Favorite CSI Merchandise

The asian version of CSI (still the real show but from Asia) series 1-4 (32 real discs) for £40 from eBay. And I'm getting series 5 from Asia as well for £20
Yes, Mine are probally the DVD's but you cant beat a good book now and then lol :p
Binding Ties (the latest CSI: LV book) is probally the best book of the series so far, so if your out buying a few book I strongly recommend that one.
Season One of CSI:NY on DVD but I can watch it whenever I want and I just love viewing my favourite episodes and extras all over again. Oh, and I like seeing the SMACked moments too ;).
The DVDS - for obvious reasons
The games - they were fun, they used the actual characters, and I liked the interactive nature of it.

That's all the merchandise I own. TV fandom is expensive! :lol:
my favorite CSI merchandise, besides all of the DVDs, is the CSI: lab!! It is so much fun to play with! I asked for the fingerprinting lab and dna lab for christmas/b.day!
I posted this list over at the Far Too Much Money Spent thread, but I wanted to share it here. Since I posted it, I have gotten novelty English £ notes with the CSI characters on them as well as an ID of Captain Brass.

If I had to pick one thing from this list as my favorite, I would have to say that it is my autographed cast photo. I will treasure this until I and old and gray. Hey, I may be asked to be buried with it! LOL!

Here’s my list:
I have all the DVDs (1-5), all the paperback books, as well as the graphic novels, five CSI tee shirts, a CSI backpack in which I carry my Forensic Science and Criminal Justice textbooks to school, a CSI logo pullover, a CSI coffee mug, CSI trading cards, a Paul Guilfoyle keychain, two autographed Paul Guilfoyle trading cards, a CSI checkbook cover, a CSI wall clock, a CSI ball cap, an autographed photo of William Petersen, the cast autographed pilot script, and last but not least an autographed photo of the CSI cast. I currently have a CSI watch on order, and I also have other CSI stuff, but not from the show per se. I have a fingerprint chart, a DNA poster, a CSI poster, several forensic books and manuals (not including my textbooks) and a No Parking sign that reads, “Forensic Scientist Parking Only.”

I love all my stuff! :D
Whereas my list is not as large as yours, bcjan, I am proud to say the proud owner of an autographed copy of "Sin City".
Then comes the other six novels plus the two CSI:Miami novels; after that comes my CSI PC games and my CSI:Miami PC
Game; lastly, my CSI board game.

An autographed copy of Sin City ? Now that's really cool!

I am jealous!
I'm thrilled. I just scored a CSI NY winter coat from Ebay that's not available to the public yet.
Has anyone found an '06 CSI LV calendar anywhere? That's the only item I want right now. I have all the DVDs for LV, Miami and NY - in fact I'v watching CSI NY Season 1 as I write.