Episode 7x19 - 'Target Specific' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

Another question, when Ryan went to see the dog catcher lady the first time when she had the evidence of the fabric in the dogs tooth, why didnt Ryan have her take the dog to the lab for the full processing?

I was wondering that too. I think they didn't realize that the dog had bitten into the suspect's skin. Ryan did take the particle in the dog's mouth, but apparently there wasn't any human tissue there at the time.
Does anyone know what the song in the background is at around 8min 10sec, (sounds like a daft punk-ish eletronica beat) when the dog comes running at ryan, he calls for animal control and it cuts to the lab? Please help!
nevermind, i knew i had it somewhere in my music library, its ratatat - mirando, the song later on in the same episode is called seventeen years, by ratatat again
Is Calleigh glowing or what? Congrats to Emily.

Episode was good.I have a hard time remembering why I was not too fond of Miami in the past.Some things are ridiculous but is entertaining.

Ryan was cute both with the dog and flirting with the trainer.I am liking him a lot recently.

I like Calleigh line :"Nothing,It was before you and me".Becouse this is what I think about her and Eric past relationships.

Calleigh was great with the guns being the first one to catch it.Only a southern girl can be to tough and so cute the next scene.

And I am getting used to Horatio ,so I am even missing the one liners.
FTFYT---Thank Goodness for You Tube. I got to see the parts I missed---stupid cable station.

-The dog thing was hilarious. I would have reacted the exact same way. Have as a matter of fact.

- Bag over the head. Scary. I would have been a little more freaked out though, but Calleigh is tough.

- The pictures of the team. They date back to Power Trip -- at least that's where the one of Eric (and maybe Tara) is from (the opening sequence).

Next week...Poor Ryan. :(
I actually liked the episode. The colors were especially vibrant. :)

If they didn't have the character stuff it would have been boring though. Like the stuff with Calleigh and Ryan and a little bit of EC.

Does anyone know what song was playing when Calleigh was alone in the house looking for the box of cash? Is there a site somewhere where you can find a list of the songs they play?

Edit: I was just watching that last little of the episode on CBS's website, and I've been trying to figure out what they do to him to make him scream like that....It sounds like a ...woopaahhh! sound, (like a whip or something) but that wouldn't make too much sense. And you can see that thing around his neck more clearly, but still can't tell what it is.
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Maybe Ryan won´t really betray the team. I want to see him being a heroe and not the bad guy. I hope that, if he betrays them, they will forgive soon.
The thing in his neck could be something that provides eletrick shocks.
Finally, I need help, I can´t find the "Dear writers" tread. Where is it now?
There was maybe a total of 2 minutes that I enjoyed of this episode - Ryan & the dog cracked me up, & the ending sequence with Ryan being kidnapped, Frank & Natalia being watched.......my fabulous trio!! :adore:

They have sadly lost every bit of chemistry they used to carry. For a split second it was a nice flashback to the old days, but something ruined it, it wasn't the same. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with how Calleigh had been portrayed through the rest of the episode, & the last few seasons.
I find more & more that she doesn't mesh with anyone very well at all anymore.


Just a few minor things that I did like:
Horatio's evil laugh to Ivan.
The victim lived.
Ryan's butt shot....caps please! :p
& for once it wasn't Horatio with the victim at the very end *in shock* - it was Natalia, so that was pretty awesome even though there wasn't much to the scene.
I'm kind of in the middle with this episode. I loved the character's stuff but the case was a bit slow. Maybe it progressed that way because this one is a setup for next week, IDK. Still it had good and amusing moments.

Things I liked:

-The girl not dying.

-Ryan and the dog:guffaw: that was sooooo funny. The way he kept telling the dog to relax almost made me spit the water I was drinking :lol:.

-The banter between Eric and Calleigh over the can she brought him to process the print :lol:. What she said about blaming Ryan reminded me of the time in season three when she send him over to autopsy where Alexx was boiling the head and she and Eric had a good laugh over it. We need more banter like this.

-Eric using the cool technique to lift the print. Eric is kind of the print lifter of the team. IDK, but I automatically think of him when I think of print lifting scenes.

-Ryan saying "what that means is that you are a moron and that now instead of going to prison you've delayed going to prison" something along those lines. That was funny :lol:.

-Ryan and the animal control lady.... cute :)

-Horatio doing some actual work with gloves and everything in the crime scene :eek:.

-Calleigh and the bag over her head and then going into full CSI mode to preserve evidence, you go Cal!! Plus Eric worrying about her ;).

-Pissed Eric with weird photographer dude.

-Frank getting photographed :thumbsup:

-Ryan's "whatever, man" to Eric :lol:. Yeah Eric, Ryan kind of knows.

-Horatio's evil little smile. That was funny :lol:.

Things I didn't like:

-The case was a bit slow.

-Horatio not responding to Calleigh when she asked him if he was ok after the shooting. That really bugged me.

The characters really saved this one for me cause I was not impressed with the case.

Since jealous Eric is kind of being frowned upon I want to express my two cents on the topic. I don't think his reaction is childish or junior high at all. I think that Eric is still working on his insecurities and that being in a committed relationship will bring that out even more. I think that his jealousy was not over the top, crazy, psycho boyfriend type of thing. Calleigh saw right through it, reasurred him and the little smile he had in the ends makes me think that he was ok with it and especially with "tonight". Plus later on we see them talking again and he was totally ok. Even without the insecurities that have rissen after getting shot we could see that jealousy was not something foreign to him. We could say he got jealous and kind of angry when he learned that Natalia had invited Ryan to her gathering back in season 4. So I think that jealousy is something that Eric may struggle with and that most probably it'll be something he will have to work on now that for the first time (that we know of) he is in a serious, committed relationship. Something that, by the way, has to freak him out a little. This is new territory for him and there are a few things he'll just have to learn how to deal with along the way. I loved that Calleigh was so nonchalant about it and I think that her being that way will definitely help him through it. We all have our issues to sort out when we first get into a serious relationship, this is Eric's.
I agree, Eric's reaction to the photo was not over the top at all!
Trust me, that does not even begin to touch the frays of 'psycho' or 'crazy.' He was, if anything, modest in his concern. He's new to the relationship, he didn't accuse Calleigh of anything, he was completely in line. No biggie :thumbsup:

K, know I am not the only one out there who thought Horatio being followed by a team of armed swat guys was cool (towards the end of the ep after Ryan is kidnapped)
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Don't you all love how Horatio always appears out of nowhere? :lol: I mean, he always sneaks up like a ghost with the gun right at the person's head, lol!
Things i like:
1) Ryan was in blue shirt, this color look very good on him (I know, i know, ANY color looks good on him :p)
2) Scene with dog was hilarious! :lol: Good job Jon!
3) Nat working with H :)
4) How Ivon and Sergey talks on russian, it was funny, i watch this part twice before i understand what they say :lol: accent was funny.
5) Ryan flirting with girl, awwww, how cute :adore: He thinking not only about job! :lol:
6) Calleighs clothe.
7) Natalia and Frank pics (they toke Frank shot with tongue :lol:)
8) End of ep. Ryans butt shot :drool: then kidnapping, then "Go to hell!!!" and punches, poor Ryan! :(

Things i don't like:
1) Erics jealousy, you grow up man! Imo, it's just show that he don't trust her or not sure that he is her "man". And she his slave now, she should delete all male phonenumbers in her cell? :wtf: Maybe we see big break up in season final?
2) Calleigh was so dumb in this ep. First with print, i think she should know things like this. Then in Megan house, when she was attacked, she even not turn around to see was it Eric or not. Plus, when she say "Hey Eric"(or something) no one answered and she didn't care about this strange silence :wtf:
3) Calleigh and H, yep, they lost all chemistry between them. And i say more, she lost chemistry with everyone. Sometimes she don't have her chemistry with Ryan, that i always love :( :( :(

I give this ep 8 from 10, only bacause of Jons amazing acting and all Ryan scenes!
well, i pretty much liked the episode,even if i got to see it late.
Especialy liked:

the clothing on everybody;
Ryan with the dog and the dog person (Mindy or something?).he actually flirted with her... when did we saw that last?
Travers...YAY...with cal in the same scene...double YAY...
apparently H doesn't know russian... good to know...
E/C banter.... speaks volumes about the team spirit.. when you know that you can make a joke to somebody without him/her getting all freaked out....i have a theory about the reason that they what to do it toRyan and not somebody else,but i'm keeping it to myself until i can prove at least part of it
Ryan's "what ever,man":guffaw::guffaw:
Natalia's scene with H and her call on the pics.... and the "do you want to drive?":guffaw: all in all we saw more of her this time,no?
Cal prossesing something else... as much as i like her arround guns,is nice to see her doing something else....
Eric,his strange tehnique and Cal's awe to the result...it was like "you're the man"
the team working on a crime that was not a murder
the dig watching Eric work with the sample:lol:
Cal's "gun, everybody get down....."... just in time from the "bulet girl"... but anyway, IMO the shooter was a sniper so if he would've wanted them dead,they'll be dead.

sorry,that my ideas are not in a specific order but they kept coming to my mind while i was writing.
before i forget...the jealousy seemed pretty ok...i mean we (at least i) expected him to have some doubts,and to try to put some reasoning into this new thing... like a lot of people said already he's new to this... he need to know where he stands.... i saw it more like asking for a confirmation than like a jealousy scene.... and he was ok with the answer, i mean he was smiling when they parted ways after that discussion.
Trip's foto :devil:

p.s.what i didn't liked i'll keep it for another ocasion
I liked Ryan freakin' over the dog. Anxiety meds anyone? Thought Calleigh should know better after what happened to her and Ryan in Smoke epi why was she alone? And Eric in slow mo taking his sweet *ss time to get there-so bullet girl rescues herself in a way...Awkward is right about H and the stab victim-she was ready to talk to him since she realized he's a cop and presumably there to help and instead he's suspicious and not very compassionate, no wonder she went w/Natalia back to her messy house at the ending. Loved how quickly the team figured stuff out and seemed to be working the case together. Liked Horatio laughing to Ivan "u look good in orange"- big question? why oh why wasn't Ivan in SOLITARY confinement with NO visitors if he's suspected to be behind threats to COPS/CSI's??? that's weird, I understand he's got 'rights' but for real...never saw Kyle and I missed that but I guess since nobody really died there was no need to be in the morgue? I'll rewatch and look for it-dissapointed that the 2parter wasn't Mon/Tues but oh well...liked that Ryan must have been so tired to get out and check his own hummer for a flat when he knows the team is being targeted-I'd have called backup right away since Calleigh went missing last year doesn't Ryan remember anything at all? I though Eric had the brain damage..C+ episode I guess..