Favorite CSI Merchandise

unfortunately, that's really easy right now. I am a HUGE Miami fan. So I haven't found the calendar yet. (total bummer). Aside from the DVD of season 1, it's my three 8x10's of the cast, second season. I want to get the cards, but when are they going to come out already?

Off the track, but since this is my first post, I just wanna say I can't wait to talk to all of you.
The Newbie
Welcome To The Forum thenewbie if you have any questions just ask anyone of us Friendly Moderators (Members with green usernames like mine).

I'm a HUGE Miami Fan too & I can't find the Calander either. :( I dont know when The Trading Cards'll come out though But I Bet Once CSIFiles Knows They'll Keep Us Posted ;)
Hiya thenewbie!

My favourite Piece of CSI merchandise is my dvd's because this way I get to watch George Eads whenever I want.
Haha! the DVDs are my favorite too!! and for the same reason!! I love George Eads!! I like his hair longer though... :) :)
Yeah the DVDs are the best. I have the CSI:LV board game too! my aunt got it for me for Christmas. She knows how much I looooove CSI.
I bought the CSI Companion book the other day. It was a little expensive, but worth it. I haven't put it down yet!

I also have Season One on DVD - my favourite thing I've got. I have the PC Game for CSI: LV, it's the original, not Dark Motives and CSI: Miami PC Game (AND I'M STUCK SO IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME, YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER!)

Put my DVDs are my favourite out of the lot. It means I can watch it whenever I want! :)