Episode #601: 'Dangerous Son' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by Lucy, Sep 15, 2007.

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    There may have been two reasons for the scene at the gun range. One to explain how Ryan's prints got on the shell. They may have been trying to let fans know what was Ryan's situation, since he will be doing different jobs for a while.
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    Hey Everyone, :D

    I think the episode was GREAT! :D Action and kept a real good pace going, kept me interested and I also felt very sad at the end for Horatio. :(

    I liked how they all played a part and were in the ep. Horatio looks great and I loved that lost look when Valera said "He's your Son." :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I can't wait for him to tell him he is his father and I just love how secretive Horatio's past is... It really makes us think what else his deep dark past holds and I love the writers for sharing some of it with us. Very interesting! :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

    Calleigh Looks great, as usually as they all do but poor Frank, we need to get ride of that Uniform. :eek: He looks much better in a suite! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Next week looks great too, this season is going to be great! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    the prob i have with it was that it was like the finale the promo was good...actually made me thinking who was the couple making out but that never happened then as i said earlier it was just bad ...i fell half asleep the entire episode arrgghh...but hey its just the beginning of the season i just hope the writers get their senses back or something
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    This was my favorite part:

    Horatio: He's totally my son, Yelina!
    Yelina: OMG HOW!
    Horatio: I was in California for a few months and I met this chick and I totally loved her except she didn't know my real name and I really didn't know her very well but I still banged her and got her pregnant and then she disappeared and I didn't try to locate her or find her address or her phone number. But I totally loved her like totally!

    God. Can't he just say it? "I had a one night stand and got this chick pregnant." We all know that's what happened, Ho. Why lie? I hate the way the writers make him. And how did the kid end up in Miami?

    Watching Johnny and Emily flirt is like watching... well, David Caruso act. It's just so wrong and uncomfortable and you just want a cigarette and some cheap malt liquor to wash away the horrible taste in your soul.

    Natalia's horrible boob job is the stuff my nightmares are made of. They kinda look detachable, even. I guess that'd be kinda cool, if she's chasing after a suspect and can't catch up to him so she takes off one of her detachable saline sacs and throws it at him. That's the kind of television I'm interested in.

    Speaking of, she helped Ryan turn all his paper work in months ago, he never went back to work, and she's JUST NOW realizing that they didn't give him his job back? Natalia, if stupid were a color, it would be orange. And it would have fake boobs.

    I really just don't get where the writers are going with Horatio and Yelina. They live in the same city, they're in-laws kinda, he was like a surrogate husband to her for years and a father figure to her son, and they're in love... but they never visit or call each other, ever. And then they randomly meet by rivers, oceans, and canals and do some awkward flirting but then she walks away and... nothing happens. Honestly, what's stopping them at this point? Sometimes I think Horatio's gay.

    Actually, that would be awesome.

    Also, I don't get why she was all jealous about a woman he banged 16 years ago, that he lied to about his real name, etc. Save it for the ride home, Yelina! P.s. no more botox, please :(

    And now that I got all the negative stuff out of the way:

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    Frank should stick to the suit. he looks real dull. i just hope the writer's dont skip until the middle and then finish the story with "H's" son like how they did the story with marisol
  6. Finch

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    I thought the episode was a little crammed as well. The writing to me, seemed a little amateur. Horatio's explanation to Yelina about Kyle felt quickly written and absolutely bland. It was all too easy for such a development/revelation. Pensacola, NY, Miami, pick one. :rolleyes:

    Kyle is a very believable character and I felt a lot of sympathy for him. There's definitely this double-take with him. He's a good kid but he's also troubled and doesn't make the best decisions. I'd like to learn a bit more about him. :)

    I didn't much prefer the "I'm not your son" line, it was eye-roll worthy to me but otherwise he's a great character--for a start anyway.

    The overall plot was a little all over the place and it was hard for me to follow at times but that may be because it's late, lol. A good concept and a creative way to bring Kyle into the mix though.

    Thank goodness for the makeup people. Calleigh finaly didn't look like her eyelashes could hold up a semi trailer. I loved the natural look for her and the less formal hair style. :) I also enjoyed seeing the lighter side of her personality, it was a breath of fresh air.

    Ryan = :devil: [/fangirl]

    It was kind of weird how Eric was collecting the bullets and Calleigh was lifting the shoe prints. Oh well.

    And please, the technology that they have? Okay I know smart boards are used all over the place but it was all a bit too...Star Trek for me. Low-tech is the best way to go in my opinion. Makes it seem like we're all living on the same planet here.

    Well those are my thoughts for the moment, I'm sure I'll have more.
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    i was way too excited about the show coming back to be disappointed in any way. i swear, the episode was so great i had to go smoke a cigarette after it was over.

    i'd get into it but i just can't seem to do anything other than squee because i got to see H. i'll have to watch it again and then go over it. but my initial opinion is that the episode was flippin awesome. :D
  8. inthewind

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    :devil: :devil:

    The premier episode certainly lived up to my expectations. Lots of new storylines with potential for an exciting season.

    :cool:David did well by Horatio in the unveiling of his son. The explanation was plausible, the writing was realistic, Evan Ellingson was terrific as Kyle. He'll be a great asset in whatever episodes he appears. Horatio will have enough angst to spill over into a 7th season (please, can we see him laugh?). And,God, will he never shed the dark & drab? :cool: :rolleyes: :cool: :rolleyes:

    H & Yelina had a welcoming couple of scenes. No indication of when or if Yelina will be back in another episode.

    :pJake and Calleigh had a lot of eye sex going on (Calleigh fairly beaming at Jake, him ogling her). Can't get used to Eric working in a suit (in an effort to mature him we're going to have yet another 'suit' in Miami (never happens outside the office). His blossoming jealousy is becoming apparent.

    :lol:Natalia on the range with Ryan's help (is Ryan the coach she becomes involved with?), screwing up (bad shot).

    ;)A totally bald Tripp (not a bad look for him), in uniform in deference to his promotion to Sergeant. Lose the uniform; it doesn't work well.

    Alexx and Valera in place, no special scenes for either.

    If tonight's premier is any forecaster, it should be an memorable season. Plenty of introduced plots to draw on. :eek: :eek:
  9. Anni Grey

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    Alrighty, first off, I must admit to somethings. With regards to my
    harsh critique of s5, I know , I was hard on them, and well, I
    thought that it could've been better. A point that was proven well
    tonight. I've gone through the entire day, wondering if I was just
    hyping this show up to be more than it was, hoping that I wouldn't be
    disappointed. ..and, I wasn't! The very first thing I see is Tripp,
    wearing a uniform! Now, I've had all summer to speculate what the
    hell that was about, and to tell you the truth, I thought he was
    demoted. But, he has in fact, been promoted! Go figure, guess it pays
    to know the upper echelon of the Miami Dade Police department. Gotta
    love Frank though, when pressed about his new duds, he replies to
    Berkeley in true Tripp fashion...sarcastic ally! Welcome back Frank
    Tripp, you will be joined shortly by your commrades.

    Now, another thing that I have to admit to is the graphics. I was
    ridiculously obsessed with ridding the show of it- it really didn't
    show any purpose other than to annoy the hell out of me. But in s6,
    I've grown accustomed to it, even if it does give me a headache from
    time to time. It's a season of growth, people!

    Yet another truth that was staring me in the face ( and prepare to be
    shocked)...Ryan is hot. Simple, balantly, hot. Now, there are varying
    degrees of hotness, ranging from Eric wet suit hot, to Speed( just
    plain hot) and Ryan falls in the middle there. I think it was the
    almighty stubble that did me in, and the fact that he is still
    suffering the consequences of his misdeeds in s5. There's just
    something so satisfying when things can be kept in the realm of
    reality. I can guarntee that if he was back in the lab , processing,
    I would've probably hated his guts,...as I was oogling his hotness.
    There, I've said it. Moving right along...

    Nice to see that we all have a sense of style this season...well,
    except for Mr. Delko. I think he has pulled the short straw, possibly
    the same straw that Ryan pulled last year, for the sucky wardrobe.
    Calleigh was fierce in a simple black outfit, Natalia...WHOA. ..she
    rocked that blue shirt. Even Ryan was looking rather fab ( there I go
    again). The entire wardrobe department mustve gotten the memo from
    Sesame Street about biting their style. Glad to see that they worked
    all that out.

    The love triangle:

    Simply put... wow. Eric clearly still has a hang up with the whole
    Jake and Calleigh thing, and spared them no expense, mentioning their
    vacation to Antigua at any given moment. Here's a little tid bit of
    advice, Eric...MOVE ON. She's got her eyes on Mr. Berkeley. Enuf said
    ( I apologize to any hip huggers that I've offended). On the other
    side of that coin, Jake and Calleigh look very relaxed and content
    with each other....Must' ve been that Antigua sun...

    Yelina Salas:

    She's a beloved character, she's been through hell...But apparently,
    the private eye business is very lucrative. Did you see the car she
    was sportin? Lady's getting paid. It was cool that Horatio went to
    her in regards to Kyle, but honestly, how awkward could that have
    been to go to someone you had the hots for and ask them to look into
    a possbility of parentage of another child?? And good lord, she was
    a nosey someone: "Was it serious?" What do you think, Yelina?
    Psha...you weren't the only love of his life...

    Horatio as a Daddy:

    We all knew this day was going to come. I mean , really, Horatio
    exudes all that a parent should be and it would've been a shame to
    let him continue on without introducing a child of his making. Good
    call with the actor who played Kyle...Talk about uncanny, even the
    boy stood like him and had that staring off into the distance thing
    down pat. The only thing that was missing , was the SOJ's and a H3 (
    come on, Son, do you think Daddy would've given you the keys to his

    But all that aside, I think it was done tastefully, and very well.
    The look that Horatio gave Valera , Yelina, and even Eric was
    classic. He was torn up inside , now knowing that he had a son, who
    apparently couldn't keep himself out of trouble long enough to pose
    (oh sorry, we are talking about Kyle here...). All in all, I'm glad
    that they are going the route they are with the story line. Now, if
    they can just keep it up!

    My girl Nat: Can't shoot for sh*t. More time at the range is needed.
    That's about it for that. She rocks though. Hard.

    Alexx: Looking lovely, and again, sorely underused. I hope this
    doesn't continue. She needs her time to shine.

    Eric: Get him to the second ep already. He was rather ho hum tonight.

    Valera: Nice to see her, but gosh...what' s up with the hair?

    All in all , the ep was enjoyable, and well, we might be seeing a
    return of some sorts to Miami of old, especially for Horatio. I can
    see that this whole 'I have a son' thing is going to wear on him.
    Good...finally something for David to do instead of posing.
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    THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Although, I must admit, a tad soap opera-ish. But all in all, it was enjoyable. We got to see Yelina and Valera. We got to see how lousy Natalia is with a gun. OMG...I laughed at that scene. ANd Horatio has a son! I do have to admit though, my first thought was WTF?
  11. melonbrain

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    I loved this episode...anyways...the Horatio and Yelina scene was awesome...but...haven't they been flirting with each other since season 1??? Weird o_O

    Did anyone else notice that David Caruso has lost some of his wrinkles of what? He definitely got botox.

    It doesn't seem to sound like Horatio to sleep with another woman that he doesn't know and with his "other" name too. Horatio isn't that bad...or is he??? BAD COP!!! and... BAD HORATIO!!!!! :p
  12. BlueCurl

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    One word: wow! great episode. I missed this CSI: Miami since season 3! Really the whole interaction with one another! The Ryan storyline that he's working on that gunrange and stopping by when needed, kinda like a new-old ryan! Natalia with that gun. Even though I still can't seem to like her character, she went up the ladder in my personal view. Kyle probably still goes to jail so not to soapy. It was a bit but not TO much. Horatio full of regret with not telling his real name to that woman. Could just see it in his face... I want to watch it again and again! but I've got school work to do, lots of..

    Jep, after a shallow s5 I really enjoyed this episode! Hope they continue like this. I loved it!
  13. catwarfan

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    Overall not a bad epi at all. Predictable at times but it kept my attention for the whole episode. I'm impressed. The writers didn't screw it up. :eek:

    David/Horatio broke my heart as well :( :(. The look on Horatio's face when he found out that Kyle was his son. Then the looks when Horatio is warning the Coast Guard and later when Kyle rebuffs him. David did a great job with these scenes. I like the interaction between Horatio and Kyle it has potential ( which probably means these writers will drop it.)

    I felt the story came a bit out of left field as well about who Kyle's mother was. It seemed a little to quick. To me it would have been better if they had drawn it out a bit more. More suspense. Heck at one point I was wondering if Yelina was the mother.

    I like Horatio having a dark past as well. I hope as well that the writers bring that up more. I would have liked the connection to be to his past in NY ( that subpeona is still annoying the heck out of me), but I guess that isn't going to happen.

    One little thing. Could somebody please change Horatio out of that drab black. Is that all he wears now in the hot Miami heat? though I will say I like that Horatio and Calleigh were a match though in their outfits. ;)

    Not feeling the triangle between Calleigh, Jake and Eric. Not sure really what to make of it. I'll wait to see more of that storyline.

    Frank in a patrol uniform :eek: o.k. that was interesting. I'm not sure if it works on him though. I liked him better in the suits personally.

    Anyone catch that the bad guy was David Gallagher. I remember watching him grow up squeaky clean on 7th Heaven. My goodness how times have changed. I like the role change for him though.
  14. BlueCurl

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    About wondering if the kid was from H/Yelina... that did also cross my mind!

    They should drop the triangle between eric, calleigh and jake. I do like calleigh and jake together but let eric handle it normally... their was already something going on in a triangle with eric, ryan and natalia. hated that too!

    David Caruso did a hell of a job with his scenes concerning Kyle...

    Frank in patrol... Stetler wasn't wearing uniforms and he's a sergeant right? Lose the uniform on frank. I do like his clean shaved head though!

    David Gallagher played the bad guy well. The only thing I disliked there is that he coughed up everything. Just ask for a lawyer and stuff damn. It is always like that. That just bugs me. but uhuh I remember him being 10 and a little dude on 7th-heaven sweet as hell. They never showed newer episodes than the 3 first seasons here so I ony now the small simon :p Such a difference!
  15. hiphugaholic

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    This episode is easily forgettable for me. Not bad and not good either. Cast is as hot as ever. Absolutely noticed that Sofia's got botox done. They didn't spend that much time at the lab. Hopefully that changes on the episodes to come, as I understand that they're going for action packed season. Maybe they can find a happy medium? sigh.

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