Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #12

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Greg was in For Warrick quite a bit. He had some good scenes in it. Will chat more about it tomorrow after all US time zones have seen it.
Did you all enjoy the episode? What did Greg do there, I haven't seen it yet.

By the wy, nice pics, Dizzney!
What do you want to talk about Szmile!? :lol: Greg looked great as always. He was very sad and he had a really nice scene with Sara and a little bit with Nick.
Man I was so glad they finally gave Greg some decent screen time! He was allowed to show some emotion as well! I loved his interactions with Sara plus a small scene with Nick. He looked great and it really was a team effort and he played an equal part in it.

I was not disappointed.
I just finished watching the episode. It was great, he looked good. I loved the scene when he met Grissom in the lab.
Can we talk about the episode yet?!?!?!?!??!!
As long as it is after 1:00 am eastern time you can discuss the current nights episode. At this point the West coast will have been the last U.S. time zone to have seen it and it will be over. ;)
Yeah after this episode I have a good feeling about Greg's screen time this season. I think he will get decent screen time after all.

I was only bummed that at the funeral we hardly saw him but the one close up they did of him was great.
Yeah I have a cap of that but have not posted it yet. The whole funeral scene was so sad. I just rewatched the episode again and got very sad at the end again.
I'm jealous 'cause of all people who saw it! I just can't wait but I'm patient;) Really, but some people won't believe in it:lol:

Great news that Greg had more time onscreen. That's making me very optimistic about next episodes.
I'm glad to hear Greg had more screentime. :) Hopefully it'll continue :) I'm like you Deirdre, trying to hold out. I still haven't watched For Gedda though, I'm going to watch them both together I think.
Bubbles, it's a very good idea. I think I do the same when I'll get "For Warrick". I did it with "Living Doll" and "Dead Doll". The effect for me was amazing.
Next weeks episode looks like Greg will get his share of screentime again.

Sara goes to visit the woman who has been in a come since her case in season 1 'Too tough to die' and Greg goes with her, from the newest prom there seems to be a lot of Greg/Sara interaction
Wow, that's great! Amazing that they're back to so old case. But I think it's great. I would love to see Sara/Greg interaction. I really like their friendship:)
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