I have a question not really about the episode: are both Ed and Greg separated/divorced from their respective wife? And they both have a son? I don't really know a lot about the main characters since I haven't watched the beginning of the series.
Ed is Married to sophia they have a son named Clark (both of whom are only on when needed but mentioned some too). The problem with Ed and Sophia is that Ed doesn't like to talk about his job at home, not wanting to worry them or stress them, doing this puts a strain on the family (as we have heard before) but they get by trying the best that they can.

Greg is divorced with a son, his wife moved away when he was about ten. Greg tried to see him but he didn't want to see him. The divorce was caused by the fact that he burned out, started drinking and cheated on her. After hitting rock bottom he climbed back up to be the man we know today.

Jules and Sam are both single though they were at one point involved and after Jules was shot (actress went on maternity leave) she ended it with him.

Spike is single, and Italian.

Lew also single, former Gang member, died in the line of duty.

Wordy is happily married with three kids all little girls.

Leah I believe it was mentioned that she is a single parent of a teenager.

This might help futher or a little, and Here

Also if you go back through the first couple pages I believe there is alot of info about the characters and actors themselves. ;)

BTW warning, when I get bored I tend to research. I was a little bored so you got the short version. :lol:
Thanks a lot Destiny! :) I was pretty sure one of them is separated, not sure who. I'm glad Ed and Wordy have a happy and complete family. I'm used to see lots of main characters of other shows with unhappy or incomplete family (CSIs, NCISs, Criminal Minds etc.). But that's an interesting story of Greg. I didn't know he went through a lot.

Edit: And also, thanks Dragonfly! :) I just saw you answered my question too.
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Thanks for the research, Destiny. I didn't know some of those things about Greg. I didn't know about his drinking.

Last night's ep was good. :thumbsup: I thought the actor who played the Radio show guy did a great job.
You're both welcome. Trust me I wasn't completely bored. Ask around when I get bored I will give you info that you probably think how much time does she have on her hands, how bored was she really, why do I know more about them then myself, and why are my eyes going wonky. :lol:

Lets see I have hit NCIS a bit and Criminal minds alot on both characters and actors. :guffaw: told ya when you get me started watch out. :p
Since we were just recently mentioning how good the episode The Farm was, I thought I'd just name drop and say that I saw John Pyper-Ferguson at a pub here in Vancouver last night and he looks exactly the same as he does on TV; that is to say, handsome! :lol: He was sitting with Brian Markinson, who was in the Flashpoint ep, Never Let You Down (as Dale Murray). And THEY were sitting with Eric McCormack from Will and Grace. All are here doing a stage version of Glengarry Glen Ross (which I'd really like to check out).

I find it cool that both those actors are also on "Caprica" together. I guess the Vancouver acting scene isn't THAT big, so...
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Thats cool to hear Baba, did you accidently say anything like excuse me to them? :lol:

Schedule updated..
7/09/10 (#306) Behind the Blue Line
7/09/10 (#307) Just A Man
7/16/10 (#308) Unconditional Love
7/23/10 (#309) The Good Citizen
7/30/10 (#310) You Think You Know Someone

Okay updated the schedule to put in ep 310 in. ;)
Great episodes last night! :thumbsup: 'Behind the Blue Line' is a perfect episode to realize the difficulties the army is facing every time they are in a mission. We should be thankful for the brave men and women behind the peace and freedom we have. The second episode, 'Just A Man,' is pretty similar to CSI: NY episode 'Redemptio.' I wonder if it is the inspiration of the NY episode. They have a lot of similarities. :eek:

Dammit, Flashpoint is moving to 9pm central starting next week! I'm watching something else on that time! :scream: Why CBS! Why put a show with new episodes on a later time in exchange for a Medium repeat! Isn't 8pm central the original time for Flashpoint since the beginning?! Oh well, I'm just going to watch it online.
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Hey, that's cool Baba.

Thanks as always, Destiny. Eventually I'll get to see "You Think You Know Someone."

That was great watching two back-to-back episodes of the show last night. And they were both very well-done. :) :thumbsup:

I already see Flashpoint at 9:00pm in my time zone, Geeno. So I guess it will now be on at 10:00pm for me next time? For me, that's no prob. It's actually better. But sorry it causes trouble for you.
You're welcome. Well I am in Ohio so that is eastern and those who are in that time zone it is posted on the futon critic as 10 pm. From this point on

7/16/10 (#308) Unconditional Love
7/23/10 (#309) The Good Citizen
7/30/10 (#310) You Think You Know Someone

CTV is posting on its site.. 'Flashpoint' season three sneak peek July 16
Buckle up FLASHPOINT fans! The summer just got hotter as CTV announces that the Gemini Award-winning series presents a special Season 3 sneak peek episode on Friday, July 16 at 10 p.m. ET on CTV (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times).

A quick-hit teaser of a third season locked and loaded with hard-hitting storylines, painful decisions, and Team One’s toughest adversaries yet, the mid-summer primer is a can’t miss target for FLASHPOINT fans.

Earlier this month CTV announced the pick-up of a fourth season which will begin production in Toronto for the 2010/2011 season. Following its television broadcast, the Season 3 sneak peek will be available on demand on the CTV Video Player at CTV.ca.

Also launching on Friday, July 16 on CTV.ca/FLASHPOINT is FLASHPOINT: TRAINING DAY, an interactive, online simulation game that gives FLASHPOINT fans the chance to become virtual members of the Strategic Response Unit (SRU).

Adopting the role of a rookie recruit, website visitors enter FLASHPOINT: TRAINING DAY and explore SRU training with tactical and strategic training modules, including real time negotiations with a hostage taker.

FLASHPOINT: TRAINING DAY uses actors from the show to create a realistic training environment, bringing players inside the SRU. Players undertake a recruitment test and training modules and eventually the final tests to see if they have what it takes to become an SRU officer.

More News from CTV:

'Flashpoint,' 'The Bridge' lead nominations for directors guild awards
Ah sure... they do this in the summer when I don't have cable! :lol: (Just moved and thought I'd wait til the fall since I don't watch a lot of TV in the summer).

Oh well, I'll just watch it online like everything else... :lol:
I just started watching this January and I'm totally hooked to this show. I cannot wait to finally see a new episode this weekend (I already caught up with all episodes that aired on CTV last fall), and I only had to wait a few months, big respect for everyone who had to wait even longer, lol.
I think an ep got snuck in under the radar, I just looked through the Tv.com ep guides, and the Futon critic eps and this one "Unconditional Love" looked a wee bit out of place, only because I went to the place I watched the eps online and it wasn't listed there but all the others were. Apparently when they say this one was NEW they mean it was NEW.

Ohh this is so not nice, this was a teaser of what will be coming. Small snip from an article I will be posting..
"Note to fans: Tonight’s Flashpoint is a teaser from the upcoming third season of the series, with launch date still to be announced. Note to newcomers: buckle up."

And just to prove that I am not seeing things that aren't there from the "Flashpoint" twitter it says.
Tonight's episode is new in Canada and the US.

Yep folks both got a shock, I knew there was a teaser, I knew it was coming, this is not what I expected.

Okay now the ep, may I just add I had to tape it because I was watching the ballgame. Watched the last half hour of it.
~Parker awesome,
~dial it back Jules not everyone is a psycho.
~Apparently Ed's troubled marriage isn't troubled in one area
~Wait a minute how old is Clark? And Sophia is Pregnante now?
~Ed see's sonogram, goes into surprise, then happy, Aww they hug.
~Nice kitchen for Ed's house, normally we just see the garage. LMAO.

Okay that it's for now until I watch it.

Now that article I promised, I keep them you know. :) From the globe & Mail

U.S. viewers are loving our boys in blue

Membership has its privileges for the TV cops of Flashpoint (CTV, CBS, 10 p.m.). At some point, the job really does become the man.

“By now, I love wearing the vest and the utility belt,” says Enrico Colantoni, who anchors the Canadian-made police drama as Sergeant Gregory Parker. “The best part of playing a cop is that the uniform actually does a lot of the acting for you. Nothing makes sense until that uniform goes on.”

This is turning into a very big summer for Canadian cop shows airing on U.S. network television. The recent season of Flashpoint has drawn very healthy U.S. ratings for CBS on Friday nights, and is doing likewise for mother ship CTV in Canada, which is pretty impressive since the same episodes already aired here earlier this year. CBS is also getting good ratings mileage out of the CTV original The Bridge of late.

And in this corner, the filmed-in-Toronto newcomer Rookie Blue – co-created by former Flashpoint writer Tassie Cameron – is already declared a ratings smasheroo in both Canada and the United States, on Global and ABC, respectively.

So this is rare: two slick Canadian cop series, both registering with American viewers, which is what will eventually determine their very existence. And both hits here. The biggest Canadian showdown since Don Messer versus Tommy Hunter? Colantoni is too much the gent to trash-talk the competition.

“No way,” says the Toronto-born TV veteran. “We’ve got nothing to prove, and we’ve already proven ourselves in the U.S. before this last season. Tassie is a terrific writer and I honestly hope Rookie Blue does really well. Why not? The more attention to Canadian television, the better.”

Colantoni’s take on Rookie Blue: “I have not seen it.”

Besides airing on different nights, Flashpoint and Rookie Blue are, of course, very different TV animals. Rookie Blue has crime stories and nice white Toronto police cars, but really it’s Grey’s Anatomy with guns; it is not by accident the show airs in the Grey’s Thursday-night time slot.

Inspired by the real Toronto strategic response unit, Flashpoint has character-driven crime stories, but is closer to the real thing. Each new episode presents a different life-and-death situation handled by capable Canadian cops.

“Viewers still love that adrenalin rush,” says Colantoni. “Sometimes I’ll still think: These situations are crazy. A real human being would be in shock. As an actor, I have to justify it somehow – ‘I’m a cop, I love the rush, let’s go.’ The uniform helps a lot.”

And sometimes those situations imitate real Toronto life. Remember the breaking news story last week about someone stealing a car with a baby in the back seat? (Car and baby were found intact a few blocks away.) Tonight’s Flashpoint takes that scenario and cranks it up tenfold. And the episode filmed six months ago.

Note to fans: Tonight’s Flashpoint is a teaser from the upcoming third season of the series, with launch date still to be announced. Note to newcomers: buckle up.

Like all Flashpoint episodes, it moves at a pace that would put 24 to shame. A car careens off the road, somewhere in Toronto, and a young woman approaches to offer assistance. The scraggly driver crawls from the wreckage, and takes out his hockey bag full of shotguns. The wild-eyed driver shoves the woman to the ground and drives off in her car – with her baby in the back seat. Who ya gonna call?

The Strategic Response Unit, obviously. The baby-napper has already shot one cop, and takes a second hostage, a teen boy, into a motel room.
Head SRU sniper Ed Lane, played by Hugh Dillon, is called in on his day off. Colantoni’s Parker runs the show and tells the troops to keep their distance. Two non-SRU cops broach protocol and try to approach the suspect. Another officer down. This all occurs in the first eight minutes.
“The intensity gets pushed higher in the third season,” promises Colantoni. “It’s the nature of writers to keep pushing the envelope and expand the story, which become highly revved. There’s more insight into my character, and Hugh’s character. It’s all very cool stuff.”

Flashpoint has, for the record, been performing yeoman’s work here and in the U.S. for almost exactly two years now. The show remains on CBS’s roster, but the network has yet to assign it a full-time place on the fall schedule. Colantoni has been to the bigs before – seven seasons spent as a lead player on NBC’s Just Shoot Me – and the kid wants another trip.
“Bring it on,” he says. “We’re as good as any other show out there. I’m grateful for how well we do, but when are they [CBS] really going to test us, put us in a regular prime-time slot and see how well we do? I think we can hit it out of the park.”

Another benefit of playing a cop: two years later, the show’s cast still get thumbs-up on the street from real Toronto cops, a tacit approval of the way they’re portrayed on Flashpoint.

“That means a lot,” says Colantoni, whose brother spent three decades on the Toronto force. “Most people think of cops as stoic or authoritarian, or they remember the guy who gave them a ticket. We give them a heart and a pulse. I think we represent them pretty well.”
Just wanted to share that Alex Carter (aka Det. Vartann on CSI) will guest star in this Friday's episode. :)
I think an ep got snuck in under the radar, I just looked through the Tv.com ep guides, and the Futon critic eps and this one "Unconditional Love" looked a wee bit out of place, only because I went to the place I watched the eps online and it wasn't listed there but all the others were. Apparently when they say this one was NEW they mean it was NEW.

Just watched it and it's new! The opening credits is different and better! :thumbsup: However I'm a little bit confused. Are we on season 3 here in the US or is it season 2? How about Canada? I went to TV.com and episodes were already jumbled. :lol: