Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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Yeah that´s awesome, Calleigh will get here storyline this Season, I really hope that Horatio will help her out. I hate Stetler, his doing everything to get Horatio´s team down.
wow, okay... :eek: :D

I haven't been on in what feels like forever for me, but wow... I read the article and I have to say I am quite happy... okay, more than happy (like most of you) that Calleigh will finally get her epi, this season... I can't wait to see it in Australia.. *waits overly IM-patiently until next year*

Also... Lela.. I visited EP.de yesterday, and I love the new layout... so cute and sweet :D
If you go into the spoiler thread there is 2 posts that have links to the promo and one is a teaser of the first like 2 minutes of the episode. Its so nuts!!!!
I am so glad they're letting Emily show a different side of her acting skills! I think she's such a good actress, and I like it when the writers figure out how to bring out a different side of a character and an actor's skills. Plus Emily's just COOL!
yeah im glad Emily finally gets to do something more than what she normally does. She deserves it! Not to mention she'll hit it out of the park! :lol:
Hey I caught the tail end of Emily's mini appearance in TVguide channel yesterday for fashion segment but I didn't see the entire thing. Anyone got it on youtube or something? Thanks!
wow, monday's episode was great! she showed so many emotions. i liked how she was gettin so angry at stetler. that was awesome :p and she felt so guilty about the accident. great job by emily !! :)
i LOVE the episode!Emily did an amazing job!!!she's the best actress of the show for me! :cool:i hope to see many others calleigh-centric episodes!
she's the LADY of MIAMI! :cool: :cool: :cool:
the emotion that Emily had throughout the episode was awsome!! nomrally we don't get to see that and it was great to have an episode so centered on what Calleigh was going through!!
I think someone asked for this clip ?! Emily did some trendshopping for the Fashion Team!
You can watch it HERE

And then I just wanted to let you know that we uploaded 115 Caps from 'Stand Your Ground'!
You can see them HERE
Thank you so much BulletGrrl ;)
I just wanted to say Emily rocks...she was just fantastic las night...she did an amazing job :D

How can I say it??? BulletGrrl There's a problem with TV Guide vid...It doens't load :confused:
Thank you as always for the caps!
Emily really did a super job and I really hope that the writers continue to work with the character and allow more of Calleigh to come forth.
I loved how she conveyed so many emotions so perfectly in "Stand Your Ground." I cheered when she let Stetler have it! Her stunt work was great, too. Bravo, Emily!
how beautiful is this woman?!!!
she's amazing..an amazing actress with an amazing smile in amazing body! ;) :devil: :cool:
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