Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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Re: Emily/Calleigh #10 a thread looking for a name

I cn go fetch the mod if ya want? I like that idea to! Reminds me of that song 'She's a perfect 10, but she wears a 12....' hehe.

Edit: I've asked Lucy to pop by... She'll let us know what to do :lol:

Thanks Lucy and Adorelo :D ..... woooo our thread is named *breaks bottle of champagne over the thread and does happy dance* :lol:
To celebrate the new thread/name - some brand new Emily hotness:


Thanks for putting up the title.

Emily, as a Perfect 10, plllllleeeeease DO NOT copy Bo Derek's cornrow hair style. If you do, I'll make you copy Rex Linn's current hair style.
Rex Linn is the actor who plays Frank Tripp....and you're all very welcome re adding the thread title. :)
Thanks Darkeyez love the pics :D ... sorry all Love Frank but I mostly don't know the actors names :confused: I have a really rubbish brain for putting names to faces :p
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