Fan Videos - Shipper Central Style

Update: Renaming the title didn't help, so it's probably Youtube's content recognition that blocks and flags videos.

I could watch both video's, GSR GR.
And I liked them. I also like the song.
I also could view another video.

I watch to show CSI from the ninth season. I start to realize that I missed something... :)

Another tip when you upload video's.
Perhaps you can try to make your video a bit longer or shorter, before uploading it for a second time.
Or use an instrumental song.
Thank you! :)

I'll follow your advice the next time and make it longer/shorter. I'm very new at this.

I also think Youtube allows live versions of songs in most countries, but they don't sound as good...
Some scenes from Grissom in his younger years, I think.
The end of the video is special, with the airplane.

A good creative start for 2013 !
I try to include parts from various seasons and use different scenes each time, but won't use any from the current season yet as there may be conflict with it.

Let's have more fanvideos here this year! :)