Episode 7x19 - 'Target Specific' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I don't know if I was more annoyed with the way some characters were in this ep or how badly Ryan is getting beaten up.

*Calleigh had the dumb blonde act down to a tee. Seriously who does not turn around to see who is coming into the room? She got cocky and the evidence went bye bye.

*When the heck did Eric get so smart? I think Valera or Travers should have been the ones to think of the mineral spirits it is thier areas after all.

*Ryan and the dog, funny yet teaching a lesson. Always clear the patio before going after the shiny object in the bushes.

*Eric and the middle school jealously. Dude you are an adult...act like one.

*Not having a cop outside at the scene or another CSI there...really they are slipping this isn't the first time someone left alone at a crime scene has gotten attacked...you'd think they would learn....obviously not.

*Lots of Ryan, which was very nice and much needed. Took the focus off the annoyances that were gooey looks when the scene could have ended and Frank could have made an awesome one liner for his entrance.

*H wearing gloves and doing work at the crime scene, very nice. Also no Kyle or Julia popping up to randomly take the focus off the crime, good job writers you got something correct tonight.

*Ryan and the tire...dude you're driving a Hummer....just keep driving and look at it later. The butt shot was very nice, but really the kidnapping was unoriginal.

Overall I was happy with the Ryan scenes and the oter tid bits...but there were things that went on, things said, or done that did not need to be there; I give the ep a 7.
no i didn't see kyle but since this is a two parter maybe they cut a scene or put it in next weeks episode but i did like the e/c scenes i like jealous eric first there there was his reaction to the picture that was good you could tell he was trying to hide his irritation and the fact that he wanted to know when the picture was taken which showed his insecurity. Ryan noticing it and calling him on it was cute, then the scene where he showed her the picture and you could see he was jealous and little upset that she was still in contact and how she knew it and tryed to reassure him that it was before they got together
All due respect to Delko... you're acting like her crazy ex did, jealous if another guy looks at her or she does things with another guy. Lose the attitude NOW
Well, i am going to play devil's advocate here i think alot of what they have been doing with the c/e relationship has been off screen so they only way to forward them without them actually spending to much time on it (because they want to keep the focus on the case) is to do what they are doing. Since they have gotten to a point with the c/e where they can't do that sexual tension with them anymore because they actually put these two together after seven years is to put little scene here and there. We knew it would come from eric he has been obsessing over her for quiet a while now and even though it is a little junior high it also shows how in love with her he is and because he is that in love with her there is a sense of insecurity which is what i think they were trying to show not really that he is being controlling only that the relationship is really new and he really isn't sure yet how he fits and is a little bit of a fear. For quiet a while now we have seen how he feels his thoughts are of her but that doesn't mean he isn't insecure about it. I think it was well done from there dialogue they have talked somewhat about it but he doesn't see why she is still in connect with him. As for calleigh for it seems like she was trying to reasure him that whatever happened with the trainer it was before they were together and she is commited to them that doesn't mean she just going to stop associating with everyone she knows i think they were mostly showing the ajustment these two will have to make with each other and that they are moving it a step forward or at least that is what i got but if he wasn't jealous i think then it would be something to worry about him being jealous is a natural response at this point in the relationship if they were together longer it probably wouldn't have bothered him because he would trust her but it is still to know just to not be affected by it
Kyle was present in the episode. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason that Eric and Calleigh had their little chat in a room off the morgue. Kyle could be seen doing something in the background.

Honestly, I hated this episode, with a few exceptions.

Why was Horatio at the EMS call? I still don't understand that.

Ryan and the dog = completely hilarious. He yelped like a little girl.

Too many E/C scenes. Give Natalia more screentime (though she did get some more in this ep, which was good.)

The hospital scene with the vic and Horatio was awkward.

Did anyone else feel like things were explained to us over and over? We had already been told like three times that the only blood found was the victims, then we had the hospital scene which re-iterated that and brought in the part about the cash drawer. The very next scene, Calleigh takes a phone call for no other purpose than to say the blood is all the victims and that she's going to look in the cash drawer. My jaw literally dropped. It was so blatantly being explained to the audience that I felt a little insulted.

Michael Travers is awesome. 'Nuff said.

Horatio has got to wear something other than black!

Ryan was amazing, although I don't really buy that he didn't see/hear that car park right behind him. That was weird. But loved the defiance in the end.

I was soo happy to see that Frank too is being photographed. He is overlooked a lot and I'm glad to see he's being included this time around.

The case was boring and had little to it.

Evan Ellingson (Kyle) was listed in the credits and all we saw was him vaguely standing in the morgue. Silly.

Calleigh is for the first time really bugging me. I used to respect her so much but I think that starzgirl has it right in saying she's acting like a "dumb blonde."

I give the episode a C-.

Wow, I'm really excited for this episode. Jon Togo is an amazing actor and I think he's really going to shine next week. I loved the clip in the promo where he starts screaming into his phone.
I have to somewhat agree not one of my favorite episodes the promo made it look better then it was but i really do like c/e so any scene with them is good to me i have never been a fan of natalia but i am glad that ryan will have more airtime. I did like how they seemed to show that calliegh and eric are in a relationship and his obvious insecurities was nice to see without having them spend a lot of the airtime on it. Seeing the different demenisions to eric's character towards calliegh was interesting though i still think this episode lacked something
Eric really did seem to be all jealous of the horse trainer guy and I don't know why he's denying a relationship with Calleigh to Ryan - obviously Ryan knows what's going on, he doesn't have to lie to him about it.

I'm glad the dog didn't eat Ryan
, but it looks like next week he's going to be in pretty bad shape.

Also, wasn't someone taking pictures of them all at the end of the episode? Did the guy who was taking them get released on bail or is it someone else taking pictures now?
Well, i am going to play devil's advocate here i think alot of what they have been doing with the c/e relationship has been off screen
All the CSI shows do that though so I wouldn't have expected anything else really. Grissom/Sara... that was a lot off screen and on NY with Danny/Lindsay and Flack/Angell it's the same thing - whatever is going on is mostly off screen. I think becuase it's a crime show they don't want to spend too much time focused on the characters or something.
I kept trying to figure out if the girl in the beginning was Natalia, but she wouldn't be still long enough for me to tell. :lol:

:lol: at Ryan and the dog. Loved him telling the dog to relax. :guffaw:

Isn't there supposed to be a cop at all scenes with a CSI at all times? Why was Calleigh at Megan's house alone?

Horatio actually called Natalia by her first name? That was weird. He usually calls her "Ms. Boa Vista".

Ryan to suspect: What that means is you're a moron. :lol:

How come no one ever realized the cops/CSIs can tell the difference between self inflicted wounds and non self inflicted wounds.

That dog seems very interested in what Eric's doing. :lol: Loved her watching him so intently. Cute!

Oh and the scene where Ryan bent down at the car... I nearly said "butt shot!" out loud. :lol:

Loved Ryan's defiance to the kidnapper.
Ok I just wanted to ask did anyone else notice in a couple of the scenes delko's shirt buttons were not buttoned correctly ? I wanted to mention that and I will post more tomorrow night cause I missed the first 15 min tonight. So far however of what I did see I agree with many of the opinions posted.
I really don't think this is a spoiler in any way, but, was it just me or did anyone else notice the dog was a male when it snapped at Ryan?
I really don't think this is a spoiler in any way, but, was it just me or did anyone else notice the dog was a male when it snapped at Ryan?

No, I didn't notice cause I was too busy looking at Ryan's expressions. :lol: That's no new thing though. Most of the dogs who played Lassie (on the series) were the opposite gender from what the character was supposed to be.
Very true, I just notice strange details all over the show and if they really bug me, I have to tell someone. Since my husband wasn't around, I couldn't tell him and I wasn't planning on making any long distance phone call at nine at night.
I have to wait until 15:00 GMT +1!! :( When I get back from school!:(
I really want to live in the US sometimes! :rolleyes:

i really want that too from time to time.... usually in respect to some tv show or something like that.i'll have to wait until 17.00 (+2) today...:(

the episode seems nice,even good from some points of view.... IDK why but i got a feeling from your posts that the dog is an important character in this episode:)
ok just watched the parts I missed...Wolfe and the dog was hilarious. I am going to have to agree with everyone on this...C- this episode was kind of boring and I felt like they think we are dumb...there were some good moments for our individual characters, but there is no "i" in team and I am seeing a lot of I's.
I think when Wolfe and Eric were in the a/v lab it would of been a little more realistic if eric was laughing a little more than being a jealous boyfriend...If I was Eric in that situation my 1st reaction would of been just to grab him by the shirt and throw him against the wall and tell him its none of his business, but heck that's me.

Another question, when Ryan went to see the dog catcher lady the first time when she had the evidence of the fabric in the dogs tooth, why didnt Ryan have her take the dog to the lab for the full processing? Eric comes back almost at the end of the episode to process the dog and the evidence is gone. I think the dog catcher lady and Ryan would make a cute couple.

I also wanted to point out that I did see H's son in the morgue when E & C met for their secret meeting w the photos. The whole "we will talk about this when we get home" does anyone by it that they are going to talk about it?? From some of the fan fictions I've been reading lately they um might talk about it for about two min and then well its time for bed. Was Eric smiling when she walked by him? the angle is kind bad..I liked the play between them, but it was kind of silly in away I dont know. Did anyone else notice that when Adam is talking his lips arn't moving that much, sort of mumbling again.

And its been 2 months already for E/C damn time moves fast in Miami.
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