Episode #522 'Burned' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I'm sure I read it somewhere (if on here, I apologise for not giving credit where it's due) but the station has some video tape about the carjacking. Ryan goes into detail about how CSIs would be looking at it, the tape is enhanced and the perp can be identified. He is then killed by a vigilante, and of course, Ryan is held responsible (at least in the eyses of his former colleagues). Maybe this is what Calleigh means by 'Breaking all the Rules' in the promo.
Of course, I might have dreamt it, but if I'm right, I'm going to try dreaming the winning numbers in tonight's Euro Lottery. :lol:
I agree that the writers have had it in for Ryan. They're always making him out to be such a a**. I really don't want to not like Ryan but the writers are making it really hard.

On a slightly shallower note, Ryan looked gorgeous in this ep. That suit looks good on him.
This is one of my favorites also. Ryan getting into trouble and getting himself fire causing Rick to keep him off of the lab floor.