"Forget Me Not" Discussion **SPOILERS**

I will not give out details but I actually enjoyed it.I felt the old CSI vibe for the first time in a long time.They let the original cast be in the forefront and it really worked.Really enjoying Detective Crawford.
I will not give out details but I actually enjoyed it.I felt the old CSI vibe for the first time in a long time.They let the original cast be in the forefront and it really worked.Really enjoying Detective Crawford.

Feel free to say anything here. This thread has a spoiler warning. :)

Good to know it was a good episode!
The crime itself is as advertised a setup by Ronald and it is pretty easy to figure out but his endgame is the shocker.The end of Sara.Both Greg and Nick are her stalwart friends and Nick her protector.Early on we find out that she and Grissom have split and it was his idea.Nick at the end voices what some fans think.Jules was horrible tonight with her idea of humour.Watch for Doc's slapdown.This really was a Sara Nick and Greg episode with the others more in the background and even though I'm not a GSR fan I enjoyed it and not just because of the end of the shows big ship.I just felt like I was watching an old time episode.
It's definitely not a wrap up to GSR at all... it was pretty heartbreaking to watch. The storyline with them definitely isn't over, but unless Sara leaves I don't see anything working out. It was a fantastic episode, but I was not happy with the turn the story took. They were happy and there was little explanation as to why it ended. Now I'm hoping that we'll get actual answers throughout the rest of this season, but they've already confirmed there's nothing in the books for an appearance by WP, so..
the episode was great, very emotional. I love how Sara became so very protective once her mom mentioned about a man named ronald, she goes like clark kent persona and goes after him.

but the revelation at end of that episode that sara told nick and greg about her marriage, what the hell?!?! whats wrong with you CSI writers?!?! Congrats you guys may have pissed bunch of GSR fans and myself off big time about Sara and Gil's marriage break up.
Dang! What a rollercoaster :(

Talk about an awful birthday for Sara

What I'm dying to know is what he did or more likely imo what they disagree on.

I'm not so convinced GSR is over, we'll see...
When she said she got a text from Grissom, at first I was like, okay that's kinda cute, not a call but whatever. But once it was revealed that they had made that reservation together, and Sara had a little hope he'd show.. A text like that must have been absolutely heart-breaking for her.
I still think that unless they fix it fairly soon, they'll drive away a lot more fans-not everyone likes GSR but a lot do, and if the ratings drop, they can only blame themselves. I can say I likely won't watch as much until I see if they fix it and get done with this storyline. I think things just got too screwed up when JF came back and then they weren't able to get WP back (all I can think of is that he wants to be with his family, we never see any project news these days.), but even so, there are better ways to play out the storyline. And I agree that it doesn't make sense, because it was too sudden a swing from the last couple of seasons. As it is now, they only keep screwing the show up more and more and it's likely to drive it to an end eventually.
I agree with what many said---I don't think we're totally done with GSR. I had a bad feeling going into the episode, but now, while I still feel unsettled, a part of me thinks GSR will be reconciled or at least explained why they "broke up." I mean she wore her ring throughout (though she might be coping) and it was weird, she went from saying he wasn't her husband anymore, which could've been metaphorical, to we broke up. I just don't buy all of it for the time being. Call me a die-hard GSR fan, but there's still something they're not telling us...regardless EXCELLENT episode. PHENOMENAL acting by Jorja. I felt every facial expression and all body language. I loved FINALLY having her two buds talk to her, even if it was for the fans. I'm glad we finally met Laura, I just didn't see why it had to be crammed in the last 20 minutes. Though it had some relevance to why Taylor was stabbed 7 times...I hope we see Laura again soon. And to end on a whimsical note, Hodges will always be a Grissom kiss-ass ;)
This was almost the conflict, not the resolution.

This does need to be addressed though, before the season runs out.
I don't think it's really spoilery to say that Monday's article did say we'd continue to see more during the rest of the season. It better be right.
Well. I wasn't expecting that. I felt bad for Sara. The ending was nice though with her two long time buds being there for her. It was a very nice scene at the end of what was probably a very sad episode for a lot of fans. I do think Nick was voicing what a lot of people were thinking, though. Very insightful.