Episode 7x25 "Seeing Red" - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

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    Hated it.
    Practically zilch of crime scene investigating - no trace, no DNA, no fingerprints, nor blood samples. I realize this was a finale & finales are meant to be shocking & full of action, but this one fell flat, & 'Miami' has been losing the true aspect for a while now. No twists in the plot, no shocking surprises - nada?!?!

    I can't very well consider Eric's "disappearing act" shocking, in fact it all seems to be very repetitive & all too predictable at this point. At the end I found myself yawning , rolling my eyes, & questioning just how long we'll have to sit through more of the same song & dance next season.

    A few good points:
    Ryan's every scene was fantastic.
    Horatio's opener with the dying officer was touching.

    Big fat D for everything else.
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    Overall I found the episode rather enjoyable. It had it's good solid moments and then some that weren't so great.

    -Ivan choking and bleeding was rather nasty and disgusting. Again, Miami does that really well, I had to actually stop looking for a bit.

    -Yelina kissing the guy...ewww. Yelina doing it in front of H and then splashing him with water...priceless :lol:. I have to say that Horatio's change to super-H is it's most evident when he shares scenes with Yelina. I kept looking for the awesome dynamic they used to have and it just fell so flat. It was even painful to watch, just like his scenes with Calleigh. I do not appreciate it. Though at least he asked her if she was ok and actually showed some kind of concern, slim but some nonetheless.

    -H kissing the guy's forehead was weird for me too. Though it was good to see it affected him so deeply.

    -Frank calling the guy "moron" and being all... well Frank :lol:

    -Brian Austin Green is actually Mr. Green :lol: :lol: Not very original but quite funny. I still want to know exactly what his involvement is in all this. I don't remember how it all ended with him :confused: Maybe he took Eric....

    -I was really afraid that Eric would be portrayed all snappy and rude towards Cal and I'm so glad that wasn't the case. I saw a guy who really wanted to help out his dad, who genuinely believed that he could stop being a mobster, and who wanted to repay a debt he felt he had with the guy who stopped him from being deported. I totally agree that if they go down the amnesia route that would be totally cliché and ughh!!!! Please do not do that!!!! I honestly think he was taken and that he'll be found in the first half hour of the season premier.

    -Emily Procter is just amazing :thumbsup:. She was so awesome in this episode it was wonderful to watch. The way she portrayed her frustration, fear, desperation, hurt, anger, etc was exceptionally done. Kudos to Emily. Calleigh crying and walking away in the end just broke my heart. The way she said "we can't lose him" was so meaningful and deep as to her feelings for him. Great with the underlying "I can't lose him" like someone already mentioned. The scene with the shootout and her realization that it was Eric in the car was gutwrenching. That's just such a horrible position to be in that it's not even funny. Between that and the scene were Ryan saw them arguing I think Ryan has all the confirmation he needs about their relationship.

    -Horatio shooting Ivan when Yelina ducked almost gave me a heart attack! :eek::shifty: It actually was very cool the way they did that.

    -So were is Eric? There are still a lot of unknowns up in the air and I just hope everything turns out well for all of them, including the EC relationship ;).

    The same thing happened to me :lol: :thumbsup:
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    I thought so too.

    That movie trailer they showed during the break stars the actor who plays kyle...
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    I'm really glad you posted before me, because I was afraid I'd watched a different show or that people were going to attack me for my negativity!

    Maybe my standards are too high, but most of the "acting" in this epi was lacksadaisical at best. Frank always delivers, cliched as some of the lines are becoming, and Ryan was okay, but the rest of them seem not very involved in their scenes. Maybe people living in Miami feel it's uncool to show real emotion? I love Emily and know she can act, but her "emotional" scenes had no depth, even the crying at the end. And DC showed more emotion toward the dying cop he barely knew than any concern for Yelina or Eric. I thought the dying cop (Harris) may have provided the best acting in the finale! Maybe DC was so impressed that someone could act that he kissed the guy's forehead as a way to thank him for a realistic portrayal! :lol:

    And all the hype about Horatio "executing" Ivan: did I nod off for a moment and miss that scene or was it cut? The lines about his God were not even there! Perhaps it's from the season opener for the Fall? Or was it just a complete foiler to get the audience watching Miami instead of Dancing with the Stars?

    I did love Yelina throwing a drink on Horatio, just too bad it was fake to keep her cover alive and get her arrested so they could talk. Perhaps in her next appearance she'll do it for real and full in the face. That man needs a wake up call: she's there, she loves him and he treats her like nothing more than a convenient tool to throw in the face of danger anytime he needs some help getting answers. Aren't there any evildoers ready to make a deal who can do the dangerous stuff, instead? Family is everything to Horatio except when he needs to throw Yelina to the wolves. So many opportunities to give us something positive between them, and they both just walk off at the end of her last scene, not even a big hug for his sister-in-law? Or better yet, realize how important the widow is to you and kiss her, you fool! In some cultures, the brother-in-law is expected to marry the widow!!! :brickwall:
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    I forgot to mention that in my post. Like I said in an earlier post in this thread, promos lead you to believe everything that it is not. This was even worse, this scene wasn't even in the episode!
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    A pretty good action packed episode. I was hoping for no cliffhanger this year but a lot of interesting questions were raised that will keep us talking all summer.

    Of course THE BIG ONE: Where is Eric? How badly is he hurt?

    ~Did Calleigh shoot him or could have someone else in the gun battle?
    ~Are we really through with the Russians (Ryan did mention guns were stolen)?
    ~Is Eric's dad sincere about getting out of the mob or did HE hurt Eric?
    ~Eric and Calleigh weren't "outed" but is the relationship over?


    --Yelena lives!!:) (thank you TPTB) I was pretty worried when I saw the Russian digging the grave but SuperH saved the day. He and Yelena have always had good chemistry and I didn't want Ray Jr. to be an orphan.

    --Ivan dies. He was behind Ryan's kidnapping and torture. Nuff said.

    --The gun battle was the best part of the episode. Ryan not only got to shoot someone, but right between the eyes.:thumbsup:

    --Ryan didn't get too many scenes but they were quality.

    -always enjoy it when he works with Natalia. She seemed impressed when he found the secondary vin. Actually, so was I; I didn't know that was there!!

    -His scene with Calleigh when processing the car will have to go down as one of my top five Ryan moments of all time. He knew Calleigh was upset and was struggling to find the right thing to say, but decided to keep it light and Calleigh seemed to appreciate it. It was very nice. And when he asked Calleigh if she was sure about Eric, his tone also showed his concern; he knows how Calleigh feels about Eric. It shows Ryan's growing maturity; a pre-WISC Ryan probably wouldn't have been so sensitive, and pressed the issue. I have decided that when Ryan questions someone as he did Calleigh, he is showing concern and interest (although IMO he does like to gossip:))

    -As mentioned before, he was quite involved in the gun battle, came out unharmed and got his licks in.

    -Although the shirt/tie combo wasn't my favorite, Ryan made it look good:thumbsup::drool:

    --A fed up and angry H is a dangerous H:)

    --Frankism "...makes a goloag(sp?) look like a tennis club":lol:

    What kind of bothered me:

    If that first warehouse was where the Russian were stealing guns, why was Ryan there alone?!

    Where was Frank during the gun battle?

    Although I will be curious to see how Eric's situation will play out and I do hope Eric will be okay (we all know he'll be fine), since Ryan's not involved, it will be an easier summer for me than last. :)
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    It took me almost 15 minutes to recover from the shock :eek: Yes, he can actually cry, or at least try to :lol:
    It was weird and fun at the same time and that was probably the most entertaining thing in the finale.

    The episode was too slow until the last part and then it seemed a little bit rushed, plus an unnecessary cliffhanger. I've never cared about the Russian mafia plot, so I can't say I was really interested in Ivan's fate. This villain is not the most remarkable of the show and I didn't care if he lived or died. He was just your regular mafia bad guy since the beginning and the writers never tried to give him more personality.
    And also, I'm not a big fan of putting the main characters in danger, unless there's a real chance that the actor is leaving the show. I really hope Eric is in serious trouble and has to suffer the consequences of his actions during the next season, but I'm not holding my breath :rolleyes:

    Random thoughts: the weird camera angle made Natalia's ass look ginormous in the white jeans. And also that hair makes her look older.

    Overall, a decent episode but not the best of this season. The beginning was very meh and the rest of the episode had some very anticlimatic moments like Ivan's death. I'll give it a C+ but only for the Emo!Horatio bits :lol::lol::lol:
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    Ginnna – I love Zachary Quinto, love your avatar!!

    You're right!! Megalyn wasn't in the credits... unless I missed it?? PLEASE BRING ALEXX BACK!!

    Totally Agree!! I could tell Horatio was seething, but it was all in the role…

    He aims to please :thumbsup:

    Yes!! I thought the same thing too…but then I remembered there were trees around so it couldn’t have been the grave. There were footprints, though.

    Oh me too! I felt bad for the doctor. That goes down as one of the most disgusting scenes of CSIM :borg:

    Now we know what those youtube vids were about…

    My thoughts:
    What I still can't over is why Sharova was still in the car and Eric was not?? If, in fact, Eric was kidnapped, why did they leave Sharova behind? She mentioned to Eric if he tried to leave the Russian mob, he would be killed. If they took Eric, wouldn't they have killed him or kidnapped him as well??
  9. hiphugger17

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    Did they ever explain Brian A. Green's involvement in all this? I think I missed that if they did.
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    This must have been the most horrible season finale of CSI:Miami I've ever seen

    Don't get me wrong, it was supposed to end w/ a shocking cliffhanger.
    Now which shocking cliffhanger they left us w/ ? Eric's missing? Don't get me wrong, but it was way too pretty clear even from the promo. It would have been far more shocking Frank arresting him & Yelina being shot!
    Not to mention that we have already watched the ending scene (even if it had been edited in different ways) thousands of times thanks to the clips CBS offered us :rolleyes:

    It's such a shame also b/c it really began in such a good way that I still can't believe that they had to ruin it w/ Eric's familiar drama & his arguments w/ Calleigh, who has to regret everything she had done throughout the episode :shifty:

    I mean the beginning was pretty good & we had one of the best scenes ever when Horatio was there w/ that poor cop.

    After a couple of good scene I swear I was thinking "now it's time to play some E/C drama as if we haven't had enough of it this year" and voilà Calleigh has to admire Sharova's pic.

    Again, both Eric & Calleigh had to cross the line, though I really have the doubt that this time Calleigh didn't actually cross it or let's just say that she may didn't potect Eric this time, as everyone tends to believe. I swear I saw her texting someone w/ her cellphone right after she argued w/ Eric in the lab while getting ready to examine the car w/ Ryan ;)

    Again, we don't know what the hell is doing our beloved Delko &, above all, is Sharova sincere or not?
    I really don't know &, quite frankly, I'm not looking forward to knowing the answer.
    I mean Calleigh is absolutely right when she tells Eric "you don't even know this man!" It's quite ridiculous that right after you find out who your bio dad is (someone who has never considered you for ages & never cared about you) you do anything to help him or even cover his crimes. Let's not forget that he's part of the Russian mob!

    Unfortunately, they also had to ruin the shooting w/ Calleigh realizing she may have shot at Eric.
    Now, don't get me wrong, but there's a hell in that moment & you'r covering yourself right behind your hummer door & you haven't killed all the bad people yet & stop shooting in that moment knowing they can shoot at you & kill you? And, above all, the shooting ends right when you relize that kind of things?
    I truely wished they kinda had shot at her right in that moment, at least it would have been far more realistic :p

    The ending, now Horatio was absolutely cold. He was far more concerned for the unknown cop at the beginning of the episode than for his brother in law.
    As for Calleigh I kinda felt for her & laughed at her at the same time.
    I mean she was through the whole episode like "do you really know the law?" (this quote literally cracked me up :guffaw:) or "you're covering him" & then "oh god I shot at him". Now, let's say that she kinda has looked for it throughout the whole episode :lol:.
    I felt for her b/c oh gosh she cried! :(. Not to mention that her last words for him weren't the nicest.

    On a happy note, there are some good moments for me in this episode
    - Yelina kissing the guy in front of H & splashing the water to him :guffaw:. I laughed too much when H said "you're under arrest" w/ a drop of water which was falling down from his face" :lol:
    -Yelina. What can I say. Maybe that b/c Sofia Milos is Italian like me, but I just adore her!
    - I really freaked out when the guy showed her the grave :eek:
    - I was really concerned for her when Horatio didn't find her & oh boy when Horatio shot at Ivan I was freaking out for Yelina. Thank god she kneeled down in the perfect moment. That exactly showed what a great chemistry this couple has.
    -Ryan. I just loved him. I loved how he was concerned for Calleigh & I loved when he tried to cheer her up. I really want to see more & more of their friendship. Some times very good friendship are much better than actual relationship ;)
    -during the shooting when Calleigh shouted "let's go" I had to laugh at the way Ryan shouted "GOOOOOOOO" :lol:
    -WOW Ryan's bullet in the between the eyes of the bad guy :eek:
    - Did Emily Procter lose a knee while running in Everglades set while trying to reach Horatio & Frank at the end? :lol: I swear, heels are not as comfortable when you have to run in the grass :p

    Sorry that's all I have to say about this episode. I do believe that I prefer misleading promos like the one from s5 finale than promos like the last one wich literally reveal the cliffhanger before watching the episode. :rolleyes:

    I think this summer I'll go to the seaside & yes I'll be able not to think about CSI:Miami new season for oh yeah three months. Surely I won't be wondering about Delko's fate & about his relationship w/ Calleigh :p
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    I gave the finale two thumbs up :thumbsup::thumbsup:.

    I'm not very happy w/Eric's actions, throughout the whole epi I kept saying "What are you doing, she's going leave you.":scream: Emily did a very good job playing the upset/very very sad/losing it girlfriend. I wonder if she cried on her own or if she needed some help?

    Ryan part of the gun battle was FAB, it's about time he got some action instead of drama, but what about Natalia? I would've loved to she her participating to the gun battle too.

    I'm not sure what I'm going watch or do until September, that seems a long while.
  12. Cath.S

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    I don't believe that the Russian mob kidnapped Eric. It would be boring because we saw something like that in WISC when they tortured Ryan. But who knows? Maybe the writers think we'll forget it until september. :rolleyes:
    My own guess is that the damn guy Eric will run through the nature with different gunshot wounds and the team has to search for him. :rolleyes: Or something like that? I don't know. But if this will really happen I bang my head against the the wall. :brickwall:
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    I loved this finale. Loved the action and the shootout near the end. I was glad to see Yelina back, even though she had to kiss that Russian guy. The only complaint that I have was Eric's relationship with his father. A few episodes he hated him and their best friends. How can Eric defend him by saying to Cal "you don't even know him?" when he doesn't have a clue either. September can't come soon enough.
  14. HnStetlerfan

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    I thought the finale was very good. I'll give it an A.

    I liked "Emo-H" in the scene with the dying cop. David Caruso did that scene well.

    I liked Danger-H/Dirty Harry H throughout the rest of the ep, too.

    I liked it when Ryan beaned that guy right between the eyes.

    I'm afraid I missed some dialog when they brought in that bad guy with the ears, and my mother commented that he looked like he was from outer space. I had already started to chuckle when they just showed his picture *before* they brought him in for questioning, so when my mom said what she said, and in a perturbed, annoyed sounding voice, when the guy was there in person, I just lost it. :lol: So now I have to watch that part over. :lol: Well, I'm going to watch the whole ep over. By myself. :lol:

    By the way, Ginnna, I love your avatar of the new Spock. I just can't wait to see the movie.

    I was very relieved to see that Yelina ended up being just fine. When the baddies showed her the grave, I thought, Oh no, they're going to put her in there, and H might not be able to help her, or we won't find out if she makes it till season 8. I don't actually ship H and Y since it conflicts with my One True Pair, but I really like the character, and would never want her to get killed off. She is a tough-as-nails character, and has been very interesting and watchable this season.

    Calleigh and Eric. It was as if Cal just *knew* on some intuitive level even, that Eric was going to get in serious trouble with his father. And :lol: I have to say, when she was yelling at him, I started thinking, Oh no, when Rick finds out she and Eric are an item, and tries to question her about it, I'm going to have to put in earplugs! :eek::lol:

    re: the last scene: I think Eric might have had his diving gear in the back of his car, and he's hiding in the water. Or one of those swamp boats (I can't think of what they're called) took him off somewhere. But I don't know why they wouldn't take his dad. So I think I'll go with him hiding in the water. But I really don't know, and I just kinda wish I could be put in suspended animation until the season 8 season premiere. It's going to be a long 4 months.
  15. luvcsimiami

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    I had mixed feelings about this episodes. There were some good scenes:

    -The gun battle (Loved it. Guess all that work at the firing range came in handy for Ryan :lol:
    -E/C having not one argument but two (Ok, they were painful but personally it makes them definately more real to me as you can't have everything coming up roses. There's going to be a difference of opinion at one point. ) Especially loved Eric's reactions to those arguments. He didn't lose it and he didn't become nasty. That was nice to see for a change as I have seen it where I thought he was a bit harsh even with Calleigh on some of their disagreements - "Power Trip" comes to mind as an example.
    -A lot of folks thought it was creepy but I thought H's kiss to the cop's forehead was sweet. Didn't think it was out of place at all and loved to see his emotion. The guys all man and didn't think it was weird.
    -Frank and Horatio always fun to see these two guys on screen.
    -Ryan trying to cheer Calleigh up. Loved how sweet that was and how he was trying to be a friend.
    -Ryan's shock that it was Eric in the car. Finally! Glad that someone that you least expect is actually having a hard time believing Eric would cross the line.

    There was a lot I wasn't too happy about. I guess I'm in the minority as not being a big fan of the assumptions being thrown all over the place. Honetly as a finale I have to agree with whoever said it took them a bit to get to the point and then when they did things speeded up and bam you were at the end. Not fond about the Eric missing cliffhanger with NO BODY anywhere in sight.:( There isn't even a clue to where the heck he is. So yeah, AR will be back and Eric will be fine but I personally think he may be hurt a whole lot worse than first thought (at least I hope so if I'm going to have to wait three months to find out what happened. He better be near death's door darn it with a really good explanation of why he's in that position, even if they have done that already. :scream:)

    Still not so sure Eric is the deceptive liar they were trying to make him out to be as his surprise seemed genuine when Calleigh asked to see his list of phone calls. I didn't see guilt in his face at all and usually when Eric is lying he looks guilty. His 'what is your problem' to Calleigh seemed genuine when she was digging into him about the car. The only other person I've ever heard him use that exact phrase with is Ryan in 'Nailed'. He had great reasons for his actions then and I'm just wondering if they are traveling the same road again. He and Ryan have this in common in that their team members are real quick to assume they are doing something shady when they aren't quick to spill the reasons behind why they are doing what they are doing:brickwall:

    Is Sharova really a dirt bag or was he telling the truth? He has nothing to lose by telling the truth now as all the mob bosses are dead. I also don't think the guy is as quick on his feet to think up a lie that quickly especially when he looked to be in some serious pain from the concussion he has to have from the car crash but hey maybe he's really that talented.

    Is it too much to ask that someone actually assume the best first instead of the worst? Is it too much to ask that for once Eric does something after fully comprehending the consequences and maybe H knew what was going on even if Calliegh didn't?

    I will say that it seems a little odd that they did the good cop gone bad thing for two finales in a row. That makes me think that Eric's outcome won't be as favorable as Ryan's was. Some of the fans would be expecting that and Miami does now how to twist things. So to make Eric look like a good guy in the end like they did with Ryan would be too cliche, but in this instance I would be pissed if they can't come up with a more plausible reason why Eric ran the risk of losing everything other than he felt that he owed his father. Also, they spend so much time sowing the seeds of distrust with Ryan that it could have been believable that he might have flipped, it's not so beleivable with Eric which is why they would switch the storylines and write it this way.

    Either way the finale was pretty good but I don't think it was their best and it was more painful to watch than anything else.
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