Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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adorelo and kellygirl....thank you.
I remember watching that episode and laughing so hard I thought I'd pee. I kept watching that part over and over.
Yes the part where they are messing with Ryan (maybe) and they are all sitting around laughing and goofing..LOVE IT!
okay thanx for lettin me no :)...i luv that pic, she takes great pictures. cant wait for the next new eppy!!
No probs Sara :D .... lol all hail Queen Leela :lol: ... Heather How come you have two signatures :confused: ? ... thanks for the piccie Florry hadn't seen that one before, do you have any other old ones :eek: ? Phew :cool:

delkolover said:
Dude, she makes any outfit look good. :D

#2 & #3... If I had those gowns I'd keep them in a sealed bag and only wear them on really REALLY special occasions. They're beautiful!!! Emily looks gorgeous in them.
rummy80 said:
adorelo i love your icon!!
do you have the original pic?if yes could you post it?

I'm sorry, I don't. I can have a look online for you, maybe hunt it down. :)

And Emily looks good in anything. If she was taller, she'd make a great high fashion model. She can pull of anything!

What was with all the cleavege in the last episode? Haha. :devil:
thanks for posting all the pictures calleighspeedle . And I totally agree that she looks great in everything. and as for those BEAUTIFUL dresses, i would be so afraid of them getting wrecked. im not a huge fan of dresses on me, so ill leave dresses to emily. ttyl
Great pics guys! Those dresses were gorgeous! I'm very jealous of the fact that Emily can wear ANYTHING and it will always look good and become fashionable. Lol.
Adorelo, I thought I was the only one who noticed all that cleavage :D (how could you not? :rolleyes: )

Those who missed it:

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