Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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Dam right! I love how she can be all intimidating then all flirty and sweet. She's great! Makes me chuckle, all the worried glances she gets at scenes from suspects who are like, 'Damn, that's a big gun...'
Gosh, it's hard to not love this woman :lol: She's such an amazing person and so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing al these lovely pictures, al your hard work is appriciated :D
i know, she is so great :) im so glad you guys are on top of everything she does. good job guys! and cheers to emily, she really is amazing :D
Boy, Calleigh gets maaaaaad. :) Can't wait. And she looks hot in leather..

Oh and I love the new hair. Side parting suits ya, Emily.
i couldn't believe she yelled, probably at Stetler who most likely deserves it, but it is so un Calleigh-like to lose her cool. I can't wait till next week!!
OMG that promo was amazing! I love Calleigh's hair in it. I don't know if I will be able to wait for Monday to see this episode. I love her yelling. It's so...un-Calleigh. But, it's great.
I got my issue of TV guide today (nov 19-dec 2) and there is an article & pic of Emily in it. I will warn SPOILERS in it, as it does talk about Nov 19's episode 'Stand Your Ground'


I cant wait to see Emily in this, but I will be on vacation in Germany with people who just dont have our same Emily appreciation! LOL please oh please let the DVR work properly!
Thank you so much Calleygirl :D
What a great article! ;)
OMG I can't imagine Emily shooting this scene...poor girl "burises everywhere" :eek:
Well...as for the interivew this one got me more confused (even if it's possible) about the episode :confused:
The article was great! but im with you Florry86 im even more confused about what's going to happen now than i was before! I guess well just have to watch to see. Is it monday yet??
Oh good I thought I was the only one who came away after reading that interview as being totally confused :lol:

On the other hand, it just makes me even more excited about Monday :D TV Guide mag even said "this hour gives Emily Procter a long overdue chance to shine" which we all already knew but I am still excited
oh my gosh i am so excited to see the episode now! i wonder if it will be as good as the article says it will be :)
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