Episode 7x21 Chip/Tuck ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by FieldMouse, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. HnStetlerfan

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    I'm soooo happy to finally get to see Rick. No continuity from last season or an explanation of where he's been, and they had him in a bad tie, but just FINALLY getting to see him in an ep overrides other problems. And I wonder what's going to happen in the next ep he's in.

    I actually thought Julia was dying in that scene near the end. I thought she got attacked by someone with a knife. I didn't really get what happened to her, but I guess that was Ron giving her a taste of what he's going to do next. So he rigged up some kind of booby trap? That was really weird and disturbing.

    "Red" and "Stets." That had me totally cracking up. I just loved that. And we could call Ron--hmmm, what could we call him? RonMonster, maybe.

    This was the grossest episode I've ever seen of this show. The whole thing with the chipper. **Yuuuck** :eek::lol:
  2. MiamiWolfe

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    That's what I got as well. It was happening so fast, I had to watch it twice.

    Here are some thoughts from last night:

    What I liked:

    --Ryan's brief scenes. I was surprised he did more than walk in, ask a couple of questions and set up the next scene. I figured he would be shoved more in the background.
    And I have five words: Ryan Wolfe in a T-shirt. Yowza!!

    --Quality Frank. The look on his face when he saw the boy's Mom cracked me up.

    --Dave Benton and Mike Travers!!

    --H in the lab

    --Kyle taking his job seriously. What a cutie!!

    --The interaction between Ron and H. Ron is nuttier than a fruit cake and his laugh creeped me out, but I laughed out load when he kept refering to H as "Red"

    --Seeing Ryan, Calleigh and Eric work together (see below for continuation of this point).

    What I wasn't as crazy about:

    --Not enough Nat

    --IMO, I thought there was almost too much going on. With 5 minutes left, I was wondering when Ron was going after Julia.

    --No continuity from WISC. But with everything else going on, not surprising. But it wouldn't surprise me if nothing was ever said either.

    --Okay, I have to admit I am having a rough time warming up to Tara. I miss Alexx.

    All in all a pretty good episode.
  3. Florry86

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    This episode was quite hilarious. I loved it :thumbsup:

    I'm so glad that finally we had to see lots of blood!!! Though, I have a little qualm. Tara came all scrubbed with her team & she had her hair in a sort of tail. Later, Calleigh went to examing that disgusting thing which was a body to look for a hair. She didn't have a pony tail and part of her hair touched that bloody stuff :cardie:...disgusting .

    Ron Saris, I just love this man. His scenes with H are just hilarious
    "Stet" & "Red" :lol:

    I loved Stetler's presence.

    Michael calling Calleigh was just funny. I thouht he was going to fell off the stairs :lol:

    Frank & Calleigh. Couldn't they be the next couple of the show? I mean Frank forgetting her name was just :guffaw::guffaw:
    Not to mention that him calling the mom "girlfriend" was too much for me LOL I don't know if you noticed it, but right at the end of the scene you can see Emily turning around the chair, I'm pretty sure she couldn't help laughing b/c of that scene :lol:

    Julia, oh boy!!! Ron tried to kill her by cauterizing her face? :guffaw:Sorry, but this must be the most hilarious attack I've ever seen on Miami.
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  4. texmex327

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    I have to wonder how many times the director called cut because Emily couldn't keep a straight face. I was cracking up at home so I can only imagine how much they were probably laughing on set.

    I love Frank, he is too funny for me. How long has he worked with Calleigh and he forgot her name.

    I had to rewind the last few moments of the episode because I didn't see Julia get cut with the knife. I thought that someone stabbed her, but I guess that was wishful thinking.
  5. Megan930

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    This ep was funny. Loved that Saris and Stetler are back, even though they act like friends. Now Horatio has both of them to worry about. My favorite part had to be Frank forgetting Cal's name..priceless.
  6. starzsgirl

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    The wood chipper in the beginning totally reminded me of Fargo, love that movie! :lol:

    I didn't know how I would feel about this ep as the spoilers weren't catching me...but I did laugh at quite a few points, so that helped.

    And it was nice to see Eric and Calleigh interacting with everyone, not just each other. Good choice writers, they are a teams....not individuals or pairs.
  7. Hollyyo

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    Jul 25, 2008
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    What in the world prompted Saris to call him "Stets?" Like...a pet name or something? My mom was like, "Wait....what did he say?"

    Anyway, this episode was ok. I didn't expect the little twist at the end when it turned out that guy was making multiple women look like his wife. I felt kinda sorry for him though, sometimes people do crazy things like that to try and keep their loved ones alive.

    Ryan.....looking hot as always. At first I got the impression that he wasn't quite as talkative in this episode than he usually is. That may have just been me looking for it though.

    Honestly....where was Natalia? I can't remember her being in this episode at all! I really hope her lack of screen time is her choice because of things she's going through at the moment, and not the writers' animosity or something.

    No episode next weeK????? They can't give us a fairly dull episode like this and then make us wait another two weeks for something new...I was ok with the last wait since the last episode was so exciting...

    I'll have more thoughts once I see it again.
  8. Wasabi Power

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    I noticed that too. I wasn't looking for it, either. I read before the episode all the spoilers and everyone was saying there was zero fallout, but then I saw the episode and I was like: Wait.
    It kind of looked at times like he was staying quiet at moments he was supposed to talk in.
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  9. hiphugger17

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    All of you have pretty much said everything but here are my two cents :).

    This episode was sooo funny, :guffaw: I was cracking up the whole time. I have to say I was expecting a rather dull, H drama episode, and I was surprised that I really enjoyed it. We finally got more comedy in one episode :).

    Things I liked:

    -The guy going on all pissed at the beginning and calling the neighbor "jerkweed", plus the "8 freaking am" :lol:

    -The wood chipper was really, really gross and Miami needs more stuff like this. :thumbsup:

    -Eric's clothes :)

    -Frank's "look what Stetler dragged in" :lol:

    -The whole exchange with Ron, Stetler, and H. "Red" and "Stets" that was just too funny!! :guffaw:

    -Frank and Calleigh with the hot mom. This is just my favorite scene in the whole episode. These two were hilarious.:guffaw:

    -Eric and Cal with Mrs. Corbett. I felt so sorry for that woman :(. I loved the internal battle Eric and Cal had all throughout this scene between doing their jobs and feeling sorry for her. Loved the end when they both said they were so sorry. It was a good, moving scene.

    -Eric's "you've been watching too many science fiction movies" to Wolfe.:lol:

    -The lady freaking out when she knew she had mites in her hair.

    -H in the lab with the AV minority report thingie.

    Things I did not like

    -Lack of continuity with Eric, Cal, and Wolfe.

    -The attack on Julia was kind of hard to understand. I was not really sure of what had went on until I read some of the posts here. So thanks for that :).
  10. mjszud

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    Apr 5, 2007
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    Oh, where to begin.
    The into, I suppose. A nice little flashback to the good old days - for a split second I thought we'd see Speed & Eric dancing around that club. :p

    "Jerkface" :guffaw:

    Kim Coates is fantastical!!! Just hilarious & creepy. As much as Im ready for this arc to be moved on, I really enjoyed Ron in this episode.

    Julia - WOW, apparently you didn't listen well when Horatio said to be prepared. :rolleyes:

    OBTW, how in the hell does a knife that's rigged to the top of the doorframe walk itself down to Julia & cut her face & arm?! :wtf:

    Kyle is too damn cute. He just dove right in that narsty bloody mess & went to work. Such a good boy. I would've been barfing on Tara's shoes.

    Frank - my man! *squeeze* he soooo needs a woman!! :lol:
    The "hot mom" walking through the station with every man galking was just over the top & quite stupid.

    Sucks that we had no continuity from the last epi - I wasn't really expecting it anyway. They didn't seem "buddy buddy" though. They worked, there wasn't any tension, but I didn't exactly see any fun times & smiles. This could easily pop up later when one of them throws it back in thier face.

    Now for my biggest rant for the upteenth time the past 2 seasons -
    Ryan & Natalia - come on now, this is the biggest load of bullshit.
    Ryan + 4 scenes = MJ PISSED.
    Natalia + one scene = MJ PISSED OFF EVEN MORE!
    Get this crap together, PTB.

    Grade: C - (the '-' for pissing me off)
  11. Orla_Dark

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    Jun 17, 2008
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    I like this ep! It was old good Miami without romance, THANK YOU TPTB FOR THAT!

    I like:

    1) Ryan's clothe, t-shirt is always good. I notice that he don't talk much too, it was odd for me.

    2) We saw more than one pair, Ryan\Cal, Cal\Dave, Cal\Mike Travers, Eric\Ryan, Eric\Nat and Ryan\H. See, tptb, you have so many variants! ;)

    3) Frank was just hilarious :guffaw:

    4) Ron with Stets and Red :guffaw: Stetlers tie :lol: Sorry Frank, your tie wasn't hilarious enough.

    5) Julia's and Calleigh's clothe.

    I didn't like:

    - No continuity between E\R\C. They should show any reaction! If Ryan said them or not, they should show some reaction!

    - Where is Natalia? One scene again? :wtf: Oh, at least she say something this time.
  12. MiamiWolfe

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    I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that. I thought I was reading more into it than was there. I have always enjoyed Calleigh and Ryan's interaction and hopefully it can get back to that again. There needs to be closure.

    You are not the only one who feels this way. 4 Ryan scenes and 1 Natalia scene is pretty bad. Surely, Ryan or Nat could take over some of the scenes Calleigh and Eric are in. But I am not holding my breath.:(
  13. kljmiami

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    This episode really was funny!

    I loved Ron and Horatio. Ron calling H "Red" was priceless:guffaw:

    Someone in an earlier post said that maybe Kyle has a crush on Tara. Love that idea. How cute;)

    Ron Saris was just plain scary. I think he is my favorite villain so far.

    Tripp's reaction to that woman and the look on Calleigh's face:guffaw:

    Everything is apparently fine between Ryan, Calleigh and Eric. I have a feeling that more of what happened in WISC will be brought up in a later episode when the Russian mob sufaces again.

    I am glad they left the E/C story line out of this one. While I like the two of them together I really think their relationship should move slowly and not be a part of every storyline. CSI NY's D/L moved crazy fast and now the drama between them is the main focus of their characters. Calleigh is my favorite and I want to see lots of her gunning down bad guys not dealing with her somewhat overly jealous (IMO) boyfriend.

    Please Please Please give me more Natalia! What is going on there?:brickwall:
  14. nwolfson22

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    You guys have summed up most of my thoughts as well. However I wanted to add some thoughts of Eric's that they didn't have him say or voice over.

    The first is when he goes into the room of the poor lady who won't go out of the house because her face is a mess,

    Eric: geez I hope Calleigh never feels that she needs to get work done.

    Second act, when Calleigh & Eric are both questioning her the glances between E&C def have this sort of dialog;

    Eric: Cal if you even think about a nip/tuck its all over.
    Calleigh: Eric look at this poor woman and what's happened to her!
    Eric: Yeah, she is hiddious...I feel like I am going to vomit
    Calleigh: *Slaps Eric on the shoulder* What would be so bad about getting a little work done here and there?? I could really use a face lift, maybe some botox shots... this job is really stressful.
    Eric: But Cal, you are perfect as you are .
    Calleigh: Gee thanks Eric, but you won't feel that way in ten years and after I give birth to a few of your kids.
  15. MyMutantRomance

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    Apr 9, 2008
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    Amazing episode, I was watching with my Dad and I saw the wood chipper and instantly got excited. One of the coolest deaths I've seen on the show in a while.
    I only have one complaint, that there was not enough of Ryan in the Episode but other than that in was amazing.

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