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-CTV_PR @ Flashpoint_TV delivers 1.56 million viewers Friday night, #1 drama of the week
Official press release of the last summer episode. Guess TV.com was wrong and that episode will air later.

Lauren Holly ("NCIS") Guest Stars as Jill Hastings, the Investigator
"Acceptable Risk" - In the wake of a museum gala shooting spree, the SRU's actions and judgments are called into question; however, the investigator seems to be focusing on Sgt. Parker in particular, on FLASHPOINT, Friday, Sept. 17 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Lauren Holly ("NCIS") Guest Stars as Jill Hastings, the investigator.
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Thing is that tv.com is subject to change type of place, if they get info they post it, if it turns out either wrong or changed, they make the correction, they have since made the correction. They put the ep "Acceptable Risk" inbetween "Jumping at Shadows" and "Collateral Damage" which isn't unusual for shows. So it will go...

"The Other Lane" 9-3-10
"Jumping at Shadows" 9-10-10
"Acceptable Risk" 9-17-10
"Collateral Damage" 9- ? - 10

The last one listed the air date is not listed it more then likely (barring sticking another ep inbetween lol) be the 24th.

Either way at least the places are now saying its season three. :lol:
I'm pretty sure there won't be Flashpoint on the 24th, since Blue Bloods is having it's season premiere then. "Collateral Damage" will probably air somewhere early next year, or whenever CTV/CBS decide to put Flashpoint back on schedule again (I think it depends on the succes of Blue Bloods).
That date I gave of the 24th was just more of an estimated guess, since we don't know for sure until they want us too lol. :D
Source: CTV (Note I am only posting the parts about FP)

'Flashpoint' leads Gemini pack with 15 nominations

TORONTO - The CTV cop drama "Flashpoint" leads the pack going into this year's Gemini Awards with 15 nominations.
After a road trip to Calgary last year, this year's Gemini Awards will return to Toronto, where the hardware will be handed out Nov. 13.
The Geminis are celebrating their 25th year.

Flashpoint earned nominations for:

Best Dramatic Series

Best Achievement in Casting (Marissa Richmond - "Perfect Storm")

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series (Sergio Di Zio - "One Wrong Move," "The Good Citizen," Mark Taylor - "Exit Wounds, One Wrong Move")

Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series (Michael Riley - "Coming To You Live," Hugh Thompson - "Business As Usual")

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a
Dramatic Series (Jessica Steen - "Clean Hands," "The Perfect Family")

Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series (Ona Grauer - "The Fortress," Laurence Leboeuf - "The Perfect Family")

Best Direction in a Dramatic Series (David Frazee - "One Wrong Move," Stephen Surjik - "Aisle 13")

Best Original Music Score for a Program or Series (Amin Bhatia, Ari Posner - "One Wrong Move")

Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series (Stephen Reizes - "Behind The Blue Line")

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series (Lara Mazur, C.C.E. - Flashpoint - "One Wrong Move")

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series (Ian Weir - "The Fortress")

Note from me: Some of you might recognize Mark Taylor's name, he played Lew, and was killed off in the ep "One Wrong Move".


Air Date: Friday, September 03, 2010
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#305) "The Other Lane"
WHEN THE TEAM IS CALLED TO INVESTIGATE GUN SHOTS, THEY ARE CONFRONTED WITH A GROUP OF DANGEROUS GUNRUNNERS, ONE OF WHOM IS ED'S BROTHER. - When the team is called to investigate gun shots in a fancy neighborhood, they are confronted with a group of dangerous gunrunners, one whom happens to be Ed's brother. - While the team tries to stop some gunrunners in the neighborhood the team discovers a surprise.
Roy Lane Colin Cunningham
Nick Ian Tracey
Eric Jeff Parazzo
John Stefano DiMatteo
Matthew Jon De Leon
Mike Samy Osman
WRITTEN BY: Bobby Theodore
DIRECTED BY: Erik Canual
Air Date: Friday, September 10, 2010
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#306) "Jumping at Shadows"
When a young girl calls 911 to talk to a dispatcher, the dispatcher does not believe that an intruder has entered her house until she hears the gun shots herself. When the SRU's arrive, they find her mother shot and the girl abducted.
Kate Kristen Thomsom
Sgt. Jasmin Morello Angela Vint
Operator 1 Suzanne Coy
Alexis Sobol Natalie Alyn Lind
Dean Jack Knight
EMS Dispatcher Melissa Mancini
Man Hume Baugh
Heather Sobol Kate Hewlett
Paramedic Chris Violette
Young Mom Lara Kelly
Randall Vaincourt Jason Barbeck
Philip Sobol Yannick Bisson
Harvey Kuiper Angelo Tucci
Colin Pell James Binkley
Dad Mio Adilman
Young Alexis Emily Alyn Lind
Ellie Chloe Tudisco
WRITTEN BY: Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern, the series' creators DIRECTED BY: Erik Canual
Air Date: Friday, September 17, 2010
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#307) "Acceptable Risk"
A MUSEUM GALA SHOOTING SPREE BRINGS THE SRU'S ACTIONS INTO QUESTION, PARTICULARLY SGT. PARKER'S. - In the wake of a museum gala shooting spree, the SRU's actions and judgments are called into question; however, the investigator seems to be focusing on Sgt. Parker in particular. -- Lauren Holly ("NCIS") Guest Stars as Jill Hastings, the Investigator
Jill Hastings... Lauren Holly
Museum Guard... Dan Nicks
Crying Woman... Megan Murphy
Party Goer... Sabrina Rahaman
Wounded Man... Manuel Verreydt
Man... Jimi Shlag
Man in Tux... David Hemstad
Shooter/Claire Williams... Liisa Repo-Martell
Bleeding Woman... Renata Spandel
Jay... Jonathan Whittaker
Rachel Williams... Natalie Lisinska
Ben Rylan... Jonathan Higgins
Officer 1... Matt Hunter
Scott Williams... Philip D. Kerr
Hiding Woman/Nora... Penny Eizenga
Frightened Guest (F) # 1... Anna Jane Hardwick
Frightened Guest (M) # 2... David Collins
Woman... Heather Allin
Ben Rylan's Wife... Genevieve Trilling
Written by: Pam Davis
Directed by: David Frazee
Team One is out to capture a man for the murder and of his daughter after a skate and escaping being from a transport fan for prisoners. Team One learns the suspect is after someone surprising and who he hopes and can prove his innocence.
Ed gets word that his wife is on the way to the hospital due to complications from her pregnancy.

Thanks to "The Futon Critic" & "Tv.com"
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Seeing her nominated makes me wonder further why they didn't keep Jessica Steen. I like her. She keeps having parts on shows I like, and then she's gone! Grrrr.
Seeing her nominated makes me wonder further why they didn't keep Jessica Steen. I like her. She keeps having parts on shows I like, and then she's gone! Grrrr.
She is coming back. I believe I read on the Twitter site, could've been facebook, that she will make appearance.

I look at it this way at least we know where she is, where the heck is Leah? okay we know where that actress is to but the character not so much.
15 nominations is awesome. I'm so happy "One Wrong Move" got so many nods. Sergio and Mark go head to head in the supporting category, I hope one of them wins.

Leah still has a "family emergency". But it takes kinda long now. We need more explanation about it. A team is 7, Greg said it before, and I noticed in the previous episode, they clearly missing someone. Ed needed an extra person inside and he asked checked Wordy, Sam, Jules and then had to take spike out from the truck to help him. They need an extra pair of hands or a better explanation why they are still going on with 6 people. This is my only complaint about season 3 so far.

IRL, the the actrice is doing a movie and I don't think we will see here during season 3. However, the producers haven't ruled out bringing her back.

I'm very glad Jessica Steen is coming back for an episode, I just hope they don't kill her, like they did in NCIS. I love her character.

Yay for new episode tomorrow :)
Where is everybody?? That episode that aired last Friday was EXCELLENT. :thumbsup:I don't know if I should still do a spoiler tab, but...

I was so glad Ed's brother didn't end up getting killed at the end. And wow, the very ending when Ed walked into an empty, lonely house sure did remind me of what happened to Hotch on Criminal Minds when Haley left him. This was a very well done and highly watchable episode of Flashpoint. I loved all the suspense. Also, I liked seeing Ian Tracey from "Da Vinci's Inquest" as a guest star.
I seen it, and no a spoiler tab isn't necessary.

The pace of the ep, the acting, the emotions, all present and accounted for and done perfectly. I love how Spike took a little control there, when he couldn't get through on the coms, to tell them to cut the power to get their attention.

Sofia leaving Ed, not really surprised, that has been coming for a long long time, I am just surprised it wasn't sooner. Thing is I didn't really care for the character, from what we have seen she seems okay, but they written her as pushy, naggy, type imo. She has had that threatening to leave attitude for a long time. Now they make her pregnante and then she goes off to stay with mom.

Okay then back to the show now that I have that off my chest lol. But a wee bit back on that. I found that the writers injecting Greg's past when it comes to his ex Joanne leaving him, and him going home to an empty house.

Also Ed the tough guy, showing some emotion (okay we have seen that in the past) but talking about how he talked to his brother after reporting him, and in the end how he hugged him and said they would make it so he can get back on the job. But I also loved the brother so over come he starts drinking, he tries on his own to bring down the main guy who put the guns on the street that killed his partner.

Scale 1-10 I give this ep an 11 lol A++

Okay Daisy, not sure about your comment in the spoiler box so I will put my comment/question in a spoiler box.
I know the actress is doing a movie. But when was it said that Leah was out on a family emergency? I don't remember that at all. And if it is part of an upcoming ep, you didn't list your source of the spoiler, so this is where my confusion comes in. Wasn't sure if it is your opinion or spoiler.

Also the fact that they put out the new cast photo's and you have the new into and no where on there is Leah at all, she isn't [as far as I can remember] listed as part of the cast on CTV.

[opinion on comment by Daisy in spoiler box No Spoiler in this]

See this is why I hate when they kill of a main character like Lew, and then float people in there saying they wanted a change, seems to me both women clearly didn't work out. Jules didn't look like she had a problem with the ole boys club, since they consider her apart of the team with the same strength and confidence as the others. And I don't even care for how they have written her character lately.

Now I like the team as it is now, I think that maybe bring the guy back that fills in for Winnie and put Winnie in the truck to monitor and check and stuff, and put everyone else in the field. Or Bring another another in just for the truck and communications only. I loved when it was with Lew, but since we can't have Lew then I say stick with who we have. I like the atmosphere, the trust. Bring in a newbie and it's like messing with dynamics, I am all for a shakeup here and there, but they haven't found anyone who has chemistry no matter how they try. Leah was the closest, and even then I was only blah with her character, I think they started out trying to hard, they level her out and now MIA.
Oh, I didn't think there were any new shows this last week... exciting. I'll have to watch that tonight! Yay.
Friday's episode was very good. Ed's not my favorite character, but I think Hugh Dillon is a great actor and he did a great job in the episode. Usually I don't mind if storyline's end "bad" (I like when writers take a risk), but in this case I was happy the case took a twist (taking revenge for his partners dead) and everything ended well (although the bad guy died). Sam saved the day again and I loved Spike's comment ("Service with a smile.") halfway the episode. If Ed's brother had died, that would've been too much Ed drama for me.

I'm very interested what will happen to Sophia. I doubt she will be seen in much more episode (the actress looked very pregnant when that episode was shot), but I hope Ed learned his lesson now she's (temporary?) gone. Personally I hope they bring Wordy's character into this storyline and not just Greg, he's the familyman on the team and should be able to give Ed some advice. (If Ed listen's to it is a different question of course ;))

Only 2 more episodes left before fall season starts, but the descriptions are very promising and I think they can be even better as this one :). I just hope we see more of Wordy and Spike before the break.
Janaya Stephens (Sophie) actually was very pregnante in these eps, she had a baby in July of this year. Here is what her website says.
"Janaya is currently taking time off to be a mom to her baby girl, but watch for season three of Flashpoint to begin Friday July 9th. She appears in episodes 1, 5, and 6."