Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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Oh! Our dear Emily joined the picket line to support the writers yesterday! :)


The big ones: HERE !
YEAH....the first member of CSI:Miami to support the writers ;) good job Emily :)
Thank you so much Leela for the pics :D

And yeah I'm not the only one to get confused with TV Guide's article :lol:
My favorite part of the article is when Emily refered to Calleigh always being at home in the lab. I thought that was sweet...the lab is her home.. its her family.
Sometimes it just sucks to live in England. Lol, we've not even got to the end of S5 and I can't wait for this episode! I supposed, I shall just have to rely on youtube like always! I love all the pics and articles here, I don't have to go trawling the web for them :D
GO EMILY!!! It is nice to her and other actors supporting their writers. At least these actors realize what the big wigs don't; that w/o the writers they are nothing. ;)
Today in history class we had to read this passage about a war and there was a fort named Fort Duquense. I'm thinking that maybe the writers named her like that because she is strong.

I also can't wait for Monday. She finally kinda explodes.
this doesn't really have anything to do with calleigh bue we leaned about a Horatio Gates in history & instantly thought of Miami! Just shows how obsessed I am! :lol:

fort means strong in french so she is strong Duquesne! :lol: very true!
Dude. GO Em!

Monday will be cool! But I'm still hunting down the promo. I wanna watch it again!! Gerr. :p.
It is about time that the writers addressed her emotional state and the need for it to finally come to a head. I mean how long can one woman hold all her emotional problems inside before they finally boil over? and Cal has a lot of emotional baggage. Not to mention her need to be perfect and not make a mistake.

I just hope the team rallies around her the way she has always rallied to their side when they are in need of help. She has always been the 'rock' of the team, so it will be interesting to see how the team deals with her making a mistake and not being the one to lean on.

I think Emily will rock this episode and it is sooo cool that she did her own stunts. She totally strikes me as the person who would want to get down and dirty and do them herself.
Its nice that the writers are finally going to go into Cal's past and why her guard is always up. Hopefully she will have H on her side against Stetler. Its about time Emily has her moment, is it Monday yet?
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