George/Nick: Texan Charm #12

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Oh come on, Extra! Show us a good, solid guy like George. I've heard enough about Charlie Sheen and all of his issues. If Charlie gets help and gets his life on track, then let me know so I can applaud him.
Maybe they are going to be on tonight's episode because their website said Teresa Palmer was at the Grove on Wednesday and she was on the show last night. So, maybe they were there on Thursday and it will air tonight. I don't usually watch the show, but I will just to see..
Maybe they are going to be on tonight's episode because their website said Teresa Palmer was at the Grove on Wednesday and she was on the show last night. So, maybe they were there on Thursday and it will air tonight. I don't usually watch the show, but I will just to see..

Could be. Here, the show is on at like noon or something. So I DVR'd the one that was airing today since yesterday's had already aired when I heard he would be on. Maybe I'll have a nice surprise then when I get home. :D
Well, that's a bummer. Their website makes it seem like they interview everyone they see at The Grove.
got another one:

Inde London George Eads Interview

A tie-in to my last theme in the ward - George is like us, he seems to pretty much like the same episodes we do. :lol:
Q. Which have been your favourite episodes to film over the course of CSI’s 11 seasons?
George Eads: Grave Danger, Hoarders, Who Are You, Turn, Turn, Turn, Snakes, Harry’s Hog Hideout, Ending Happy… just to name a few! I’m kind of a fan of the show

Poor Maverick. :( And poor George. I know how he felt having lost 2 cats within the last year. :( I still miss Pooky and Thomas.
George Eads: Yes. I could not have said it better myself. As a company, we’ve been together for a long time. We’re definitely a family. For example, I recently lost my 12-year-old Labrador Retriever. I dreaded going to work the next day. But when I showed up the support was overwhelming. Maverick was like our show mascot. The crew loved him. After a tearful announcement of the news, we went right to work. I would not have been able to do that without their love and support. They really bring out the best in me.

Thanks for the article blackflag :)

George, sorry to hear about Maverick :( He's crossed over The Rainbow Bridge and is now watching down on you. R.I.P. Maverick

blackflag, I still miss all the cats I've lost over the years. At the store we've had various Raccoons take up residence on our bathroom window ledge the last couple of years. They are usually very skittish. Regardless of gender we've named them Thomas after one of our cats. Thomas, while he was alive, would always wake up when we entered a room. We were always saying 'Go back to sleep Thomas'. Since the raccoons react the same way as Thomas did we only felt it appropriate to name them Thomas :)
Poor George..

I'm still in grief over losing my best buddy of the last 17 years, Squeakers. I feel this huge void in me. She'll never be replaced.

RIP Maverick.
That's a great interview! Thanks for posting it, Blackflag! :)

So sorry to hear about Maverick. :( Poor George.

I'm surprised at some of the shows George watches that we have in common. I had him pegged as more conservative than that! :lol:

I continue to be very impressed with his professionalism and his good attitude about his fame and what a great show he's on, and I love how much input he gets to give into the character now. :)

I just don’t like it when people take a picture without asking me first.

Check! Filing that away in the ol' memory bank! :D
Thanks for posting that, Blackflag! I can't open it though. :( Will have to try when I'm at home on my laptop.

So sorry to hear about Maverick. :( I know how painful it is to lose your dog. I've gone through 4 of them and the Spooky, the last one, I never go to say good-bye too and that still bugs me.

After the pets were put down, everytime I would pass or look at their favorite places to lay down/sleep I would just start crying.

I'm glad to see the cast and crew were so supportive. Many of them probably know what it's like to lose a 'family' member.

Hang in their George, it'll get better nothing will replace Maverick's place in your heart. :)

Big hugs, George!
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Thanks blackflag!

Sad to hear about Maverick. :( At least there's 12 years of fond memories to hold onto, and lots of support from friends/co-workers (and ward girls! :D).

He does seem to like a lot of the same episodes as us, including my favorite. :)
I loved Ending Happy. There were a lot of twists and turns and great guest stars.
I feel bad for George on losing his best friend, Maverick. I bet he cried buckets. I have a 6 yr old lab, Bo who is my best friend. For the dog owners and lovers you know the loyalty and unconditional love you recieve from a dog.
Bo has severe hip dysplexia and most days he has to be carried outside.
I had a vet come to put him to sleep and she said that she thought that he had a few more good days left in him. The next week I went and adopted a 6 month old female lab from the local animal shelter.
Bo has had many good days and Harley has brought a new energy into our home. I can tell you that the day Bo is put to sleep will be one of the worst days in my life. I know it will help the loss of my best friend by having another dog to lean on.
So I hope that George will someday bring home another lab.
LadyMaverick, have you thought about giving your dog glucosamine? I had a large dog that had major hip problems and my vet told me to give it to him. The difference was incredible. My lovely dog was able to play and take walks again after just a few days. A little massage therapy helped too, but I had to really watch and take cues from him. He ended up dying of cancer, but that was years after I started treating his hip.

I'm so sorry to hear about Maverick. Losing a pet is so hard, but I know that he lived a very good and loved life.
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