Episode #522 'Burned' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I don't mind, actually. Like Adam said in an interview, not everyone is perfect. I like Ryan's complexity. It makes him very real to me. I think he's a guy you can relate to, as opposed to Horatio. His humanity makes him a good character to me. Most people, when cornered, tend to lie. So I don't think it's the writers trying to bring the character down. I think they just want to make him more human and it really worked. Ryan is a good guy with a knack for getting into trouble. I think that's happened to every one of us at one point in our lives. But who can say they can relate to Horatio?

Bottom line, it's his propensity to stumble that makes him more real to me. I mean, we're always complaining that Horatio's too perfect and never screws up.
My hatrid of Stetler has reached a new high. Poor Ryan, please someone clarify something for me:

Totally wasn't expecting Yelina to be in this episode my jaw hit the floor!!

It's okay for Stetler to hit women but it's not okay for Ryan to gamble? WTH! I don't think H "ratted him out" Stetler is like hearburn shows up when you least expect it.

Stetler must pay!!! I finally warm up to Ryan and wam they fire him. *sigh*

Oh and wasn't Natalia j-e-a-l-o-u-s! I think Eric is liking the attention Calleigh is giving him but in the scene where he was removing the shard of glass out of Calleigh finger she was looking at him and he went back to the case, I really think he likes Natalia.

All in all I definatly give this A+.
Wow this episode shocked me.

1. Yelena is back!

I am very surprised Yelena is back. I thought once she went to that other show (prefer to remain nameless), that she is gone for good. This surprises me greatly. I think it is pretty cool, though. And I like their interaction. Did she actually say she prefers to stay in that profession? Why couldn't she go back to being a cop? They always need a good cop. And, I thought H was going to ask her to replace Ryan!?! Which brings me to the next pt.

2. Ryan is fired!!!!

I am sad and shocked. I like him. I thought he was interesting in a weird nerdy way. And I've grown to like him. But I am especially shocked that he lied to H. But after thinking about it for a few minutes and after seeing H's smile in the window, I am wondering if it is all part of a set-up. Remember H had Ryan do some underground work before? Maybe ... But then when I think of how it was played...I am not sure. Ahh...but wait! Remember when H was questioning him and he paused, looked up and we saw Stetler through the glass in the hallway? That looked like it could be part of the setup scenario, too. Eh! Very confusing and heart wrenching, too. It will disappoint a lot of fans to have Ryan leave is such disgrace. To put the whole team down that way. Without H pulling it all back together again. wouldn't seem the CSI Way. Sigh.

3. Calleigh is being tender with Eric again!!

OK! Once, or twice, when needed I can see her doing something tender to Eric or other team members... But 3 times!!!!! Ayi ayi. Sorry folks, I ain't liking this one bit. Don't get mad! I just think she deserves better. That's all! Don't get mad! If I were in her shoes, I would see Eric as a cute little 'boy'. Ayi!
Quick q- when H said he saw the video, was he talking about a tape of the interrogation Ryan did? I think it'll be interesting to see next week with Ryan on the other side. Especially knowing all the issues he had with the press when he was dating...whatever that girl's name was.

Yay Calleigh and Delko!! Finally! :D I hope if they persue that storyline, they show us some off duty stuff, like Mac and Peyton on NY and not just have it be implied like Delko with Boa.

Poor Frank and poor car! Hopefully some good stuff will be coming his way...then again it's funny when he gets pissy :lol:
Great episode!

- Yelina's back yay!
- We got Wringly H!
- Poor Ryan, but he'll be back so yay!
- I couldn't stop laughing when Delko teased Frank about his car.

Delko: Ha so does the waterheater come standard or is that custom? :lol:

The case itself well it started very good, but the couple had planned on setting there place on fire to get rid of the stalker? C'MON!
I am not reading spoilers or possibilities for storylines and such. So I haven;t read any of the above... Just my comments on the episode:

I want Yelina to be a detective again not a PI!

I'm wondering why Ryan is in debt so big.. He says it is because he did it because of the lab and such... But I am sure we'll get an answer soon!

Overall I really liked the episode. I did not expect she burned her own house! Nice turn!

just looose the sparkles between calleigh and eric... bleg!

Poor frank btw! hehe... Hey frank if you have a new car I have somebody to pick you up :lol:
I got the impression from the way Stetler looked at Horatio after Ryan got up and left that Stetler could tell something was wrong...like Horatio was worried or angry or both and that it had something to do with Ryan. You know what I think??? I think in that moment Stetler softened and felt bad for Horatio. I think Stetler might have heard Horatio say to Ryan "If you don't level with me right now, you're not going to have a choice, you understand?" Then Stetler saw the look on Horatio's face after Ryan got up and left so Stetler did a little snooping and found out what was going on. As for Horatio looking out the window at Ryan and smiling...I think that was like a fatherly "Don't worry, son. Everything will be ok." smile. That officer that "bumped" into Ryan while Ryan and Horatio were looking at each other seemed to "bump" into Ryan on purpose. Wish I could've seen his face or the name on his badge so I'd know if it was that one Ryan shoved in Death Eminent.
Ok - I feel like I missed a whole scene. How & why did Stetler get involved? This is Ryan's personal life. He did not make the evidence disappear - he paid off the debt. Why exactly was Ryan fired - because he gave that guy the money? Something seems to not be adding up. Somthing feels like it is missing. How exactly is he protecting the lab? Again - something does not seem right...
Ryan gets fired for gambling....yet Eric still has his job after buying illegal drugs and Calleigh never got in trouble for "helping" her dad after he got in that car accident when he thought he killed someone. Yeah - this all makes so much sense.
Good episode, but I feel like they're tyng to do too much at once. Poor Frank Try explaining that one to your insurance company. (does a flying water heater count as an 'act of god' :lol:) When he had the first scene with Ryan for one brief moment I thought he was going to ask him to borrow his car. :lol:

Anyway, bak to Ryan:
There seems to be more going on then they are showing. Hopefully this will get sorted out next week. ;) \
His scene with H was interesting, can't beleive he lied to H. :eek:

I thought the weird expression H had was a bit creepy too. Again, they is something going on that either wasn't explained well, or will be fixed next week.
Whoa! While it's a bit of a shock that Ryan got his @$@$ fired, I can't say that I was too surprised either. Given all the trouble that Horatio's had with Stetler and IA, and given the fact that Erik Delko got his work questioned due to his injuries and the marijuana issue and all the static from the County Supervisor, not to mention that Horatio gave him a chance to come clean and admit to what was going on but Ryan chose to lie to him, he shouldn't be surprised he's been bounced from the Crime Lab. Now it looks like next week he's going to be feeding his desire to be on TV and parlay his old job into a consulting reporter's gig on that TV station with the blonde reporter. Sad, sad, sad, Mr. Wolfe.

I live in Houston, and there was a Seargent with HPD whom I won't name that did this segment on a Houston station for about a year or two. The guy was trying to parlay his HPD job into some version of COPS or America's Most Wanted, and after a year, HPD fired him because he revealed too much about HPD's police procedures and crime lab to the general public. Of course, recently HPD's DNA lab within crime lab has been exposed for having sloppy procedures, making them look like LV's day shift or Miami's night shift.

In any event, the Miami Crime lab, particularly Horatio's shift, is on a VERY SHORT LEASH and Ryan was a FOOL to not come clean with H. I like the character, but I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM in the least after all that went down.

It was nice to see Yelena again, but that Bryant dude was a SLEAZE and I hope he gets the Grey Bar Hilton for his residence for the next few years. The whole story was just plain sad really. However, I'm getting fed up with all the rich folks they keep on showing in Miami. What happened to the folks in Overton Loop, or all the Cuban Americans in their barrios like we saw in earlier seasons? WTF?

I was a bit amused at what happened to poor Frank Tripp's car. I bet he had good insurance to replace it with. Still, between the land mine and the rocket powered water heater demolishing his car, I wouldn't be placing any bets if I were him!!!
well i think that it was a pretty good episode
mainly becasue there was a lot of humor and then came the bad part
i like it at the end when ryan was leaving and horatio smiled at him like saying that everything was going to be ok
and i loved ryans look when stetler stopped him at the elevator
but i cant beleive it when horatio was talking to ryan and ryan was acting like there was nothing wrong and how he was talking to horatio who is a supreme being to him
and horatios line was great not corny at least
First thing I have to say: Poor Frank! :lol:

I think they just want to make him more human and it really worked. Ryan is a good guy with a knack for getting into trouble. I think that's happened to every one of us at one point in our lives. But who can say they can relate to Horatio?
I agree with this statement. In a lot of ways, I felt Ryan was out of character in this episode, but somehow lying about what was going on felt right. I wish he hadn't, of course, but it seemed natural.

Stetler, of course, was way to happy about firing Ryan, but it was good to see him again. We don't get to see him often enough. Also a nice treat to see Yelina again, and find out what's been happening with her.
Wonderful, as always, to see Valera :) Loved the new hair, though it could still be a bit darker :lol:

Overall, I'm not sure about this episode. I think it would have been nice to have it focus a bit more on what was going on with Ryan. The case it's self was alright.
Poor Ryan, I'm so sad right now :(, I hate Stetler, he's such a yeah you know, i can't say it here. Ryan looked hot last night. I feel so bad for Frank and his car, and loved how Delko was jokin around with him, that was cute, i also like how Ryan joked around before he went to talk to that guy :lol:. Valera's hair love it too. There wasn't enough Ryan for me.
I agree - it should have been more of Ryan. It seemed very broekn up and not done well and with little explanation. Definitely seems that more is going on then we were told.
:eek: :eek: Good eppy!!

Ahhh...Ryan, why did you lie!! And it was so obvious, he is a bad at lying...

Rick is back!! Yeah! He is the best bad guy!

OMG, balance that centrifuge!!!!

Yelina was good as always, Hopefully she won't sleep with Horatio, I don't want her to be killed off :lol: