Not a fan of the Sam, or either women, nor the one who temp replaced Jules when she was shot (Amy on maternity leave). From what I understand they ALL have to be trained in negotations. So Greg or Ed talking her through it, would be natural.

As to Lew (Mark) I am not sure how much CBS had to do with this, while its part of the show and production, season three aired all the eps were seeing on CBS, on CTV already. CTV is actually seeing the first 9 eps (that were just seeing) in repeats. Anyway I have to admit that while I hated to see him go, the way he did it, its a reminder.

I don't know how many saw it but I posted a Youtube video dedicated to Lew. I am gonna repost it. How To Save A Life- Rest In Peace Montage Trust me its a good video if you haven't seen it.

This is messed up CTV is calling these eps season 2, and two others are calling it season 3. So For Now I am going just on the Name of the eps.
The SRU are called in to contain a riot at a maximum-security prison and begin to suspect it’s all a cover for a daring prison break. - A family causes a whole lot of problems after a prisoner won't be free. The SRU team has to stop a riot.
A bitter child custody battle sparks a critical incident and the SRU must use a risky “rolling roadblock” maneuver to rescue the children. - Believing his children to have been kidnapped by their mother after she lost custody of them, Donald takes her lawyer, whom he thinks helped her kidnap them, hostage. The SRU team must race to diffuse the situation with Donald and discover who took the children.
Team One must locate and rescue a politician before a vengeful radio shock jock kills him on the air. - A radio show host holds a politician hostage at gun point live on air and threatens to kill him if he does not admit he was at fault for a car accident that killed the politicians best friend and who the radio host resonantly learned was his son.
The SRU are called in to resolve a gas station robbery but discover it’s connected to a deadly crisis on a cult compound. - A young woman named Rachel attempts to rob a gas station taking three hostages in the process. After the SRU diffuses the standoff and rescues the hostages, Rachel pleads with them to save her son from a place called The Farm, a secretive group of recovering addicts led by her husband Charles. While checking out The Farm, Ed is taken hostage and Charles' plot to kill everyone at the compound is uncovered. Now the SRU has to rescue not only Ed, but the group members as well.
Parker is lured into a trap and confronted with a deadly choice: reveal a dark secret from his past or lose his life. - After Parker gets in a trap he has to tell a secret and hope that his life will be saved.
The SRU team attempts to stop a vigilante who is out for blood. - The SRU are in search of a man who stopped two local drug dealers from vandalizing a local restaurant only to take their gun and hunt down them and other local drug dealers who he believes burnt down his family store and are the reason for his younger brothers death from an overdose.
The team tries to capture a gunman who's shooting inside a historic arena. The investigation causes Sam to question his place on the team. - After a coliseum is about to be torn down, the SRU team learns the other reason Darren is trying to save the coliseum. Sam must face what happened in Afganistan. Trivia: Maple leaf Gardens in Toronto, is where this episode is shot.

The futon critic is calling for this schedule (So you can check them out via the spoilers above)
6/18/10 The Farm
6/25/10 Custody
7/02/10 Coming To You Live
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Not a fan of the Sam, or either women, nor the one who temp replaced Jules when she was shot (Amy on maternity leave). From what I understand they ALL have to be trained in negotations. So Greg or Ed talking her through it, would be natural.

OK, I'd like to think I just overreacted. But I don't want her taking over his (Greg?) role of calming and talking the suspects down. And they made a big point of showing that there's more women on the team by showing the sign being changed. Since you've seen all these episodes already, Destiny, am I worrying over nothing? Or is Jules doing Greg's role a lot in the next episodes? And is his name Greg? I usually just think of him as the interesting, crafty bald guy whose real name is Enrico. :lol:

Thanks for the spoilers. I'm not sure how much I want to know about too many details of the upcoming episodes, so I'm holding off on reading them for now.
Yep his name is Sgt Greg Parker.

As to Jules, no she doesn't take more time from him. There are only two women on the team, (the blonde Donna I think, only took over when Amy aka Jules was on maternity leave) the sign was put there to show that there was (Jules & Leah). And if you are also referring to Winnie, she has always been there, though when she goes on Maternity leave a guy takes over for a bit. But Winnie is only there for dispatch and your basic back at base help like she did in "one wrong move" about as much screen time.

There will be times that Jules might be the better person that Greg believes to talk a person down, or it could be someone else like Sam seems to me both are being trained. But Greg is always involved BTW watch out for the ep.. "You Think You Know Someone" you will be Greg happy. ;) But also the spoiler boxes are only descripts, I didn't post anything in there that I wouldn't post in CM or something like that as if the ep hasn't aired at all.

Okay first they are ordering the eps out of order, CTV has them listed as season 2, but two other sites have them listed as season 3. UGG. Lets just say when you see the name on the schedule you can go by the spoiler given lol.
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Thanks, Destiny, I won't worry then. I will look forward to seeing Sgt. Greg Parker in "You Think You Know Someone". I like Ed, too, of course. :)

So we aren't getting the eps in the same order that they were shown on CTV?
You're welcome. I looked at CTV and their order, (Which I have the spoiler boxes from 3-9 eps) and I think because of the CBS screwup of not showing this normally.

Here is where I think the problem comes in the show is divided (much like monk or the closer) into halves. So when season 2 ended on ep 13 on CBS, and didn't show for the longest, and CTV showed it as 14-22 eps.

Where as the schedule is showing that those same eps 14-22 are being listed as season 3 on the other sites. Hope that makes sense.

As to the out of order. This is how CTV lists them (without descript)

One Wrong Move Season (214)
Never Let You Down Season (215)
Just a Man Season (216)
Custody Season (217)
Coming to You Live Season (218)
The Farm Season (219)
You Think You Know Someone Season (220)
The Good Citizen Season (221)
Behind The Blue Line Season (222)

On both Tv.com and Futon Critic they are listing them not only as season 3 eps 1-9, The futon critic is saying that the airings are (via ctv lineup) ep notice the futon schedule below. Shown already in Italics.

6/04/10 (Fr.) 9:00 PM CBS (#301) One Wrong Move
6/11/10 (Fr.) 9:00 PM CBS (#302) Never Let You Down

6/18/10 (Fr.) 9:00 PM CBS (#303) The Farm
6/25/10 (Fr.) 9:00 PM CBS (#304) Custody
7/02/10 (Fr.) 9:00 PM CBS (#305) Coming To You Live
7/09/10 (Fr.) 9:00 PM CBS (#306) Behind the Blue Line
7/09/10 (Fr.) 10:00 PM CBS (#307) Just A Man

After "Never let you down" they are airing ^^ out of order. Also not the differences in the seasons. I would say that CTV would be in the right since it aired their first.
Hmm, OK. Yeah, I wonder why CBS is showing the eps out of order. Oh well, as long as they do show them all. I read your spoiler for "You Think You Know Someone." It sure sounds like a good one. I might not be able to wait for the airdate, since it's not coming up soon. I might have to watch online. But I really do like to watch my shows on a tv screen rather than a computer screen.
'The Farm' is a good episode. It is almost similar to Criminal Minds episode 'Minimal Loss'. It's alright since both shows have similarities. It's also like a Father's Day episode.
I really liked that episode- the guy who played the leader on the farm was amazing too. He turned up on "Caprica" (the Battlestar Galactica prequel series) and he's really good on there too.
Charles Stewart played by John Pyper-Ferguson.

I liked the ep to. Especially the lines from it.

Ed: He wants to go to a party, I won't let him go. It's just a hassle.
Wordy: What's the big deal?
Ed: I'll tell you what the big deal is, there's no parental supervision.
Wordy: Oh, parents away, kid takes advantage? You telling me you never went to a party like that when you were Clark's age?
Ed: Why do you think I don't want him to go?
Wordy: No offence, Ed, but your kid plays the cello. I don't know how much trouble he's really going to get into!

Sam: Coming with us, boss?
Greg: Well, I figured you need at least one bald guy in the field. :lol:

(Greg finds Ed tied to a chair)
Ed: This is what it takes to get you out of the truck?
Greg: He didn't gag you? :p
Schedule updated..

6/25/10 (#304) Custody
7/02/10 (#305) Coming To You Live
7/09/10 (#306) Behind the Blue Line
7/09/10 (#307) Just A Man
7/16/10 (#308) Unconditional Love
7/23/10 (#309) The Good Citizen
Thanks for the schedule update, Destiny. I thought the last episode about "the Farm" was a pretty good one. I always find episodes about cults and cult leaders fascinating.

The ep tonight sounds exciting. I just hope I can stay awake till it starts, after getting up so early this morning.
'Custody' is a great episode, better than the last two. At first I thought it's pretty unrealistic because why would the angry father went through all those when he could just go to the police and ask for help. But then I realized it's the moral lesson of the story: every problem can be discussed/talked/solved in a good manner. You don't have to be too aggressive and do things by your way. In the end, you'll be the loser if you do things recklessly. Not all people think alike, so this is a great example for those who want violence to be their weapon of choice.
I just watched my first episode of this show on Friday night, "Custody". I really liked the plot and the characters, especially Jules. Another show to add to my viewing list! :)
Another great episode tonight! :thumbsup: 'Coming To You Live' is not an edge-of-your-seat episode but for me the main interest is what really happened that night of June 2, 1999. It is a great twist having a third person in the scene. Another sad ending. Nobody died but three more lives were wasted. I guess that's what love can do. Ryan protected Nicole for 10 years not just because she's a friend - I think he considered her more than just that. Pat, because of his love for his son Cody, risked his career and life to find justice - and he succeeded.

I have a question not really about the episode: are both Ed and Greg separated/divorced from their respective wife? And they both have a son? I don't really know a lot about the main characters since I haven't watched the beginning of the series.
I have a question not really about the episode: are both Ed and Greg separated/divorced from their respective wife? And they both have a son? I don't really know a lot about the main characters since I haven't watched the beginning of the series.

No, Ed is still married. I think we get to see him with his wife once or twice.