:wtf: flashpoint still on? I haven't seen the show in like long time! I recall the last time I watched on flashpoint, right after Julie ends up getting shot I think it was around season 2 or 3. I'm curious what season flashpoint is now at?
Yeah 1x13 "Between Heartbeats" they had to put Jules in the line of fire and get shot, and then medical leave, because the actress at the time was pregnate.

I believe Canada got cliffhanged lol in season 3x13 which btw the music in that ep... Hugh Dillon - My Mistakes (beginning of the episode)

Because if it hasn't been seen I don't want to spoil anything

Enrico Colantoni on the 'scarred' season finale of 'Flashpoint'

Unlike cliff-hanger finales of the past, “Flashpoint” exposes the raw nerves of the SRU as they grapple with their past failures in the last gripping episode of the season.

“Fault Lines” airs Sunday, Feb. 6 following the Super Bowl on CTV and will also be available online at CTV.ca the day after.

The finale marks both the return of beloved actress Jessica Steen, who reprises her role as Donna Sabine, and the debut of legendary Canadian actor Victor Garber on “Flashpoint,” who takes the show’s intensity up a notch as he interviews each of the SRU members to see if they’re fit to remain on the team.

Enrico Colantoni, who stars on the series as Greg Parker, recalls the episode as being one of the more difficult he’s had to tackle.

“I remember doing it, and having to be so passive throughout it… that’s a challenge as an actor,” the actor tells CTV.ca.

“And the biggest challenge for us as a team… to be as scarred as everyone was. To go through what everyone went through, and have that emotional intimacy. It was a hard, hard episode.”

The finale is an unusual one for the drama; instead of taking on a hostage situation as it normally does, the team is called in for a routine certification, and in the midst of that, they have to confront their darkest moments of the last few years on the job.

For example, Spike (Sergio Di Zio) has to dredge up fresh and disturbing feelings around the death of his friend and teammate Lew (Mark Taylor).

Colantoni thinks that this kind of reflection is good for the series, and likes the way that the characters are given a chance to live with the aftermath of the events they deal with.

“Because our show really sort of steers away from their personal lives -- it’s not a serial sort of drama that ‘ER’ was, where you can watch somebody exit and be okay with it,” says Colantoni.

“It’s hard to see characters leave on our show, but it would be difficult to kill any one of us off without some sort of really, really traumatic repercussions. Our show is about these guys you don’t know a lot about, but it works so well together -- to have one of them not around, you wonder if you’d like it if one of them weren’t around anymore.”

As for future guest stars on the series, Colantoni has a few ideas about who he wants to see grace the set, including Elias Koteas, Curry Graham and “Trotsky” star Jay Baruchel.

Colantoni has also taken up a new cause as a spokesperson for the charity known as “Tema,” which aims to help ease the suffering of emergency services and military personnel who experience traumatic events.

Explaining why he’s gotten involved with the charity, Colantoni explains that “These guys see crap all the time.”

“My brother was a cop for 30 years; I know the stuff he’s seen. There’s no way for these guys to reach out and talk to somebody. Somebody has to tell them what they’re going to see.”
Hey Destiny, nice to see you here! :) That episode you mentioned, is that the last episode in Canada? If so, how many episodes is CBS behind? CBS is in season 4 premiere but I think it was part of previous season in Canada? :confused:

Why does CBS need to chop a season like this! :lol:
Yeah I didn't want to say what actually happened because I'm never sure where the US in terms of viewing compared to Canada. Seems like sometimes you're behind and others ahead? I can't keep track. :p
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Hiya Geeno actually you have to becareful with CBS sometimes they goof up, you know how TNT tended to split shows like Monk up say they have 24 eps well 12 is shown one part of the season and then 12 in the next. They do that too with flashpoint, the problem comes when they start calling the second half the next season. So if they were approved for say 24 eps to them season 3 was the first half and season 4 is the second half, really causing confusion.

I think Tv.com has it just about. According to Thefutoncritic.com

Returns Friday, May 6 (CBS)
fridays from 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST
(from CBS's press release, April 2011) FLASHPOINT, a police drama depicting the emotional journey into the risk-filled lives of cops in the Strategic Response Unit, returns to CBS on Friday, May 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT).
FLASHPOINT replaces CHAOS, which will go on hiatus effective immediately but return to the schedule at a later date.
CBS will air a rebroadcast of CSI: NY this Friday, April 22 with coverage of the Royal Wedding scheduled for next Friday, April 29.
FLASHPOINT originally premiered in July 2008 and became that summer's top original scripted series, winning its time period against non-Olympic competition.
On Fridays last summer, FLASHPOINT averaged 7.13 million viewers, 1.4/05 in adults 18-49 and 2.1/06 in adults 25-54.

I don't know if any of this helps. Usually were behind Canada so if your still unsure always check out CTV and that will tell you more too. Also where I got that spoiler interview from.
Good news :D

According to this article, CTV will be airing new episodes of Flashpoint starting June 17. It also says that CBS will be airing the episodes at the same time, so the US fans won't have to wait for them.

Can't wait!
For all those who get it and all those who are interested... Flashpoint will be coming to IONtv
Jan 2011: Futon critic
FLASHPOINT (CBS) - In addition, fledgling broadcast network ION has purchased the repeat rights to all 62 episodes commissioned to date. Said pact includes 11 episodes yet to be acquired by CBS. It's not clear when ION's run will begin.​

The date isn't set yet that I know of, but it will be sometime this fall.
I watched Flashpoint last night, and the week before, after not having watched it in a while. I was happy to see that it is as outstanding as ever. The ep last night really kept me on the edge of my seat!
I haven't had the chance to see any eps that might be airing over here. Thank you lord for ION come fall. I want to see the two Wordy eps.

It's said that Michael Cram who plays him decided to leave the show. But in a way they bring to light the fact of Parkinsons disease and how dangerous it could be in the line of duty

Recap.... Of the last ep.
Wordy calls the team together to explain what's been going on. He has Parkinson's. Greg knew but chose to keep it quiet, a bad call. Ed, knowing that one tremor could mean the loss of life, wisely took Wordy off the entry team but now what. Greg says the medication is working but the truth is Wordy could lose it anytime, so he tells them that he's stepping down. It's a crushing blow for all of them, as a team and as his friend.
It starts airing tonight at 10pm (at least here in MA) on ion television. And they aren't airing reruns - they're all new episodes. :)

When will Flashpoint be on again?

AJ had tweeted awhile back that he was going to be on the show. AJ still hasn't said when the episode would air, so...