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Welcome to the Eric/Calleigh thread! We love, we laugh, we angst, we laugh again, and then we love. If you like the love, the angst, and the laughter, stay, won't you? We've got free jeans for every person who comes aboard. They're Hip Hugger jeans. They make your ass look good.

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Adam and Emily Say...

Adam: A nice, hot love scene with Calleigh. I'm imagining that it's gonna lead up to that eventually.
Emily: Yeah, that would be awesome! I love Adam. Secretly, he doesn't know.
- Adam and Emily interview with Entertainment Tonight, 2003

CSI Files: What about sexual tension between Delko and Calleigh? Do you think it's there?
Procter: I think it exists. Adam and I went through training together; he was my first friend [on the show]. I think that genuine like we have for each other shows up on screen.
- Emily Procter interview with CSI Files

CSI Files: Eric and Calleigh (Emily Procter) have a great dynamic, and a lot of fans see a romantic element to it. How do you feel about that?
Rodriguez: I feel great about it. It's something that's been underlying for a long time, and I've often been asked about it, and I've sort of been waiting to see if anything is ever going to come of it.
- Adam Rodriguez interview with CSI Files

Emily: In real life this happens, you have someone who you're very attracted to and you've got lots of chemistry (Jake), and then there's someone who you've known for so long and you love each other so much (Eric).
- Emily on the difference between Jake and Eric on The Early Show

CSI Files: We've heard rumors of a burgeoning romance between Calleigh and Delko. Can you shed any light on that?
Rodriguez: I think this is something that has been brewing for a long time. I don't know how far the show is going to take it. Sometimes we get close with something and then it [fizzles]. I don't know how far we're going to go with Calleigh and Delko. We definitely show the building it up through the next episodes. I think it's cool. It's really realistic when it comes to working this job, working a lot of hours and spending the time we do with each other. It's inevitable that romance happens. [Calleigh and Delko] will start to acknowledge [their feelings] and maybe even fall for each other. I'm excited about it. After doing a show for five years, any sort of new avenue is exciting. I hope they take it there, to an extreme place and really gives us a chance to explore it, but who knows where they're going to take it.
- Adam interview with CSI Files

Emily: Let's face it, Adam is a very, very good looking guy!
- Emily interview with Entertainment Tonight, 2007

Adam: I think we've sort of been in denial, maybe, about our affections for each other. Maybe there'll be a wedding. A CSI wedding.
- Adam on Entertainment Tonight

Emily: Here's the thing. For years I have said 'can Calleigh please have a boyfriend' and they gave her a boyfriend... and he shot himself, which is not good. And then they gave her another boyfriend and he was engaged, which is not good. And I said last year 'may I please have a boyfriend, may I please have a boyfriend' and they gave me a new boyfriend. So it looks like the introduction at the end of season 5 is that next year Calleigh will have two boyfriends.
Interviewer: Torn between two lovers.
Emily: Torn between two lovers. It's the deep connection of a friendship turned to romance and the fireworks of an old love.
Interviewer: Well, when you ask for a boyfriend and they deliver Adam Rodriguez...
Emily: I know, are you kidding me! It's kinda terrible because now in between scenes I'm like 'Adam's so dreamy...'
- Emily interview with CBS

Emily: I feel like when you're with the good guy (Eric) you can have a really solid, trusting, wonderful relationship.
Johnny: Boring. That's what she's trying to say.
Emily: That's not true.
- Emily and Johnny with ET

Emily: I usually in my real life tend to pick the nice guy.
- Emily with ET

CSI Files: Do you think Calleigh has romantic feelings for Delko, or does she just see him as a good friend?
Procter: I think she has to have romantic feelings for him. He has been consistently there for her, always coming in at the 23rd hour to support her. So I think she definitely has romantic feelings for him.
- Emily interview with CSI Files.

Adam: It's only natural, at some point you start to become attracted to people and start wondering about the possibility of things being more than what they are at work.
- Adam interview with TV Guide.

Adam: It's only so long we could probably wait to pounce on each other.
- Adam with TV Guide.

Emily: For so long, we were just staring at each other from across the table, so for me, it’s nice to see this relationship develop. I would hope for Calleigh that she can pull it together enough to recognize what a great man Delko is and commit from her side. I think she’s always a bit skittish because of her dad.
Adam: For it to finally be coming to the surface and be addressed is long overdue. I think it will be really interesting to (see them) go through the highs and the lows together. There has been this chemistry between these two characters for so long, but because the love was never explored, it’s probably stronger than it would be if it was just two people meeting on the first day of work. We have seven years of history.
- Emily and Adam interview with the Boston Herald.

Adam: I think we have to go all the way down the road at this point. I would really love to explore the relationship fully and see what it’s like to have these people that have had this attraction to each other and are finally getting into this relationship for real after all this time. It certainly took a long enough for it to actually happen. I think we owe it to the people who wanted to see it happen to give them the whole ride as opposed to making it a short one.
- Adam interview with Ausiello Files

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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

YAY! New thread! And to celebrate, how about a trip down memory lane...













Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Congrats on the new Eric/Calleigh thread.

A few bits of mod duties...

Remember to post three lines of on topic discussion about Eric and Calleigh. Other characters can be talked about as long as they relate to Eric and Calleigh's relationship.

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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Wow!! 38 threads and counting.:)

I do believe our couple will have good moments next season.I think that the writers realized how stupid they were letting Adam go and bringing someone so boring like Jesse.I watch the show exclusively for Eric and E/C and the only episodes that I will watch of this season are the ones with Eric in it.Just to be sure 1,3,5,11,14,16 are the episodes with Eric ?I do not want to miss the good.

In respect to titles I like "Becouse IT keeps happening" like someone proposed.I still can get over how amazing that scene was!!!:drool:
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

love the picture'S...great work guy's[all e/c lovely moment's] what is the new thread name!!! i'm overly happy that ADAM IS BACK FOR FULL TIME NEXT SEASON......HOPE WE GET SOME DRAMA FREE ON ERIC AND CALLEIGH RELATIONSHIP IN NEXT SEASON!!...I'M TIRED OF the drama ,like you guy's........and hope we get a big wedding for Eric and Calleigh because ,as your all know non-of other CSI'S[Danny&Lindsay_Gibson&Sara] got a real wedding....SO HOPE IT UP TO OUR LOVELY COUPLE ERIC AND CALLEIGH TO HAVE BID WEDDING!! [FINGER CROSS]
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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

HOORAY for the new thread!!

Thanks so much Jessica237 for starting this new thread, and for the fabulous pictures of, and sound-bytes from, our favorite couple. :thumbsup: I especially love the screencaps from "In the Wind." :adore::drool: That "Miami Heat" pic (of Calleigh & Eric's 1st real kiss) is pretty hot, too. I'd do virtually anything to see that picture in HQ!:lol:
Aw, don't be worried, vignes!
I'm pretty sure that even though Calleigh will get injured in episode 8.20, she'll recover just fine. And I think that her brush with death will be the catalyst for her and Eric to finally admit that they're hopelessly in love with each other.
Nothing else makes sense. It would be totally illogical for Calleigh and Eric's "decision" regarding their romance to be for them to break up. That just doesn't seem to be where their storyline is going. Of course, anything's possible with the CSIM writers, but I have to think that even they couldn't go that far out of whack.:rolleyes:
Incidentally, in the closed E/C thread, I noticed a couple of Hiphugger-fans (including myself) commenting that episode 8.16 ("L.A.") was sort of a let-down because, although Eric was in it, in contained no E/C scenes at all. :( I channeled my dissatisfaction into my 2nd CSIM fanfic, entitled "A Day Apart." It's currently on under my username, "MightyMiaBoo." I can't post the story or a link to it here because it's rated "M." (More like a soft R-rating, but this forum only allows fanfics rated PG-13 or lower).

Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. (It's quite a bit milder than my 1st story, "The Talk," but it's still for adult readers only!) If you do read it, I'd really appreciate a PM here on the forum or a review/PM on (so as not to derail this thread), with your thoughts on it.:) Thanks!
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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Cool, new thread :)

Amazing pics!!!! Thank you!

I was thinking that "Against all odds" was the perfect thread name to have during season 8. With Adam leaving, all the drama thrown out to them, the "are they/are they not" together status, etc. And even though we're still on season 8, now we know that Adam is coming back. So that thread is done with and we can move on to this shiny new one hoping that there are lots of good news for them in the future :).
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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

yay!New thread!
I'm worried about 8.20 and I'm worried about Emily's contract next season. If she decides to leave, they might not get a happy ending :( That would be typical for CSIM...anyway, I hope for the best!
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Congrats on the new thread everyone!! :beer:
Here's hoping that we have a positive outcome to episode 8x20 because really, how much more drama can we take :confused:

Ladies, thank you for all of the yummy pics...esp the ones from 8x14 :devil:

Let's get a discussion going, we have at least another month until Eric comes what are we thinking?

How is Calleigh handling Eric's absence, we know they are together, but I'm guessing the State's Attorney is keeping Eric busy? Any chance they'll give us a phone call or something between Eric & Calleigh to tide us over until Eric comes back? Do you think Adam will be back through the rest of the season (which is coming faster than we would like?)
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

TALKING ABOUT EPISODE14, i still a bit confused. as we know at the end calleight told eric their need to talk was the'''talk thing goes''...actually the write should give us some hit about that'' like how the talk thing goes''' in episode 16.....if their though their going to clear thing in episode 20, but it like their take long time to talk,[ at lease the writer should give us some scene like calleigh talk to eric in phone or maybe like eric sent calleigh some flower's/present or something. do you guy's think it will better while we wait for episode 20!!
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

I haven't shown my face around here in quite a while, but since there's a new thread (good job y'all) and since things seem to be moving in one way or another for Eric and Calleigh.. I thought it was time to post again.

I do have a question though and I'm sorry if it's been discussed or answered already. But episode 20, since that apparently will have something to do with Eric and Calleigh's future.. do you think it was written before or after Adam Rodriguez decided to renew his contract with the show? I'm not sure if that has any affect on what was written for the episode, but if so.. I don't know in what way, if him now staying full time next season on Miami is going to have any affect on the storyline that had already been written for EC and possible future episodes.

Personally, it wouldn't surprise me. I've been starting to think that everything with EC wasn't as thought out at they seemed to make it. It's just so on and off and bad things are always thrown at these two. It's really time for closure. Preferably a happy ending. Or happy official beginning with no drama or bad news. And I say official beginning, because in the season 7 finale.. it seems that their relationship was thrown into trouble just almost as soon as it had started. So thank goodness that's over for this moment.

Also- have their actually been talks on Emily Procter not returning to Miami or is that just speculation based on spoilers and what-not?
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

JoannaRose, I would like to know all the answers to your questions too...
We only know that Emily is trying for a baby and is tired of the show, based on what she said in an interview('It might be our or my last season'), therefore we speculate what will happen. There is no official word on her contract yet, if she decides to leave in my opinion we might get not-so-happy-ending in the season finale. I wonder if producers know something more about it and that was one of the reasons why they decided to take Adam back so quickly...:/ I'm beeing very pessimist today, I know, but just trying to be prepared for the worst(and hope for the best). We will get a closure this season, anyway. If they break-up, I know that I really will not watch CSIM anymore, I never watched it for storylines anyway, they are too cheesy and unbeliveable. :rolleyes:
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