Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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Thanks Luce, you're a star!

Love the new pics! We need to do something really random and different to the other threads. I mean we had/have 'pic of the day' over at the Eric/Calleigh thread. Maybe we could come up with somethig fun like that?

hey everyone!! im new here and ive gotta say that i luv emily p's role in csi miami. ive been reading these forums for a while and im just joinin now, so HAPPY 10TH THREAD!! :D
Welcome sara0989. Glad you've come out of the shadows. Grab a drink and take a pew, chat away and have fun!! :)


*steals a cookie*

She looked so bright and refreshed Monday night. I'm not a Cake fan but if her being with him makes old Calleigh come back then I'm all in baby!
I'm finally dead on arrival . YaY!!!. when do i get my own little picture when when !!! lol . i cant wait for mondays new episode . i tivo'd it .
tranceraver69 - You'l get your avatar once you have made 100 posts. You can keep track at the bottom of you home page.

Kerosene- I LOVE the killer duck. That was one of the funniest Calleigh moments hehe. That and when her and Delko were messing Ryan about with the little coffin - or were they? Hehe.

Wow already the 10th thread?! Congratz!
I really skipped the place for a while. Maybe I'll be back for good now. *lmao*
Already the tenth thread! :D We're going so fast! Congrats on the new thread everybody and thanks for the new pictures. Emily looks great :D *joins the party*
hey thanx 4 the welcome :) im really excited for season 6. im a fan of calleigh and eric, but her and jake look cute together too. how do u guyz get all the recent pics of emily?? becuase i usually get pics from you guys :p ttyl
Yeah Leela is our Queen. This she is the only reasonably organized one of us! She's got everything! And I mean everything.

Welcome Sara, have I already said hi to you? I forget. Oh well,

Kisses y'all
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