Emily/Calleigh #13 - SuperCalleighfragilisticexpeEmilicious!

Hi all!! Thanks for an update! I haven't posted here in a while because to be honest I've lost interest in CSI Miami in general. I haven't even seen the finale - because for me if there is no EC than I'll watch occasionally watch for Emily or Adam only. Great that Cal adopted kids. However, there has been such an opportunity to go ahead with the relationship - but no, the status is still open, for so many seasons now. I'm tired with it. It's clear to me that TPTB is still playing and is not going to do anything to please their EC fanbase. Therefore they've lost one fan - me.
It's very quiet here recently - hardly anyone posting. For the sake of the actors I hope the show will come back., For me it doesn't really mater anymore. I'm disappointed.
I was pretty sure that the show would come back, but it's all been so quiet that now I really don't know what to think. Emily posting in twitter is great. It'll also be a fun way to know what she's up to if we don't get another season.

kala I know exactly how you feel ;).