Fan Videos - Shipper Central Style

I'm adding this video in because I truly believe it's one of the best CSI vids ever made.

Erica made this one, it's called "Hero". There is a bit of everything in it - enjoy it because it's really worth taking the time out to view.

Wow, drumchik that vid is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much for posting it!!! :)

And Erica, as I said in my youtube comment...I bow before your talent (in a Wayne's World "I'm not worthy" sorta way... :D )
Aw. Thanks Anne and hangel. I didn't post Hero because I didn't think it was that shippy, but if Anne thinks it is, well then... ;)

I haven't made anything featuring the whole team for a long time and I think this is probably the best one I've made. So I'm really glad that there are people out there who like it as well. Thank you. :)
Hey do any of you guys make your own clips? I would love to know how. I've recetly learned how to capture video from my cable box to my PC, & from there to process it for burning on to DVD. I haven't been able to get anything that works with Movie Maker though. If anyone knows how, I can make clips within a day or two of episodes airing & I don't mind sharing. :D