"Goodbye & Good Luck" Discussion *SPOILERS*

I'm sure that Grissom would never 'dump her ass'. He's not like that. Sure he's probably hurt and confused, but he knows Sara better then anyone, and he'll back away if that's what he has to do to make it better.

With time I'm sure if Sara comes back, Grissom will have no problem working things out with her. After all, it's Grissom and Sara we're talking about. They're just meant to be.
desertwind said:

Excatly, their both loners, and non-judgemental, like he stated once 'I don't judge people" and he took a 4 week break, and she didn't "dump him" and he wrote her a letter too! They both let each other be..thus their so right together. And there's was never a traditional relationship, one has to be very mature to understand the in's and out's of them, and I think when she heals, & gets a fresh perspective and takes care of what's bothering her.. alone..& she will, [she's been through more crap them anyone can possibly ingest]. Everyone handles sitiuations differently and deals with them in their own way. I have every hope that she will return better, and back to the Sara we all love! and that he loves ;)

I certainly wouldn't want to be in a relationship that entailes me having to run away when hardships occur. Because that is what she did; she didn't exactly deal - she ran.

She could have done it off screen though because last episode was all but Crime scene investigation, it was more soapy smothering sleaze. But then again, most GSR episodes have been really bad in the crime scene investigation area. Seems either the writer can't give her credible emotions or JF was not able to convey subtlely but needed major drama.

Now they need to fire CM and Rambo since their main interest is no longer on screen and hire some writers that aren't so full of schmoop.
Gotta agree with xfcanadian.

It'd just be too cheesy and cliche(if we can even get more so than we already have)if Jorja then like, turned back around and Gil accepted her back with open arms. Wow. *cringes* Can't even think about that anymore.

I agree that they need to fire CM, though. Dunno that much bout Rambo. But if he helped write the GSr stuff, then yeah, he probably needs to go too.
It's not about him accepting her back with open arms, it's about him understanding why she left. And that she needed to do it on her own. They are two very special people, I don't at all see anything wrong with them getting back together as soon as she's feeling better.
TruSidle said:
It's not about him accepting her back with open arms, it's about him understanding why she left. And that she needed to do it on her own. They are two very special people, I don't at all see anything wrong with them getting back together as soon as she's feeling better.

Yes indeed, fans always go "I WOULDN'T or I COULDNT", but your not them, once again everyone handles issues differently, and they've always let one another be. in the "TGTBATD" when he was mumbling about trying to explain why he had to go, she said "go do what you have to do" they don't bog each other down, they let the other one do what they want. He's not a control freak and neither is she. That's mature and healthy, it takes all kinds, and if others don't see it, and don't understand or like it, that's their issue :( and I never considered anything they've involving them as 'cheesy' I see it as poetic and romantic, and beautiful ;) to each ones own!
I agree completly.

If they tied each other down, it wouldn't be Grissom and Sara. And she did state that she didn't want to leave, but that she felt she had to in order not to self destruct. I just hope that this isn't the end to their relationship.

I'm on a personal strike since I saw this episode. No CSI. No CSI for... I dunno, until I feel that I can handle the 'shitty' way that the writers wrote her out.
I've gone 25 hours without CSI, which is a record for me.
I'm with S_Bright and Purejoylove in that they should fire CM. CM has always had tunnel vision in regards to GSR. Sure she's put in some creative moments, but she put too much into it, and I'm not sure if she'll cope with GSR as she's never been able to spread her wings.

Keep Rambo though. Rambo has actually contributed some great things too CSI and is good in regards to viewer feedback (he actually answers... eventually).

And as for not watching/watching CSI... once this episode airs, I'll actually pay a lot more attention to CSI. My fingers are crossed that Warrick and Greg get more screentime. Thus far we're getting some great Nick and Greg interaction - add Warrick to the mix and it'll be like the CSI of old. I love the way those three guys play off each other, and I've missed it.
I would like to say that Sara is not running away. She is going to solve her problems, if you call that running away, then you are obviously very biased. She needs her space. She has to rethink her life. How many of you can rethink your life, if you are surrounded by people, you need to be able to sort yourself out after cases like those. That is exactly what Sara is doing. I don't think she will be able to be a CSI again but I know she will come back. If you really love someone will you give up on them because you had a fight or someone needed some space. Because if you are going to give up on them, then you didn't really love them in the first place.
sidlewannabee you're so right.
that's exactly what I mean.
It's not about Grissom forgiving Sara for leaving, it's about him understanding that she did have to leave. And when she does come back I see no reason why he wouldn't want to be with her again. She didn't leave him after all, not in the way of 'I don't love you anymore and I want to break up' way.
Ah, my first post, and it could be a long one:

Many of you are wondering why the only thing she gave to Grissom befor skipping town was a "Dear John" letter, and why she didn't talk about it with him face-to-face. When there's a problem, women want to vent and men want to fix it, even if they don't know how. If she had talked to him about what she was facing, he would have done and said anything to get her to stay and let him help her, and she couldn't do that; it wouldn't have helped anything at all.

Well, that's my two cents.
I don't think Grissom would ever try to get her to stay or let him help her. He would probably offer to help, but he knows that this is something she has to do.
That's a good point. He does realize that this is something she has to do, and that she can't do it in Las Vegas. He's probably the only person who understands why she is the way she is, and knows how to handle that. I don't know if this is still a sopiler, but

When Grissom was talking to Catherine, and she told him to go after her, and he said, "But that's not what she wants. I want her to be happy," which, BTW, I found very romantic. One more thing: could this be foreshadowing in regards to his exit? Only time will tell...