Emily/Calleigh #13 - SuperCalleighfragilisticexpeEmilicious!

Backfire was great!! Emily was in top form and it was great to see her in other colors instead of the usual black. She looked gorgeous!!

Thanks for the article, Emily is adorable! It would be different to see Calleigh in a skirt or a dress, they did that with Natalia a few seasons back but I think there was criticism about that. It wouldn't hurt to have the ladies on the show wear skirts or dresses once in a while.
I don't ever post over here, but I just wanted to say Emily's performance tonight was AMAZING! She's always awesome, but tonight, she stepped it up and I loved it! It made the episode that much more enjoyable! Great job on her part!!! Loved it.

Not to mention, she was gorgeous! Loved her attire as well.

(And, I have to add--- I absolutely *ADORE* the thread title! Best ever! :D )
All I'd like to say is OMG! (But I can't write just that LOL)

Our Emily has done her best, great performance and the episode was good too. I can't really believe how great her scenes are, I think I need to watch them some other times before being able to talk about it, I am still shocked!

What to say...an award for Emily?;)

Emily did an absolutely fabulous job on "Backfire"!
She did a pitch-perfect portrayal of the range of emotions that Calleigh was experiencing as she hovered between life and death. The scenes where:

  • she freaked out when she realized that she could see and hear the deceased victim,
  • she saw herself lying in a coma on the hospital bed,
  • she was being revived by the doctors,
  • she interacted with Eric ...
... were all especially great!

Emily truly nailed this eppy!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
I am working exactly on those clips...I mean..she was so great!!!!
Finally a deserving episode. *still stunned*
Emily's performance in yesterday's episode,"Backfire", was by far her best yet!!! She was given a wide range of emotions, and she handled all of them brilliantly :thumbsup:! Way to go Emily!
As always, you made us fans very proud :)!
Just to join in and celebrate how amazing Emily's performance was last night!!!:thumbsup: I especially loved how freaked out she looked when she came to and opened her eyes. Thought she did a great job there. Also loved how even though she couldn't speak she said so much to Eric with her eyes and her smile. That was sweet :). I felt so sorry for her when she said at the end that she felt like she knew the kid and touched his face. That was a really sad moment also played very well by Emily. Great episode for her.:bolian: It just confirms time and time again that I definitely watch because of Emily... and Adam too :lol: ;)
I've just came back from school and will now watch the episode!!! I'm even more excited after reading all your thoughts :D yayayayay!
I've just came back from school and will now watch the episode!!! I'm even more excited after reading all your thoughts :D yayayayay!
Can't wait to read your comments after! :)

I posted a little poll on PCA site for CSI:Miami Emily fans...need to know which scene is your favorite..
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Like so many have said,Emily was amazing in that episode.Not that I don't miss bullet girl, but is nice to see Calleigh more in contact with her emotions.With a lesser actress,it could have been a dull episode but Emily made it work.:thumbsup:
I have to admit, being an asthmatic, I really responded to Calleigh going into respatory distress. My heart nearly stopped in my chest. She sounded like I do when I have an attack. Great work on her part! I loved all of her scenes, really. Somebody give the woman an award, already!
As always Emily delivered. Her personality shone through in the scene where Calleigh was freaked out by Patrick's ghost. She was funny. Kudos too for her hospital scenes and of course the scene at the morgue. I'm glad that they are showing how Calleigh's personality is gradually evolving in to a person that is in touch with her emotions. As Emily said in one of her recent interviews "Love is a powerful thing" and that is what Eric has shown her.
Hoping to see more of Emily's acting caliber!