Has anyone seen the final episode yet ... I thought it was fantastic! Best episode ever. It even broke me at some point, and I'm really hard to break.
Nope not yet, the baseball game ran over and normally I watch it west coast time (three hours later then my time), I didn't I fell asleep. I will watch it online. Get back to you all on my thoughts then.
Wow, excellent season finale! The best episode ever! :thumbsup: When hard times come, it's really good not to blame each other. They move as a team and each member has each others back. I like everything about the episode, from the writing, guest stars, to editing. Job well done!
Even though I didn't see the entire episode, what I did see was superb. :thumbsup:

The convo between Greg and the Lauren Holly character= wow. Very good acting.

I'll have to rewatch online so I can see everything I missed.
Very good episode :) It was a nice change of pace from the usual.

The only thing I had a problem with was how fast Lauren Holly's character (Jill?) had her change of heart. It just seemed that she "forgave" Greg too fast. Maybe that was just me.

The other thing I was thinking during the episode, was that they may have been able to get the situation cleared faster if they'd had their 7th team member. Where's Leah been? That must be one heck of a family emergency. If they wanted to get rid of her character, they should have brought someone else in, since they've already established that they need 7 people on each team.

Overall, though, I agree. It was a very good episode.
Source: Tvbythenumbers.com

Flashpoint’s season finale 1.2 adults 18-49 rating was up a tenth of a ratings point from last week.

18-49: 1.2

18-49: 4

Viewers live + SD (Millions)

Rating: Estimated percentage of the universe of TV households (or other specified group) tuned to a program in the average minute. Ratings are expressed as a percent.

Share (of Audience): The percent of households (or persons) using television who are tuned to a specific program, station or network in a specific area at a specific time. (See also, Rating, which represents tuning or viewing as a percent of the entire population being measured.)

Time Shifted ViewingProgram ratings for national sources are produced in three streams of data – Live, Live+Same Day (Live+SD) and Live+7 Day. Time shifted figures account for incremental viewing that takes place with DVRs which are currently in approximately 24.4% of all U.S. TV households. Live+Same Day (Live+SD) include viewing during the same broadcast day as the original telecast, with a cut-off of 3:00AM local time when meters transmit daily viewing to Nielsen for processing. Live+7 Day ratings include incremental viewing that takes place during the 7 days following a telecast.
*slaps hand for double posting, but the above would have made this long*

So here are my thoughts I wrote down watching it (my impressions as it played out) Trying not to give much away, but it may, so please beware if you read my thoughts on "Acceptable Risk". Also it is past the time of the spoiler tag 24 hrs has lapsed, this is why I am WARNING that my comments DO reveal somethings in the ep, and this will be sort of long lmao.

If You Have not Seen This Episode Yet..
Really Last Shot,
If You Decide To Continue To Read This & Feel Spoiled,
That Is On You.]

--The circling in the beginning in the interview (where they revolved the characters Switching out who is talking and giving their statements, kind of fast, eye buggy a touch annoying, but otherwise effective.
--Sam's little sister hit by a car and killed when he was nine, sad to hear but I personally just didn't feel it from him, it was sad to hear, couldn't help feeling bad for him, but tears none for me. I really wanted to but I got nothing, I got more from his comment on the blood.
--Ed Team leader, Greg is the sgt. Yet they are both are considered "Boss" and team leaders.
--Why the hell do shooters never change clothing? You show up looking the part, but after you start shooting, you have time (since they are a bit behind getting to you) to change into something less tight and restricting, least she wasn't running around shooting folks in high heels now that would have really made me think someone lost their mind and I don't mean the shooter, running barefoot no click click, just bang bang lol nice touch from the writers.
--SIU cop (Jill) sounds more like an ex-wife with a grudge, bet it has something to do with her past and Greg.
--Talking about lawsuit, she throws the plates on the floor, good china shot to hell. Hate when they do that.
--Spike a voice of reason, love the upbeat look on his face when the interview started and the WTF look on his face when he realized something was off in the Q&A.
--"Were not a bunch of guys, were a unit!" Amen you go.
--Geez we get it, "it took 37 minutes", move on already talk about being stuck on two things, repeating "37 minutes" over and over and trying to get the team to turn against Greg and somewhat each other. Darlin' didn't do your homework did ya?
--Geez she really wants Gregs head on a platter, wonder if she wants fries with that?
--"What? That's what I thought" LOL Ed backing that guard officer off so he could talk to Greg who he wasn't suppost to talk to.
--Now this is "a unit" all hands and keyboards on deck, The team wants answers as to why [Jill] wants Gregs job. Wonder if Winnie will be upset if they moved stuff around lol. Either way they work pretty fast.
--Ahhh well that explains it, she blames Greg for her former partner Brian getting killed, and feeling guilty cause she recommended him for the SRU and he was on Gregs team.
--Hmm so Jill really should learn to discuss things, your telling the members that personal experience or feelings don't belong in the field, guess what sweetie your in the field so there! Don't preach it unless you practice it!
--Oh now the truth comes out, Greg called Scorpio to Brian he hesitate, got himself killed. Okay goofy here, she read the transcripts and yet she didn't catch that it was called before not after? Nice writers made her look human.
--Team standing united as the door opens and they [Jill and Greg] come out, that quote shows the truth.
--Aww she cleared them, well duh lady your stuck on the thirty-seven minutes, and Greg being guilty of past deeds not current deeds.
--Now Greg telling his team "I am proud of all of you", and his emotions, even got to Ed (the tough guy lol) now that ending brought a tear to the eye, and the actor made you feel it imo.

Comments: At the rate she kept repeating it I wonder if this should have been called "Thirty-seven minutes" instead of "Acceptable risk". For a half season finale, this was awesome, loved the pace, and the writing, I give it a 9 out of 10. Now Lauren (love the long hair btw) was total opposite of her former NCIS character, she really brought the emotion, and the oh, my bad tone. This episode was written very well, each person from team one, to Jill, to Brian, to the targets and the shooter had a part to play and emotion and a story within a story. I rethought it and 10 out of 10. Can't help it I can sometimes be a sucker for a man who throws out the emotion and smacks you with it. BTW the guys clean shaven again, and geez Jules has really toned arms lmao don't know why I noticed that. :lol: Anyway the re-think is because awesomeness trumphs annoying parts.

[Okay Stop Scrolling, This Is The End, You Are Safe As Long As You Don't Scroll Back Up By Accident.]

At some point I will remove my warnings.
Wow, awesome ep. I've maintained that Sam is one of my least faves on the show, but David P did a phenomenal job in this one. Way to go!

Ed was nice and hard this time around- LOVED it. Highlight- when that cop tried to prevent him from going to see Greg and then let him through sheepishly. Awesome!

Solid performances all around; Lauren Holly was really good too. I haven't seen her in a while.

Great finale. I'm just sorry we won't have anything new for a while.
Just a heads up- David P was in the season opener for Supernatural! I didn't realize he'd be popping up so quickly. He plays a quiet, hunter cousin of the Winchester brothers on the show. I wonder if he'll get killed off, or if he'll just continue to make random appearances throughout the season? Hugh Dillon is proof that you can easily be on a couple shows each year. ;)
CSI news wrote up a nice article on AJ Buckley who also mentions flash point. She gave you the link in the article (located to the right) "Buckley Enjoys Playing The ‘Funny Guy’ on ‘New York’" to which you can see the full interview.

CTV.ca: “Flashpoint” has always done well on Friday nights in Canada.

“Flashpoint,” I think that is a phenomenal TV show. The actor who plays Sam, David Paetkau, he’s great on that show. I’ve known him for some time, but he’s one of those solid actors. And it’s a Canadian show! A high-end Canadian show. I love “Flashpoint,” it’s on my PVR, no joke! I would love to come up here some day and do a Canadian show at some point. That would be cool. I would love to come home and work at home. Canada is such a great country. The people here are so gracious and humble, and there’s so much talent here.
:eek: Did anyone else know that Flashpoint is back on the air (in Canada, at least)? Because I had no idea. I saw a commercial on CTV for Flashpoint, and sure enough when I checked the CTV website, I found 4 new episodes, with more coming :D :D :D
Flashpoint returns Friday, May 6 8/7c
on CBS!!!


"Collateral Damage" - The Strategic Response Unit is called in when a man charged with killing his own baby escapes a prison transport and is on the run, on the fourth season premiere of FLASHPOINT, Friday, May 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Sgt. Gregory Parker............... Enrico Colantoni
Ed Lane......................................... Hugh Dillon
Jules Callaghan....................... Amy Jo Johnson
Sam Braddock.......................... David Paetkau

Wordy....................................... Michael Cram
Winnie..........................Tattiawna Jones
Spike.......................................... Sergio Di Zio
Sophie..........................Janaya Stephens

Clark.............................Tyler Stentiford
Prosecutor Adrian...............David Eisner Frank.............................Jonathan Scarfe Kerry.................................Cara Pifko
Darren...........................Seann Gallagher
Morgue Security Guard.........Brian Bisson
Court Guard...................Matt MacDonald
Dr. Fenton.................Barbara Eve Harris
Carl....................................Aaron Berg
Dr. Valo......................Zachary Bennett
Rick...........................Simon Northwood

Written by: Aaron Brindle

Directed by: Kelly Makin

Genre: DRAMA, Suspense

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What the... I just watched the last episode of Flashpoint- Fault Lines- AND ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!! They can't leave me hanging there! Ahhhhhhh! Is this a new episode they're showing in May, so we know what happens, or what?

Holy moley that was an uncool place to leave me hanging! :p I freaking hate cliffhangers!