"Goodbye & Good Luck" Discussion *SPOILERS*

All I can say is that's probably been the most boring hour on television in 2007.

The few points that held my interest:

* Lindsey checking out colleges already? Jeez, I figured they'd already have her in college by now.

* Greg: I used to be goth. You act depressed to get chicks & you get depressed chicks.

* Nick saying his dorm room was "really bad".

* Sara being a bitch to Brass:
S: Did you have fun talking to Kiera Dillinger's parents?
B: Excuse me?
S: Must have been a lot of screaming and crying and despair.
B: There usually is. What's you're point, Sara?
S: My point is - if we done done our job right the first time, Marlon West would be in jail and Kiera Dillinger would still be alive.

* Sara being a bitch to Ronnie: - "we'll be back for her body next month. or his. or both. There is nothing you can do about this Ronnie. Don't kid yourself."

* I actually liked Ronnie in this episode. I hope she continues to pop up now & again. they've seemed to settle down her character into more responsible.

* A Paul Millander reference?
Sara: I want this case.
Gil: The one that got away
Sara: We're not supposed to let them get away, right?

Remember season 1 Anonymous -
Gil: Okay, we're going off the board tonight.
Sara: Off the board?
Cath: "The ones that got away." Fish.

Thank goodness there was a new episode of Women's Murder Club tonight. It actually made it worth turning on the televsion, because tonight's CSI episode sure didn't.

Oh, but it was a nice touch to have Jorja's "CBS Cares" psa right at the end. ;)
i liked this ep. i was really sad to see sara go. i liked sara as i csi. i just didn't like to see her and grissom together. she tried to talk to grissom but she kept getting interupted. she was so to herself in this ep.
i like that hannah came back. she was such a complex she character. it was cool to see her again, even thought she was driving sara crazy just like last time we saw hannah.
I agree that the letter was out of character...as was leaving town. (Sorry, was in a hurry earlier) I hope it gets fixed down the road cause I don't like the writers for it.
As far as going away eps go, this one was good. I liked how they showed the break down of Sara solidfying that she was the one who choose to go, not the decision of Ecklie. Te kiss came out of nowhere and to do that in front of the entire lab was a bit tacky. She had the chance in Grissom's office but she stuttered her way though the sorry and then convently her cell phone rang. The somber feeling could be felt though out the ep and was a very nice touch.

It was nice to see Greg and Nick scenes they play well of each other. And where the heck was Warrick duct taped in the clost again?! Sheesh...the only character that needs cutting out is Ronnie...wasn't her 4 eps up about 1 ep bfore she started? I just can't stand the character even after all this time. Greg saying he used to be goth made me laugh a lot. He di it to getgils and he still doesn't have one, good try there buddy! Just wish they would have left the Greg Sara fight in there...would have been an interesting twist. Perhaps it will show up in the dvds.

Marlon and Hannah...wow should have left that back where it belonged. Good to see Hannah finally break down but not at the expense of her brother dying. Was I the only one that thought when Hannah said she loved Marlon that she loved him more than just being her brother? Perhaps I read too much into that, but that's the creepy feeling that I got about why she killed off the girls her brother got close to.

The letter. Wow what a way to tell someone that you can't be with them because you have to go out and fix yourself. It sounded like that she couldn't come back unless something drastic changed either within her or Grissom quites the lab. I don't see Grissom quitting the lab so it seems that this letter was the calm before the big break up storm. It was easy to tell from the look on his face that he is confused as to what happened. I think that this could be a breaking point for either of them.

Next weeks ep looks amazing! I can't wait to see how the board game fits in with Hodges' casefile. A light hearted ep needs to come after the somewhat depressin eps that have aired thus far.
GSR fan here...And I enjoyed this episode. I wish it would been a better goodbye in which she lets everyone know what she is doing but I could see Sara leaving the way she did. It definitely leaves the door open for her coming back in some way or form.
This episode was just ehh to me. The kiss was a bit weird to me, she just walked up to him, kissed him and then walked away, and Hodges just stood there...I am really not going to miss Sara. I didn't watch the show for her, but it will seem a bit different without her on the show now.
If I was a GSR fan I think the kiss would make me mad (since I'm not, it made me laugh a little actually). I mean, how many years did the fans of the romance wait, and this is what they got? :rolleyes:

The episode was uneven, to say the least. I was glad that the focus was on Sara unravelling. While the kiss may have been unexpected by Grissom (and Hodges :eek:) the finality of it was no surprise even if the viewer was spoiler free and didn't know JF was leaving. It was quite clear at that point that she had simply had it, and could take not another minute. I also liked how the depressing and hopeless aspect of things getting to her was emphasized by others too, like the dread Brass expressed at having to notify the parents, or Catherine being reminded that her daughter will soon be exposed to greater risks. I thought the set up to Sara throwing in the towel (or removing her name tag actually) was well done.

However, the execution...well like many of you I thought some of the stuff with Hannah was drama for the sake of drama. Sara is told to report to Catherine, who we never see again, and the rest is the Hannah-Sara show, with Grissom looking on, seeming worried, but doing nothing (like oh say, letting her supervisior - Catherine, know she was in over her head).

Anyway, as far as the letter goes - yes that was lame, but far better than an actual goodbye scene, at least as written by these writers. Imagine seeing her say "I will miss you with every beat of my heart" to his face!! Gaaagh.

So hopefully the next few episodes will give us an idea of what the CSI universe will be like without Sara - not too angsty I hope. Of course, we probably won't get too much of a feel for what direction the show will take before they run out of episodes (although the Warrick plot line seems a little soapy).
I'm not really sure what to say about this episode. In a way it was sort of boring, and I did not see the point of bringing back a case and basically redoing it. I like the character of Hannah though. The Dear John letter made sense to me. Is she honestly believed that she had to leave, seeing Grissom's face would have at least made her hesitate because she loves him, and staying when you need to go isn't fair to anybody. Next week's promo looked odd compared to tonight's to say the least.
I think the whole thing left the door open for 2 things:

1. Jorja/Sara to waltz back on the scene whenever the ratings need a boost.

2. The eventual/inevitable exit of Gil/WP
Ok, now that I've slept on it, my opinion has changed a little. I do like the kiss now. I've watched it several times and enjoyed it. It's cute how Grissom is suprised at first, but then Sara kisses harder and then he does as well. Poor Hodges looked like a child who accidentally walked in on his parents doing...well you know.

I also loved the scene with Gris, Sara, Cath, and Nick, especially when Gris and Sara talk about the ones that got away. Nick has this funny expression on his face. :lol:

Although I'm not happy about the way she left, I think it had to be done this way. She was so close to her breaking point that if she had told Grissom she was leaving, she would have broke down, because he would have wanted to help her, which at that point would have made it worse. This is why I wish Sara had asked for a sabbatical back in episode 3 when she told Greg she was tired.

One letdown I've realized, was the supposed, "touching," scene between Warrick and Sara. Yes, it was nice, but I was hoping for more.

Well, that's all for now.
Well one thing this ep prooved all over again is that Sara's charater can't be the lead of an ep. Bored me to death with the over the top drama and the juvenile antics of the character. Very little forenics - just Sara-melodrama. If this is how LVPD and the second crime-lab handles cases; allow me to laugh my ass off.

So I am supposed to think Hannah pushed Kyra out of that tiny window? Without Kyra putting up a fight and leaving some marks on Hannah? Ooh yeah? Am I supposed to believe that they (ok Sara ) didn't investigate anything else as soon as they found marks of sexual activity on kyra's body? then it was just a slam dunk? No asking who was where at any given tie? Why was the case taken from Nick and given to sara? Is that protocol when you bonk your boss in a PD - you're given any case you want? Plot hole again just to get Sara some drama.

Any DA, knowing Sara's and Griss' relationship would have thrown the case against maron out due to that alone so of course Marlon had to commit suicide to add to the drama.

Talk about fabricating a case! Yet again, just like with the psychotic Natalie now we have a highly intelligent, yet sociopath Hannah. Oh talk about lousy writing.

Hope we get some CSI next week and not this ambling around, grasping for straws to create soap suds and laughable dramatic romance.

Just as bad as the GD rip-off this one I laughed my ass off at the end.

I don't think it was supposed to be a comedy, was it?
S_Bright said:
So I am supposed to think Hannah pushed Kyra out of that tiny window? Without Kyra putting up a fight and leaving some marks on Hannah?

I think the drug in her system was supposed to explain that.
Never underestimate the willpower of a girl in love. I swear, they turn into little devils.

By the way, anyone else disappointed in the lack of Cath/Sara interaction? Catherine was sopposed to supervise Sara on the case, Sara was told to report to her, I would have liked for them to have one last scene before Sara's departure...
I think it was a good episode. And terribly sad too. Hannah is a strange little freak, but still a little girl, and I think Sara's interaction with her, especially in showing her the picture of Marlon and her complete lack of emotion really conveyed how Sara had changed and that it really was all too much for her. This was also illustrated well with Sara's interaction with Ronnie and Mrs Jimenez.

This episode clearly wasn't really about the cases, it was set up to illustrate Sara's descent into despair and despondency. And I think it did it well.

Leaving her goodbye in a letter is somewhat disappointing in a way, but then it would be difficult to work anything like a goodbye with the whole team without it seeming crass and cheesy, which would not have fit with the rest of the episode.

And I admit to spending the last five minutes of the episode crying, and I do like it when they manage to make me cry! :lol:
MiaCharlize said:
Never underestimate the willpower of a girl in love. I swear, they turn into little devils.

By the way, anyone else disappointed in the lack of Cath/Sara interaction? Catherine was sopposed to supervise Sara on the case, Sara was told to report to her, I would have liked for them to have one last scene before Sara's departure...

I was terribly disappointed for that reason too. They've always had some of the best chemistry on camera and are great scene partners, even when they're arguing. I would've liked to see that one last time.