Eric & Calleigh #38 - Because "IT" Keeps Happening

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  • Because They Just Can't Stay Away From Each Other

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  • True love never dies

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  • Your Place or Mine?

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I voted :). Of course EC kiss is my favorite scene ;).

I haven't seen the latest episode and I have to say that given the amount of EC I'm not really that interested anyway. I guess that I should be grateful that we got the crappy timeslot this season when there isn't much going for EC and not say season 7 which was great EC-wise. I can easily wait for new episodes this season without going crazy. I even forgot there was a Miami episode last night; I remembered around 8:30. Anyway go vote hiphuggers :).
hi all.

looks like we've won. i mean - cal and eric's kiss won over h's shades. that's cool!
i wish we had any spoilers, though,,,
hi all.

looks like we've won. i mean - cal and eric's kiss won over h's shades. that's cool!
i wish we had any spoilers, though,,,

That's actually pretty cool :thumbsup: We have remember to vote the next time it competes. It'll be up against Speedle getting shot so that'll be a tough one.

No spoiler and Delkolover hasn't been around to let us know if she has read something :(. If you're reading this Delkolover hope everything is ok with you :).
Hello Hiphugger nation! I am so glad the Delko & Calleigh Kiss won but the voting is not over yet. Please keep on voting till we get to the finals. Just watched ET last night and was so happy to see Adam and Emily. :hugegrin:Here's the link:

I'll be looking forward to this episode in January. I am not sure if the following sentence should be in a spoiler watchmaccallit but just to be safe........
I'm expecting some cute EC scenes coming up in Episode 11. WOOHOO!Don't you think they look flirty? :luvlove:
Thanks! Do you think it was flirty? (I don't think it should be in a spoiler box). I mean, we had a nice flirty scene in 9.02(the first scene) and then the awful locker scene.So I don't put my hopes up too much. I'm glad they have a scene together, but to be honest, I think the worst thing would be if they switched back to being friendly to each other, nothing more, just like that. It's like these last few yeares never happened. Hey, I am friends with my ex-boyfriend, even my husband knows him, but surely it took us a long time to get where we are now, not just like that...
Anyway, I have more hopes for the episodes after Emily's baby birth. She still has a month?Hard to believe, she is so huge ;)
The scene that appears on the clip does look cute because they are smiling at each other :). However, like kala, I was reminded of the first scene in 902. It looked quite similar first because it took place behind the virtual thingy and second because they were talking and smiling and just looking at each other like on this one. So I'm not getting my hopes up because we all know how 902 ended even after that cute scene. At least they are on a room together and smiling ;).

it's so sad that this is as close to an EC spoiler we've gotten in a long time...
Well, I tried and it let me. Not sure if it recognises the IP address, but it's worth a shot anyway. Hopw our couple wins, but it has a tough competition.
:)It might be our storyline is on the backburner at the moment and wayyy to confusing and out of place, but we are still a hard - core shippercentral here in Hiphuggerland.....all most 100.000 views.:eek::eek::eek:.

Sooo if TPTB thinks this storyline is dead or without fans something ain´t right in the world.

As for the storyline going down the drain at the moment ...Stupid and ill - concived storylines are seen often on Miami and somehow never improves season by season.

Good things about Em away and storyline awaiting May sweeps IMO ...At least this storyline is NOT blame for bad ratings and the couple can certainly NOT be blame for too much screen time.

It will be interesting to "see" what writers will do...will ratings go up or down? How will TPTB try to fix it?

If "our" storyline pulls in viewers perhaps we will see them together again. Or perhaps it will be to late then?
Wow!!80%? That must send CBS a message I hope!! I mean Speed being shot is a huge thing!
AJ I'm glad you're back, it's been a little quiet here recently.I really hope that at the end of the season they will be back together, no drama, no cheesiness, just plain happy. I really hope it's not the end for our couple, as season 9 is the worst for me so far(worse than 4, which was boring like hell).
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It's really something that the kiss won by 80% against Speed being shot. Speed's death was a huge deal in Miami history so I was quite worried about the competition. Please keep informing us here when the kiss is up for voting because I forget that the voting is going on.

I agree kala that this season has been pretty boring. I saw Reality Kill today and was so bored that I actually kept doing other stuff while watching. That's a huge thing to say when talking about a Miami episode for me. Hope it gets better and that doesn't necessarily means that EC has to be together (though of course that's the biggest plus for me) but since the other people don't hold my interest I need really, really good cases to have some kind of emotion toward the episode that isn't boredom.
Hi Kala79:thumbsup:

As such I am not back;). I have been lurcking forever it seems.

I have "seen" some of you join the ratings - debate in main forum. I fear or hope that our storyline will not be involved in any ratings - drama.

As much as I love "our" storyline I would dislike it IF TPTB puts on single E/C episode just to check what it does to ratings. Or worse they decide to end show and we only got a hint in the last scene. "They walk out a door together."

I have stated this before:IMO writers or producers crossed a line for me when they "added" this storyline to the show. There ain´t no going back as far as I am concerned.

Like others I don´t watch unless there E/C in the episode. I didn´t even watch the - " you´re like family"- scene as I find it wayyyy out of place.

So it is kind of fun that Football gets the slack for Miami doing bad in the death slot. Sorry fellow fans as long as there is no E/C episode I am not watching anyways. Miami killed off some really "good" evildo´ers imo AND mala noche isn´t that fun to watch. E/C is "like" family. I am off into real life unless we get some E/C.
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