Favorite CSI Merchandise

DVD's. that's the only thing you can buy here in Holland.
Also books, but I haven't got time to read those.
i would have to say the DVDs,not forgetting the pc games..currently searching for the 2006 calenders for the 3 CSIs....
The only thing I have right now is the S1 DVD of NY, but I must say I love them. I have had them for about two weeks and have watched an ep almost every night so far!
I'm going to have to say the DVDs, I'm obsessed I have 1-4 on DVD right now I watch them everyday... Kinda depressing because I end up watcing the reruns insted of doing my homework. Goes from A's to B's -.-;; tsk tsk.
I absolutely love the CSI board game!
My friend got it and we have been playing like crazy! I love finding all of the evidence and solving the case.

Are the CSI books any good? I was thinking about buying some but thought I'd ask about it before I bought anything.
I have 2 CSI books and the CSI: NY book. The plots and ideas are very good, but the actual way they are written kind of isn't that great.

My favorite merchandise is the DVD's. They rock.
I'm so excited I just bought a George Eads italian charm with his picture and some CSI: fridge magnets, off of Ebay.
Paid a little to much for them both, but I think it's worth it!!! :D :D :D
My favourite merchandice is definately the DVDs, you can't beat all of your treasured moments captured on film sitting there to be watched whenever you feel like it :) :) :)
yeh i aggree! dvd are the best and if you feel like a csi new york ,miami or las vegas mood they are there ready to watch lol!!but the books are really good aswell because they are not based on the episodes on tv i have 5 of the books!they are great