Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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BulletGrrrl said:
New Event Pictures! Emily went to The Guitar Hero III Launch Party!

Here's a preview! You can find some more in our gallery! Go HERE


Check out those boots!!

Those photos are fab, Emily is a really pretty lady. Thanks for posting. :)
My goodness Emily!!! :D Go for it girl! I'd love a pair, they are hot!

Oh any new Emily interviews/pics? Not had an interview for a while. 'Specially not oo Miami.
adorelo said:Oh any new Emily interviews/pics? Not had an interview for a while. 'Specially not oo Miami.
Ermm yeah, we posted an interview clip of that Guitar Hero III event over at the website ;) It's fun!
Oh yeah, I saw that one. ;) I mean relating to her character. You know how sometimes they ring up or visit and say 'so yeah, what's happening with Calleigh'. We need one for Season 6. :)
I love the first cap....very Charle's Angels with the hiar flip :lol:

Too bad she isn't taller; she could sooo be a model
She can do photoshoots :p. Can't see Emily on the runway anyway... she'd smile to much ;)

Thanks for the caps!

Great episode for Emily last night. I love Calleigh when she's all cocky and sweet. When she gave that guy the warrent :lol: I was like, boo yeah. That's our bullett girl!
Merry christmas ahahahah :lol:
I couldn't sotp laughing at it....YEAHHHH Bullet Girl is coming back ;)
Thank you so much Bulletgrrrl for the pics.
And yeah the video from Gutar Hero III was abolutely fantastic...now I'd always imagine her playing the guitar and Kandhi dancing :lol: :lol:
That was probably the best line of the episode :lol: I love action Calleigh and interrogation Calleigh...the woman just kicks ass...5'3" of her :lol:
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