Emily/Calleigh #9: 'Charlie's missing 4th Angel!'

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Sorry for the question :(...but as I'm Italian I don't know who Rachel Ray is :(...Who is she? The one from the show Emily was in last year? :confused:
I never saw Emily on a talkshow yet. The didnt are any here.. I saw one of Ellen on the web. But i love to see a real one on the tv. She must be so cute, i really like to see her poker.. That must be so funny..
They aired one 2006 in the U.S.A...it was "Live with Regis & Kelly" :D (I think so :D....I don't know if it really happend)
I've watched it on Youtube :D.....both her and Kelly were fatastic :lol: :lol:....it was the evening or the afternoon they aired "Death pool".
They were really funny :lol: :lol:
They talked about her...when she was young and she made the "weather girl" :lol:...they also talked about "The west Wing"....and they talked about her on CSI:Miami (especially about her own stunt scene in "Going Under") :D
OH...she was also on "Conan O'Brien 2006" but I dind't know until now (I've just read it) :confused:.
aussieturtle , I know how you feel, becauyse I'm from Australia too... grrr... I hardly get any Emily :p It's so hard sometimes... :lol:

Hey, everyone! I haven't been on in ages, but I'm glad to be on now! Loving all the new pics, and the discussion... that flower arranging pic is just the sweetest, Em looks so angelic in that one ;) :p

Well, I'm off again, but I might drop in soon :)
Here's a pic of Emily at Charrioldinner :D


hope you like it :D

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Berylla Nienna said:
i really like to see her poker.. That must be so funny..

I have a few clips if you would like me to send them to you? PM me if ya do.

I havn't posted on here before *waves shyly* I've read everything like a trooper though :lol:

hey guys. i've been meaning to post here but i've been busy with Speed :devil: and Horatio...and Eric and Ryan. but i'm here now and i'll post here as often as i do in the guys' threads!! because the fact of the matter is...EMILY rocks!!! oh and she wears heels to do everything!! even clean her house!!!
yeah....you said it right :lol: she really rocks :lol: :lol:
oh....we have a new member :D...welcome Adorelo :lol:
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