her, I really don't mind).

Anyway, that's my moan over with ;) I've really liked the season up till now (apart from Chick Shop Flick Thingmy), but really, they need to get going again, and not rest on their laurels. Cos there is something missing, and not just Griss.
Well, it seems that I'm really the only one who's bugged by the HUGE mistake of unsecuring the scene and cop waiting for the CSI to enter FIRST in the house of the abused case.

Evidences without glove, I can live with but THAT... it reminds me that it's just a show and I was unabled to connect with the emotions for the whole episode because of that mistake. kinda sad.
I noticed the unsecured and non gloved thing as well Veze, but there where other things that bugged my about it, that it sort of took a back seat! It was a bit down on the list. But kudos for mentioning it, cos it's well worthy of a mention. I just totally forgot about it after the fact, and now remembered it having read your post.
For those who think that Sara's leaving was out of character... I'd just like to say that I think as of season 6, the entire show's been like, out of character.

Also, the thing about Lindsey applying to college, yeah, that caught me too. Wow. By the end of this season, Lindsey will be like, graduating. Geez.
I really dislike the episode, that little girl was soooo annoying...
And Sara breaking up with Grissom the same way as Peyton with Mac, no new ideas anymore? :rolleyes:
Anyone notice how Sara noticed that she had blood on her shoes after she bumped into Warrick, and then threw them away? I'm just wondering if this is at all significant.
I think she's just so plain tired of the whole thing that she don't want to deal with washing them.
I like Sara, but have always felt GSR (or any other supervisor-supervisee romance)to be an inappropriate relationship. After watching last night's epi, I began to wonder if the whole point of GSR has been to highlight Grissom's inability to connect deeply with other human beings. He says he loves her more than anyone ever in his life, yet it was like he had no clue Sara had these deep issues which were causing her so much pain. I mean, he looked so surprised with each thing she said or did during the epi. And as was previously noted here, what the heck was he thinking (and Catherine, for going along with it without monitoring the situation), given Sara's and Hannah's past meetings, letting Sara be alone with that manipulative little genius??? Hannah's a great character, as long as she is only a television character; she'd be too scary to meet in real life!
As others have already said, let's get back to forensics. And leave the soap to Grey's and Women's Murder Club.
In all fairness to Catherine, we didn't see her after Grissom told Sara that Catherine would need to supervise the case.

Once again, the writers dropped the ball. Sara barely interacted with anyone if at all - Cath, Nick, Greg, Warrick, Brass, Doc, SuperDave. Classic CSI would have shown them talking, saying goodbye, trying to understand what was happening. Sara just left the people she's worked with for the past seven years with nothing.

I wonder whose idea that was because it made her look callous, selfish and mean. Her letter to Grissom was all about her not them as a couple. You don't run away from the love of your life. You allow them to help you work things out.

What a sad way to end the Sara Sidle chapter. :rolleyes:
Overall I liked this episode. I was grateful they gave Sara a proper goodbye, they didn't just brush over it and boom she's gone (a la Louise). I liked how they let you get inside her head, experience the emotions with her.

Hannah creeped me out even more this ep than she did in The Unusual Suspect. And some of you did, but I really didn't feel bad for her at the end (although I will admit I thought it was a little harsh for Sara to show her a picture of her brother hanging from a rope). Does that make me a bad person? Frankly I think she brought it on herself. Like a few of you said, I definitely thought that Hannah had feelings for Marlon beyond sibling love.

So i guess since Grissom and Sara had such a super relationship, they just shared everything! They were so distant you could fit the great wall of china between them.

Totally true. Although I'm not a GSR shipper either, I was screaming at him to not just stand there like an idiot while she ran off, obviously suffering. But on the other hand, it was true to form for both of them. Grissom isn't good with people, and Sara is a master at bottling things up, not letting anyone in.

The kiss was worse than I thought it was gonna be. Very not classy. I had been expecting a group scene at the time, with everything I heard I thought we were gonna get a group goodbye scene, and I thought it was OOC for her to just walk up to him while he's working and kiss him.

But I didn't think the letter and her just taking off was OOC, like a lot of you. Like I said, Sara isn't good at letting people help her, and I do believe that Grissom would have tried (of course, this being only after the fact that she was having a problem was spelled out for him). And of course the whole mood at the end was she just had to go. Now. So I got it. It was sad, but I got it.

Btw, I actually think that the Greg/Sara fight may have been a foiler. It didn't get cut because it never existed. Considering how the spoiler was written, it appeared that the fight was the final straw, and looking at the episode as a whole, I can't see a logical place where they would have put it, I can't see a place they would have ever thought it would fit. They set it up right from the opening scene that Sara was on the path to leaving all by herself, she didn't need a fight with Greg to push her over the edge.

The Greg/Nick scene was cute. I love the way they interact. Although I didn't like how much Nick was cut out of the case once Sara took over. I know that the ep was supposed to be all about Sara's downfall and Grissom had to be a part of it because he's her fiance, but they still should have kept Nick in.

Now that I think about it, I don't recall seeing a preview for next week, but you guys are saying it's funny. Oh no. If they drop this plotline...I will be screaming bloody murder. We HAVE to see Grissom's reaction. He was so heartbroken reading her letter (which I thought was very eloquent. The fact that she admitted she'd been living with ghosts ever since her dad died really showed character development), they can't just write that off! But I guess we'll have to wait and see...
I think it's sad that Sara 'decided' to leave, but it wasn't like it was out of the blue. She wasn't even originally intended as a reoccurring character and look how far she got. Great episode, but very sad. :(
Btw, I actually think that the Greg/Sara fight may have been a foiler. It didn't get cut because it never existed. Considering how the spoiler was written, it appeared that the fight was the final straw, and looking at the episode as a whole, I can't see a logical place where they would have put it, I can't see a place they would have ever thought it would fit. They set it up right from the opening scene that Sara was on the path to leaving all by herself, she didn't need a fight with Greg to push her over the edge.

THANK GOD that was not in there. In case leaving was bad enough...leaving on bad terms with Greg? I would have died. I love those two so much it would kill me!

I thought it was a good episode. Hannah and Marlon's parents dying in a car crash seemed like the writers desperate attempt to get the parents out of the way. But it did add to the tragedy of Marlon's death...it was sad.

But I'm still confused. Who killed who?
WOW> so many diifferent views opinions and theories. I was pretty devastated after last night, it was a very SAD episode , not because of the obvious . It started off bad, the whole team seemed morose and a bit off their game, just going through the motions. The atmosphere was dreary. Marlon and Hannah are such diviate little monsters, so mentally ill. And the poor abused woman, with Ronnie still in her new upbeat role, that 'everything would be OK" and Sara going "no it won't" bascially. Sara walking into his office, with her sly smile, he always lights up her mood. But she truned and walked away. I was suprised with her encounter with Brass, and him so puzzled but her demeanor. Hannh, the kid gives me the creeps. and did sort of have Sara pegged "Your angry, and a little sad" [shut-up] Grissom concerned , but leaving her be, like she does him when he doesn't want to talk! Those two little sickos, would push anyone over the line. So, Hannah wanted to keep her brother all to her self, not mattter the cost.. and so he hangs himself :( horrible and beyond belief. When the little kid broke down.. that the it for Sara :confused: back to the lab.. the KISS, it to me was a completely spontanteuous gesture, throwing caution to the wind.. he looked stunned, and Hodges as well. Sara is disturbed, broken and disillusioned by everything.. she needs to get away to rejuvenate, and recharge her dead batteries, and get a fresh perspective, that has nothing what-so-ever to do with her love for him.. if she stayed on she'd drag him down, so I do understand this part of her thinking. Although I don't like it, sometimes people need to get away to protect themselves from harm..after her grueling desert scenes.. who wouldn't be affected by that horrible expierence. The letter, OMG, heart wrenching, I brought me to my knees.. tears where streaming down my face.. it showed how deeply their love is imbedded in their souls.. his letter. and now here's their's is not a traditional relationship by any means, but love is love..they belong together forever, and will never find this with anyone else ever .. their so perfect for each other..how will he survive without her? but alas, she has to get away for a while!

in part

"Know that your my one an only, I'll miss you with every beat of my heart. Our life together was the only home I've ever had. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you, I always will

Jorja's performance was amazing, she has an overwhelming aura, that pulls one in! I felt her pain, and hopefully she'll be nominated for that long deserved EMMY.

There's rather a dark shroud over the Sara fans right now, I can't imagine CSI without her presense, time will see how this show does without her.. and my hope is she'll return soon!!